Ashley Ray-Harris

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    Search Party Season-Finale Recap: Blind JusticeIt doesn’t matter that Dory is an entitled millennial, she’s simply a liar who does well in a system that rewards liars.
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    Search Party Recap: Dory Almost Gets PancakedDrew, Portia, and Elliott have all hit their rock bottoms, but Dory is just “freakin’ lucky.”
  3. overnights
    Search Party Recap: The Wedding of the SeasonMarc and Elliott’s wedding was always going to be one of the season’s high points, and the payoff does not disappoint.
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    Search Party Recap: The Whole TruthIt’s a bad day for the defense.
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    Search Party Recap: Millennials On TrialThe court case we’ve been waiting for is finally here.
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    Search Party Recap: Meet The Sief FamilyFinally meeting Dory’s parents destroys her last shred of humanity.
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    90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap: No Love LostHas any relationship in the entire 90 Day franchise imploded as quickly as Brittany and Yazan’s?
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    Search Party Recap: Something to Lie ForWow, Dory just really sucks now, huh?
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    Search Party Recap: The Gang Gets Their Defense TogetherDory may think she has things under control, but her actions have set off a chain of events beyond her consideration.
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    Search Party Recap: Self-DefenseDory is the only one who doesn’t have anything to lose, and everyone else is counting on her to do the right thing.
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    Search Party Season Premiere Recap: Dory Thrives on the Dark SideEven though Dory is absolutely guilty, it feels like she really might be able to get away with this simply through willpower alone.