Anne Victoria Clark joined Vulture as a news writer in 2018. Since 2020 she has served as both a writer and the multimedia editor in charge of video content and live events. Her main coverage areas include comedy, television, video games, professional wrestling, and getting you to come to Vulture Festival.

  1. comics to watch
    Meet 2023’s Comedians You Should Know of Los AngelesJay Jurden talked shop with this year’s honorees on the West Coast.
  2. comics to watch
    Get to Know 2023’s Comedians You Should Know of New York*Jay Jurden talked shop with this year’s honorees on the East Coast — *and also Chicago.
  3. comics to watch
    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 202325 comics who industry insiders predict will be tomorrow’s superstars.
  4. pro wrestling
    Sukeban Is Coming to Make You a Wrestling FanNew York City is getting a Japanese female league for which you must prepare.
  5. pro wrestling
    CM Punk Terminated by AEW With CauseHis firing comes almost a week after the wrestler was involved in yet another backstage altercation.
  6. extremely online
    Panic-Calling YouTube’s Favorite Air Traffic Controller“Kennedy Steve” on being a niche internet celebrity and why you shouldn’t be afraid to fly.
  7. punching up
    The WGA and AMPTP Are Meeting Again This WeekPlus staffing-minimum goss, the Cutest Sign Award, and Timothy Olyphant’s new ‘do.
  8. vulture animal bureau
    No Dogs Experienced Sadness While Making Strays, Right? An InvestigationBefore I could move on with my life as an adult who does have a job, I had to know.
  9. punching up
    The WGA Strike Passes Day 100Plus Jeopardy! in jeopardy, Li’l Sebastian, and CM Punk going for a cheap pro-labor pop.
  10. anonymous in hollywood
    How Much We Make in HollywoodAs the strike stretches on, 19 writers, actors, and crew members shared their hopes, fears, frustrations — and salaries.
  11. punching up
    This Barbie Is On StrikeReality stars get radicalized and residuals get released in this week’s strike recap.
  12. the perfect ring
    Here’s Every Wrestler in ITYSL, Whether You Saw Them or NotSomewhere in a Netflix vault is an extended wrestling cut we need to see.
  13. improv
    UCB Will Have a New York Theater Once AgainThe newly reorganized improv and sketch school plans to start running shows again this fall.
  14. sag strike
    How a Working Actor With 30 Years of Experience Survives in HollywoodVanessa Chester, of Harriet the Spy and A Little Princess fame, on why she’s willing to strike as a member of SAG-AFTRA.
  15. punching up
    Who Writes the BET Awards?Plus a rally in L.A., a contract for the DGA, and drama for Kim K.
  16. pro wrestling
    CM Punk’s Return Could Be the Best or Worst Thing on TV This WeekendIt’s a big moment for professional wrestling, and an even bigger moment for behind-the-scenes drama.
  17. it really bothered me
    The Horrifying Birth of ITYSL’s Pig MonsterThe team behind “Darmine Doggy Door” on its lube-covered creation.
  18. bat!
    Guillermo’s Vampire Transformation SucksThe new trailer for What We Do in the Shadows season five does not.
  19. vulture festival 2023
    Once Again, Vulture Will Have a Festival This FallAnd you — yes, you — are invited.
  20. punching up
    WGA Pickets Get Smoked Out for a Little WhilePlus, we hear from some veterans of the strike of 2007, before they even had hashtags!
  21. punching up
    The DGA Backs Away Slowly Hoping No One Will Notice[Ron Howard voice] But they did.
  22. trailer mix
    Boots Riley Is About to Release a Huge VirgoNo, seriously — he’s 13 feet tall and played by Jharrel Jerome.
  23. rush
    Bama Rush Isn’t a Takedown, It’s a RevoltThe new Max documentary invites you to hate the system but love the sisters.
  24. overnights
    Selling Sunset Season-Finale Recap: Total Team PlayerChrishell and Mary are at a crossroads when giving their whole selves to the Oppenheim Group.
  25. overnights
    Selling Sunset Recap: Nicole Strikes BackNicole will not be defeated so easily.
  26. overnights
    Selling Sunset Recap: Suggestion BoxLike many managers before her, Mary makes the mistake of thinking a suggestion box will solve all the office beef.
  27. overnights
    Selling Sunset Recap: Encino Isn’t That FarMary’s reluctance to boss up will only lead to more chaos.
  28. overnights
    Selling Sunset Recap: Hell Is NicoleGoing to a Friendsgiving does not necessarily make one a friend.
  29. punching up
    Striking Through the UpfrontsIt’s week three, and they’ve got Neil Gaiman out here wearing red.
  30. overnights
    Selling Sunset Season-Premiere Recap: A Fresh StartChrishell’s awakening looks good on her!
  31. chat room
    Mrs. Davis’s Chris Diamantopoulos Pushed for JQ’s Banana Hammock“I mean, come on, this guy wears a snap-at-the-crotch, orange wrestler’s jumper. This guy’s not wearing nice-looking Calvin Kleins.”
  32. punching up
    The WGA Strike Enters Double DigitsThe only project writers are promoting this week? Fall of the Upfronts.
  33. punching up
    What Do We Want? A Recap of Strike Day 8!When do we want it? Literally we just posted it!
  34. midlife crisis unlocked
    A Very Special Trailer for Clone High Has Finally ArrivedNeither we nor the clones are ready to believe it’s been 20 years since 2003.
  35. punching up
    A Recap of the WGA Strike: Day 4What’s gone down so far? Which celebrities brought free food? And did dogs show up?
  36. adele dazeem
    David Arquette Once Called Tom Cruise ‘Sean’ by MistakeHe also once got a phone call from “that Grease guy.”
  37. clone high
    Clone High Has ThawedThe clones are indeed back and in fact there are even more of them.
  38. vulture sports
    Vince McMahon Accomplishes What Logan Roy So Far Has NotWWE is selling a controlling stake to Ari Emanuel’s Endeavor to create a big company that does all kinds of fights.
  39. close read
    Monster Factory Assembles an Unexpected Superhero StoryIn Apple TV+’s new indie-wrestling docuseries, Danny Cage and his students don’t need to be told the odds are against them. It wouldn’t matter anyway.
  40. vulture sports
    Why Is Andy Kaufman Entering WWE’s Hall of Fame So Late?We have some theories.
  41. it’s over
    The Bella Twins Are Dead, Long Live the Garcia TwinsThe WWE Hall of Famers have parted ways with the sports-entertainment company.
  42. enter the ring
    Monster Factory Invites You to Get Into Indie WrestlingSee, even Apple TV+ likes wrestling now!
  43. vulture festival 2022
    Matt Rogers Only Made a Holiday Special for the Money“Like any other pop star that’s doing this, the reason I have a Christmas show is so that I can be seasonally ubiquitous, boo.”
  44. vulture festival 2022
    Of Course We Asked The Proud Family About Beyoncé’s Halloween CostumeImagine talking to Jo Marie Payton and not immediately bringing it up?
  45. vulture festival 2022
    Zachary Knighton Finally Got the Happy Ending That Happy Endings Didn’tMagnum P.I. restored his faith that shows can in fact be saved!
  46. vulture festival 2022
    StraightioLab Finally Explains to Us What a Podcast Even IsComedians Sam Taggart and George Civeris generously educated us on the audio format.
  47. vulture festival 2022
    Lee Pace Gives Us a Crash Course in Home BuildingOur toxic trait is thinking we could help Lee Pace build a home from scratch.
  48. vulture festival 2022
    Jamie Lee Curtis Is Ready to Debate Ted Cruz Like a Civilized PersonWe still live in a society of laws!
  49. vulture festival 2022
    Gangs of London Taught Us About Tea and Grieving Fictional CharactersIt’s the totality of necessary human knowledge.
  50. vulture festival 2022
    The White Lotus’s Meghann Fahy Does Not Teach Us Any ItalianIt was rude of us to expect her to, honestly.
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