1. grammys
    Which Old Video-Game Score Would Have Won a Grammy?Predicting past winners for the Recording Academy’s new music-in-gaming category.
  2. dylanology-ology
    A Beginner’s Guide to Bob Dylan’s Sprawling Bootleg SeriesBlowin’ through all 17 volumes the easy way.
  3. chat room
    Alvvays’s Molly Rankin Doesn’t Like Being Out-Quizzed on Her Own AlbumAlvvays’s latest name-checks Haruki Murakami, Murder, She Wrote, and (possibly?) a key change from Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.”
  4. a long talk
    Come On, Live HappyA quarter-century of feuds, regrets, and (eventual) success with Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite.
  5. chat room
    Steve Earle on No More Tribute Albums and His Complicated Nashville Legacy“There are a lot of people in Nashville that blame what they’re doing on me. Some complain I’m the reason the drums are too fucking loud.”
  6. a long talk
    Understanding Courtney Barnett“Empathy seems like such a no-brainer for me.”
  7. superlatives
    Sharleen Spiteri on the Best of Texas and Worst of the Music Industry“It’s easy to be famous. It’s not easy to leave a legacy.”
  8. superlatives
    Johnny Marr on the Best of the Smiths and His Solo Career“Sure, there was drama, but what you hear was a result of stone-cold love.”
  9. superlatives
    The Geekiest and Most Philly of the War on Drugs, According to Adam Granduciel“It’s using the technology that inspires you or reminds you of a certain song.”
  10. a long talk
    Tom DeLonge Was Never CrazyThe divisive front man on why Angels & Airwaves is still the future, dicking around with Blink-182, and finally getting vindication about UFOs.
  11. superlatives
    Liz Phair on Her Best Songs and Humbly Defining Generations of Indie Rock“I’ve always bristled when they say I’m responsible for people’s sounds. I don’t like that. I don’t feel like I spawned people.”
  12. music documentaries
    What’s Really Worth Remembering About 1971’s Historic Year in MusicAsif Kapadia’s Apple TV+ documentary is just a more serious I Love the ‘70s, a fun and often compelling walk down memory lane.
  13. superlatives
    The Most Virtuosic of St. Vincent, According to Annie Clark“With my guitar, I did what I always do, which is just kind of humbly make shit that I think is cool.”
  14. primers
    Creation Records, the Label History Loves to OverlookYou won’t hear any of these songs in The Crown, yet Creation’s musical and cultural impact in the U.K. and beyond is vast and undeniable.
  15. close reads
    You Don’t Have to Be a SuperheroRecent onscreen depictions of autistic adults reflect the entertainment world’s growing — if still imperfect — understanding of a lifelong condition.
  16. superlatives
    The Best, Worst, and Pumpkin Chord-iest of Smashing PumpkinsBilly Corgan on his new double LP, CYR, Mellon Collie’s unexpected legacy, and what the hipsters still get wrong about his band.
  17. superlatives
    The Best, Worst, and Exceptionally French of Phoenix, According to Thomas MarsOn Bill Murray, not being able to escape “1901,” and over 30 years of his band.
  18. superlatives
    The Best, Worst, and Weirdest of Gorillaz, According to Damon AlbarnThe Gorillaz mastermind explores its highs and lows and why the virtual band has never felt more ahead of the times.
  19. a long talk
    Fran Healy Still Believes in AmericaBut first, the Travis frontman would like a word with us.
  20. superlatives
    Mike Shinoda on the Legacy of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory 20 Years Later“The songs were like an outreach.”
  21. superlatives
    Lars Ulrich on Metallica’s Most Underrated and What Makes a Great DrummerThe legend on S&M2, the best drummers of all time, and Guitar Hero: Metallica.
  22. superlatives
    Brandon Flowers on the Best, Worst, and Most Misunderstood of the KillersAnd why he’ll always defend Sam’s Town.
  23. music
    Bringing Back Bright EyesConor Oberst returns, but this time he’s happy not to be in the spotlight anymore.
  24. superlatives
    Jason Mraz Picks the Best, Worst, and Most Tender of His 20-Year CareerIncluding why he doesn’t get mad when someone isn’t aware he has more songs than “I’m Yours.”
  25. as told to
    The Story Behind Every Song on Taylor Swift’s folkloreThe National’s Aaron Dessner walks us through the surprise record, how his songs compare to Jack Antonoff’s, and the mysterious William Bowery.
  26. a long talk
    ‘I Don’t Think Anybody Alive Can Tell Me What to Do’Willie Nelson at his most Willie Nelson.
  27. heavy metal
    Randy Blythe on the Highs and Lows (and Riffs) of Lamb of GodFrom hearing “Redneck” in the strip club to the band’s most “Cookie Monster metal” song and more.
  28. musicians on their own music
    Brandy Clark, Country’s Secret Weapon, Saved Her Best Songwriting for HerselfThe Grammy-nominated country star on the highs and lows of her career, bouncing back from country radio, and running into Prince in the elevator.
  29. a long talk
    The Many Different Lives of Stephen MalkmusThe beloved frontman on his new solo album, defining folk, and what to expect from Pavement’s reunion shows.
  30. fall preview 2019
    Jeff Tweedy on the Best and Worst of Wilco“Oh I’ve got reservations / About so many things.”
  31. musicians on their own music
    The Most Notable Steve Gunn Songs, According to Steve GunnAlso featuring meditations on Bob Dylan, morning television, and why everyone always thinks he lives in a cabin in the woods.
  32. vulture lists
    Songs From 1975 for Fans of the 1975Connecting the dots between A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and Gloria Gaynor. And Pink Floyd. And Aerosmith.
  33. supercut
    How to Listen to R.E.M.’s Final YearsThis supercut will get you through the band’s spottier years.