1. reality tv
    How Could Survivor Have Screwed Up This Badly?Producers’ failure to act in the face of an unambiguous illustration of sexual harassment speaks to a prioritization of story over standards.
  2. reality tv
    The Real World Revival Is a Far Cry From the OriginalCan Facebook Watch revive the glory days of the seminal reality show? No. But it may be doing the next best thing.
  3. reality tv
    Is the Temptation Island Reboot Trashy or Transgressive?Talking to host Mark L. Walberg about love, lust, and couples who go on reality TV to fix their relationships.
  4. reality tv
    How The Masked Singer Can Become a Better Version of ItselfFox made some bad choices in adapting this South Korean concept for American TV. But the wonderfully weird singing competition can still be saved.
  5. reality tv
    Would You Let a Reality Show Pick Your Home? Or Your Spouse?On Buying It Blind and Married at First Sight, the whole appeal is letting someone else make life’s biggest decisions.
  6. reality tv
    Do Reality Competitions Need Big-Name Hosts?Project Runway is losing its stars, but will it matter if the format is strong enough?
  7. timelines
    A Brief History of Violence on Reality TVIn some cases the producers intervened, and in others they let the cameras roll.
  8. life after reality tv
    Reality TV Let Me Be the Worst Version of Myself — and That’s GreatIt’s not unlike the personae we adopt on social media.
  9. Will Shark Week Get Back to Reality This Year?“We’re not in the business of making stuff up.”
  10. reality rumble
    Reality Semis: Survivor vs. ANTMWho will make the finals? Richard Hatch or Tyra Banks? Wise or smize?
  11. chat room
    The X Factor Host Steve Jones on Critics, Rachel Crow, and Whether He’ll Be Back Next Season“One of the most hurtful things about the show so far are people calling me rude and belligerent, and that’s not me at all.”