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    Thomas Ian Griffith on Bridging the Gap Between Karate Kid III and Cobra Kai“It’s totally ridiculous, this billionaire coming back. It was ridiculous back then, and it sort of still is, but that’s the premise of the show.”
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    Yellowstone Season-Finale Recap: We’re Losing This PlaceBeth manages to get Jamie back into the Dutton fold, but otherwise the finale feels lacking.
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    Cobra Kai Season-Finale Recap: The Cobra Strikes BackCobra Kai’s finale feels like a culmination of four seasons’ worth of storytelling —  every friendship, relationship, and rivalry gets its due.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Dirty DancingThe first half of a two-part season finale reminds us about all the relationships and conflicting motivations that make this a fight worth fighting.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Fast Times at West Valley HighThe season ramps up by reopening old wounds of love triangles past and showcasing the best and worst of Johnny.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Revenge of the NerdIt’s maybe not the best time for Johnny to break the news to Miguel that he’s dating his mom.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Valley GirlsIn the aftermath of the dojo schism, Cobra Kai focuses on important character development.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: The Last Spar-FighterDaniel v. Johnny. Winner takes all the students.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: The Little MermaidMiguel and Daniel are growing a little too close for Johnny’s comfort.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: Trading PlacesThe established sensei-student relationships get flipped, and new lessons are learned.
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    Cobra Kai Recap: The UnteachablesAn even younger generation of potential karate kids gets their introduction.
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    Cobra Kai Season-Premiere Recap: When Johnny Met Daniel …The premiere asks the all-important question: What does a LaRusso-Lawrence dojo entail?
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    Yellowstone Recap: We’re All EvilIs Kayce dooming his family to a life of fear by keeping them on the Dutton Ranch?
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    Yellowstone Recap: The Hunter Most HuntedJohn may have some monstrous qualities, but he has a code, and Beth violated it.
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    Yellowstone Recap: The Bigger BearAll the premiere’s stories are paused to check in on some less immediately gripping stories.
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    Yellowstone Recap: Everything’s Not OkayIt’s starting to feel like an awful lot of this season has been about establishing those various Yellowstone spinoffs, hasn’t it?
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    Yellowstone Recap: This Is the WayAnd just like that, this season snaps into focus.
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    Yellowstone Recap: That’s Not Your FamilyJohn’s old-fashioned ways of doings things seem to be falling short.
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    Yellowstone Recap: There Is No PeaceA great premiere dunks us headfirst into a high-octane battle on multiple fronts.
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    Yellowstone Recap: You Can’t Wash Lonely OffWe’re getting new characters and stories left and right, but it’s hard to commit to following through on any of them.
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    Yellowstone Recap: That’s Our MonsterKayce and Beth are more loyal to John than ever, but he’s still worried they could be on the same path to betrayal as Jamie was.
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Season-Finale Recap: There Are No Good PeopleThe finale answers who is behind these murders, but is this teen thriller built to last as an ongoing series?
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: I Set Her FreeIn retrospect, Alison was never going to be able to keep the secret.
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: You’d Do Anything to WinThe show is more devoted to character drama than horror or suspense, and yet we don’t know who these kids are outside of their archetypes.
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: You Got Nothing to HideEveryone finally recognizes Clara for the obvious murder suspect she is.
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: She So Wishes She Was YouThe longer the show goes on, the messier it feels.
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: I Am YouEveryone assumes Alison survived and is the one stalking the group in this messy and unstable episode.
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: It Changed EveryoneCatching up with everyone leads to a mostly sleepy episode that ends with the nastiest bit yet.
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer Series-Premiere RecapThe teen-thriller classic gets an update with a new twist that makes it equal parts spooky and serious.
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    Sex Education Season-Finale Recap: A Rush of ConnectionThe season ends with a lot of ambiguities, but the finale also shows just how far all the characters have come.
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    Sex Education Recap: I Want to TryThe penultimate episode features multiple long-in-coming climaxes and tees up the finale for what should be a great ending.
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    Sex Education Recap: A New DirectionHope’s authoritarian leadership is getting out of control — if something doesn’t change soon, who knows the consequences for the students?
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    Sex Education Recap: It’s Always Been YouOtis finally tells Maeve he loves her, and they have the kiss we’ve been waiting two and a half seasons for.
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    Sex Education Recap: The Kinder Thing to DoWhen Hope’s abstinence-only sex education sends students spiraling, we see just how much Otis and Maeve’s guidance is needed.
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    Sex Education Recap: Not for Oneself, But for AllIt’s his finest day yet as a new brother (weird), and his finest day yet as a boyfriend — until it becomes his worst.
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    Sex Education Recap: It’s Never Just a LinePicture a younger, cooler Professor Umbridge and you have Hope Haddon’s vision for Moordale. No, thanks!
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    Sex Education Season-Premiere Recap: I Wanna ChangeThe new headmistress (Jemima Kirke) plans to put Moordale “back on track,” but these horny teens still need help with their problems.
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    Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed on Watching Nate “Break Down in Real Time”“He’s deeply, deeply frustrated, and he’s taking it out on the people that he feels he can.”
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    Mythic Quest Season-Finale Recap: The Kid’s All Grown UpWhat becomes of the Mythic Quest family from here? TBD.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Not As Bad As It LooksIn one of the most moving sequences of this entire series, Poppy grasps the extent of Ian’s insecurity.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Always a FanThe season finally delivers an F. Murray Abraham showcase, and alongside a fellow Oscar winner to boot.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: The Seeds That BlossomThis season’s tragic flashback episode finally gives C.W. his precious backstory.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Two Alpha Lions in the Same PrideAs bottle episodes go, this one could use a bit more fizz.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: The Devil You KnowA seemingly Brad-centric episode is also a story of three MQ women united in their desire for something more out of their careers.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Calm Before the DivorceIan and Poppy’s carefully calibrated ceasefire is approaching its inevitable end.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Maybe It’s the EstrogenPoppy and public speaking just don’t go together — or perhaps they do.
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    Mythic Quest Season-Premiere Recap: It Came to Me in a DreamIt’s a new dawn at Mythic Quest, yet both Poppy and David are being forced by their subconsciouses to recognize the sway Ian has over them.
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    Mythic Quest: Everlight Recap: Believe in the LightA characteristically chaotic office celebration for a fictional holiday finds Mythic Quest, and us, reveling in a post-pandemic return to normalcy.