1. vulture festival 2022
    See Vulture Festival’s First Lineup Right MeowAll Creatures Great and Small joins We’re Here, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Henry Winkler, and Super Troopers for an old-fashioned L.A. pool party.
  2. remembrance
    Scott Thompson, the Once (and Future?) QueenThe Kids in the Hall comedian reflects on his royal muse.
  3. chat room
    What We Do in the Shadows’ Anoop Desai Understood the Assignment“I’ve been in this lamp for years, I’m not really doing anything, but still I’m put upon by the fact that I have to do something for you.”
  4. what we do in the shadows
    An Exhaustive Guide to Laszlo’s (Much More Than 5) HatsBecause when Matt Berry wears a hat, we remember.
  5. vulture festival 2022
    Vulture Festival Is HappeningPrepare your body and soul.
  6. backstories
    How What We Do in the Shadows Flipped Itself Into a Home-Renovation ShowScrapped reality-show ideas included Guillermo’s mom’s favorite Mexican game show and a Vanderpump Rules–style spinoff for the wraiths.
  7. mac-ken-zie da-vis
    MacKenzie Davis Shows a Massive Respect to Stath Lets FlatsWatch her go. Watch her go.
  8. dog watch
    7 Heartwarming as Heck Facts About The Old Man’s DogsThey’re actually five dogs!
  9. behind the seams
    The Radical Power Reversal of Nadja’s What We Do in the Shadows CostumesCustomized plaid, a Kate Middleton–esque fascinator, and chandelier-adorned reading glasses highlight the vampire’s growing ambition.
  10. dog watch
    Keeping an Eye on The Old Man’s DogsIf anything happens to Dave and Carol the Rottweilers, so help us …
  11. jurassic world: dominion
    Why Colin Trevorrow Won’t Let the T. Rex Die“Sometimes I feel like the death of these iconic characters are a good dry run for the death of our parents.”
  12. respect the hands
    Jurassic World’s Raptor Hands Make SenseIt’s the continued misunderstanding of velociraptors that’s ridiculous.
  13. walkouts
    Why Did Sasha Banks and Naomi Walk Out on WWE?And what is going on with this corporate statement?
  14. chat room
    Gil Birmingham Does Not Recommend Running in Cowboy BootsOn exploring an insular Mormon community in Under the Banner of Heaven, Detective Taba’s stylish wardrobe choices, and bonding with Andrew Garfield.
  15. sketch comedy
    The Kids in the Hall Are Back, and One Must DieThis sketch from their new Amazon show involves one darling little pie.
  16. so i married an axe murderer
    Mike Myers Is a Secret Society’s Worth of Characters in The Pentaverate TrailerIt will be a very deep cut for So I Married an Axe Murderer fans.
  17. ouch
    Johnny Knoxville Brought a Friggin’ Huge Mousetrap to WrestleManiaAlso featured were a nut-kicker machine, gigantic slapping hand, bowling ball, and Taser.
  18. role call
    BD Wong Answers Every Question We Have About the Jurassic Park Films“The human desire to scratch certain itches is what makes cultural things happen. It’s not the Kardashians’ fault people are fascinated with them.”
  19. exclusive clip
    See a Terrifying (for Anxious Folks) Clip From All My Friends Hate MeWarning: This clip will make you remember “Sandstorm,” by Darude.
  20. video
    The Afterparty Cast Will Get That Edwin McCain Song Stuck in Your HeadZoë Chao can belt.
  21. chat room
    Sam Richardson Wants to Bring The Afterparty’s Energy to His Own ReunionOn exercising his improv chops and getting all that permanent marker off his face.
  22. no grownups allowed
    KidHole Is Over, But Also, Long Live KidHoleWe need more content mills for kids!
  23. vulture bets on berry
    Force Matt Berry to Host the OscarsThe gig is available, and our country must act immediately.
  24. birds will get you
    Hatching Trailer Reminds Us That Birds Will Take Vengeance on Your FamilyBe nice to birds, okay?
  25. it’s rark
    Jamie Demetriou Will Jump Into a Canal for ArtTalking writer’s block, family memories, and needle drops with the Stath Lets Flats creator and star.
  26. chat room
    Chrishell Stause Was Not Born in a Gas StationThe Selling Sunset star debunks her origins and sets the record straight on her relationships with Christine and Davina in season four.
  27. drama kings
    A Guide to Selling Sunset’s Terrible MenEvery single man on this show is responsible for stirring the shit these women have been swimming through.
  28. chat room
    Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz Swears People Actually Like Her IRLThe reality show’s most misunderstood antagonist on returning to the Oppenheim Group, her relationship with Chrishell, and that $75 million listing.
  29. vulture festival 2021
    Dancing With the Stars Finalists, Sherri Shepherd Join Vulture FestivalCome dance with the stars this weekend in Los Angeles.
  30. comics to watch
    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2021These are the 22 comics who industry insiders predict will be the superstars of tomorrow.
  31. finales
    What We Do in the Shadows Accepts Its HumanityA tremendous third season ends with a twist revealing just how much these idiot vampires have grown.
  32. so much updog
    A Field Guide to What We Do in the Shadows’ Energy VampireActor Mark Proksch and showrunner Paul Simms dissect the machinations and weakness of everyone’s least favorite Super Bowl party guest.
  33. good one podcast
    A Casino Is the Perfect Place for a VampireWe talked haunted dolls, jalopies, and Scabby the Rat with the What We Do in the Shadows gang at Comic Con.
  34. vulture festival 2021
    Jeff Goldblum, Queen Sugar, The Price Is Right Join Vulture FestivalPlus, a film school with Pablo Larraín and much, much more.
  35. vulture festival 2021
    3rd Rock From the Sun and Cowboy Bebop Are Coming to Vulture FestivalDancing With the Stars, Bosch with Hollywood Handbook, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, and much, much more just got added to our lineup!
  36. announcements
    We’re Really Doing It: Here’s Your First Look at Vulture Festival’s LineupInsecure, Henry Winkler, Niecy Nash, The Great, Mira Sorvino, and, of course, Meredith and Brooks Marks are all joining us in person.
  37. decline of western civilization
    Penelope Spheeris on The Decline of Western CivilizationThe director reflects on her documentary’s long-lasting impact, 40 years later.
  38. snl
    Beck Bennett Is Leaving SNL After 8 SeasonsFeatured player Lauren Holt will also not be returning.
  39. snl
    SNL Unveils a Brand-New Batch of Featured PlayersAristotle Athari, James Austin Johnson, and Sarah Sherman (a.k.a. Sarah Squirm) are joining the cast.
  40. comedy
    The Other Two Gets a Season 3 at HBO MaxGreat news for foot jokes.
  41. pretty major
    Vulture and Union Hall Have Birthed a Live Comedy ShowIt’s weekly!
  42. norm macdonald
    Comedians and Stars Pay Tribute to the Late, Great Norm Macdonald“I will never laugh that hard again. I’m so sad for all of us today.”
  43. all the stars are here
    Never Forget That Time Norm Macdonald Hosted a Red-Carpet Show in SweatpantsAnd it was even better than you’re assuming.
  44. rip
    Comedian Norm Macdonald Dies at 61The comedian kept his cancer struggles private even from friends and family.
  45. live from new york it’s…
    SNL to Return for Season 47 on October 2But who knows what comes next.
  46. a rare post on gaming
    PlayStation Announces KOTOR Remake, So We Can All Be Bad Little Siths AgainBut will there still be flirting??
  47. nftv
    Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade Are Reuniting and Somehow NFTs Are InvolvedThis is fantastic and also exhausting news.
  48. two friends
    Yes, Obviously Isabella Rossellini Knows About Duck SexAs she explains to Jenny Slate on this episode of Two Friends.
  49. comedy
    The People Who Make Ted Lasso Can See Your Tweets, You KnowExpect Brett Goldstein to defend his normal-human face and head.
  50. announcements
    Please Come to Our Weekly Comedy Show, It’s in BrooklynAt Union Hall, on Tuesdays.
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