1. the gold rush
    Why the Oscars Should Revert to Two Best Original Score Categories25 years ago, the Oscars tried to thwart Disney and split their Original Score category in two. They should go back.
  2. the gold rush
    Thomas Newman on His 14 Oscar Losses and His Best Shot to Finally WinThe prolific movie-score composer walks us through his career, from The Shawshank Redemption to American Beauty to Finding Nemo to 1917.
  3. The A-List of Z-ListersRita Ora. Blac Chyna. Colton Haynes. Zendaya. Bella Thorne. A guide to the many, many celebrities whose names make you say … “Who?”
  4. chat room
    Ol Parker on Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel“It’s the easiest thing in the world, when you’re 80, to not go to India to make a movie. So I couldn’t believe that they showed up again.”
  5. overnights
    Bob’s Burgers Recap: Boot Camp“I’m killing Teddy.”
  6. overnights
    Bob’s Burgers Recap: Ghost Boyfriend“People like your burgers more when there’s a dead person in the restaurant.”
  7. overnights
    Bob’s Burgers Season 5 Premiere Recap: Musical CheersDie Hard versus Working Girl.
  8. primers
    Everything You Need to Know About Gone Girl’s Rosamund PikeShe’s the best.
  9. chat room
    Tom McCarthy on Writing Million Dollar ArmHe’s a Hollywood triple threat of acting, writing, and directing.
  10. chat room
    Rom-Com King Richard Curtis Is a ‘Fool for Love’“I first fell in love when I was 4. And then when I was 7. And then with Julie Andrews.”
  11. What If Gravity Were a Romantic Comedy?Houston, we have a romance!
  12. vmas 2013
    A GIF Recap of the 2013 MTV Video Music AwardsCue Miley’s tongue.
  13. grammys 2013
    Justin Timberlake Grammy GIFs: Collect ‘Em All!Suit/tie/suit/tie/suit/tie/suit/tie
  14. grammys 2013
    Your Grammy Audience GIFs, Starring Beyoncé, Adele, and MoreNicole Kidman dances like your Aunt Sadie, Beyoncé accidentally evokes Kingpin, and more.
  15. grammys 2013
    LL Cool J Will Also Read All Your Tweets About Lip Balm#stoplickingyourlips
  16. taylor giffed
    Your Taylor Swift/Mumford & Sons Unrequested-Duet GIFSing it, Taylor!
  17. gif-caps
    Your GIF-cap of Girls’ Cocaine EpisodeRelive all the highs (yuk-yuks) and lows in graphic form.
  18. oscars 2013
    Unearthed Deleted Scenes From Oscar NomineesThe lost Django Unchained dinner-party debate, and more! Possibly real!
  19. golden globes 2013
    Everyone Knew a Drunk Glenn Close GIF Was ComingAnd now it’s here, from the Golden Globes.
  20. golden globes 2013
    Damien Francisco Was Robbed for Dog PresidentSee Tina Fey in the role that Kevin Costner edged out.
  21. golden globes 2013
    Let’s GIF Daniel Day-Lewis’s E.T. ImpressionHe now phones home over and over and over again at the Globes.
  22. oscars 2013
    Behold GIFs of Oscars’ Best Actor and Actress NomineesAll of their actorly prowess in fifteen ever-repeating frames. Is it any wonder they got nominated?