1. vulture lists
    A Definitive Ranking of Friends Christmas EpisodesWho can forget the holiday armadillo?
  2. 10 Great Christmas-Adjacent Movies That Aren’t Die HardIncluding L.A. Confidential, Three Days of the Condor, and You’ve Got Mail.
  3. checking in
    Where We Stand After The Blacklist’s Season-Two MidpointWhat to know after this week’s fall finale.
  4. overnights
    Blacklist Season 2 Premiere Recap: The Cat in the Hat Is BackJames Spader, getting all Spader-y yet again.
  5. fall tv 2014
    What You Need to Know Before Watching Season 2 of The BlacklistA catch-up guide.
  6. overnights
    The Blacklist Season 1 Finale RecapA Berlin switcheroo.
  7. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: Now It BeginsBerlin: not the German city or the ’80s band. Just a bad guy.
  8. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: Sniffing the AirNow there are only two more episodes left this season.
  9. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: Tom’s ThumbNow that Tom’s thumb is broken, of course he can slip out of the handcuffs!
  10. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: Vow of ViolenceMeet the Undertaker, a man with a fake nose who drinks blended cocktails in his underwear.
  11. overnights
    Blacklist Recap: Stupid People and Skeleton KeysMy so-called hacker life.
  12. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: Keen, Keen, the Killing MachineWell, at least now we know for certain what’s up with that guy.
  13. The Blacklist Recap: Good Night, MotherHere comes the Dianne Wiest, here comes the Dianne Wiest …
  14. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: Red, Tell Me a StoryAn old acquaintance of Red’s attempts to fink Red.
  15. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: Sundown, You Better Take CareThe team investigates a twisted adoption agency while Red closes in on the mole.
  16. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: And the Mole Is …Another episode, another nutty villain.
  17. vulture compendiums
    Every Time Ichabod Is Confused By Modern Life on Sleepy HollowAll in all, though, he probably should be more confused.
  18. overnights
    The Blacklist Recap: May I Be Frank Whaley?Frank Whaley at his Frank Whaley–est.
  19. sitcom smackdown
    Comedy Undercard: Murphy Brown vs. NewsRadioBattle of the newsroom comedies.