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    Melanie Lynskey Knows How to Cut to the Chase“We don’t really date a lot in New Zealand. You usually just go out with a gang of people and then you end up going home with someone if you like them.”
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    George Romero on His Latest, Survival of the DeadThe director talks about fast zombies versus slow zombies and how video games are changing the genre.
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    Brett Ratner on his Bollywood Adaptation, KitesThe director talks about remixing ‘Kites,’ his love of Asian cinema, and why Roman Polanski’s support means a lot to him.
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    Annette Bening on Mother and ChildThe actress discusses her new film, ‘Mother and Child,’ playing a woman who gave up her child for adoption, and how she’s motivated by fear.
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    Thomas Haden Church on Don McKayThe actor talks about the struggles of making an independent film and gives a few details about ‘John Carter of Mars.’
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    William Hurt on Kristen Stewart and Oscar Memories“I know for a fact that if we rehearsed more, all our movies would be better.”
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    Emily Mortimer on Shutter Island“I haven’t been to see it yet because I’m so scared of the infanticide.”
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    It Might Get Loud Director Davis Guggenheim on Why He’s No Guitar Hero“A video game that takes all that energy, sucks your individual creativity into this video space, and makes it a competition, I think is kind of sad.”
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    Jessica Biel on Easy Virtue, the Status of Nailed, and Her Deferred Dream of Being Whitney HoustonVulture spoke with Biel about her song on the film’s soundtrack and doing her own stunts.
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    Alien Trespass’s Eric McCormack on Playing Possessed“The walk, the hands, the voice, and of course the erection that keeps happening, those were all just somebody trying to understand a machine that it needs to get around.”
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    Joaquin Phoenix on His ‘Terrible’ New Rap CareerVulture raps with the aspiring hip-hop star.
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    Laurent Cantet, Director of Oscar-Nominated Film The Class, on French Teens and Culture ClashCantet’s film won a Palme d’Or and has since been nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.
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    Chazz Palminteri on Late Bloomers and Learning to Cheat at Dice for Yonkers Joe“People actually said to me, ‘You’re gonna blow it, you’re gonna be a footnote.’”
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    Nothing But the Truth’s Kate Beckinsale on Going to Prison and Not Playing Judith MillerBeckinsale spoke with Vulture about her new film and how Lurie is like Martin Scorsese.
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    Seven Pounds’ Rosario Dawson on Awkward Love Scenes With Will Smith’Before we went in for our kiss he was literally psyching himself up, like, ‘Yo, we’re gonna kill this scene!’ I’m like, ‘Uh, yeah, Will, I brushed my teeth today, we’re all good.”
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    The Reader Director Stephen Daldry on Sex Scenes, Rudin vs. Weinstein, and Kavalier & ClayDaldry raps with Vulture about the clash between moguls that cost Weinstein a million bucks and made Rudin take his name off the movie.
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    Nobel Son’s Eliza Dushku on Dollhouse, Playing Crazy, and PastiesJoss will say, ‘I’m going to throw you off a roof,’ and I say, ‘Cool, let’s do it!’
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    ‘Transporters 3’ Star Jason Statham on Fighting a Dozen Guys While Stripping’They could say, ‘Yeah, we liked the movie okay, but the bald-headed guy sucked.”
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    Vera Farmiga on ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ and Not Playing Valerie Plame’I don’t think I’d ever cried so hard the way I did when reading the script.’
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    Bruce Campbell on ‘My Name Is Bruce’ and Why His Fans Are Better Than Tom Cruise’sVulture caught up with Campbell via phone to talk about his new film and his recent ‘Centrum Silver moment.’
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    Kristin Scott Thomas on ‘I’ve Loved You So Long’ and the Joys of Not Having to Visit PrisonThomas raps with Vulture about balancing English- and French-language films, and the hazards of onscreen chain-smoking.
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    Charlie Kaufman on ‘Synecdoche, New York’ and Why ‘Schenectady, New York’ Would Have Been a Stupid TitleKaufman raps with Vulture about his directorial debut and why Spike Jonze sometimes has to remind him of his own ideas.
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    ‘Sex Drive’ Star Clark Duke Talks ActingDuke rapped with Vulture about friend Michael Cera, the state of comedy and film, and his respect for Hyundai Sonatas.
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    ‘W.’ Star Jason Ritter on Becoming Jeb’I hope Jeb appreciates my work!’
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    Mike Leigh on ‘Happy-Go-Lucky,’ His Casting Process, and How Much He Hated ‘The Red Balloon’Leigh spoke with Vulture about growing up in Manchester and the glory of Sally Hawkins.
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    Wong Kar Wai on ‘Ashes of Time Redux’ and the Joys of Working With a Drunk, Naked CinematographerWong sat down with Vulture to discuss his technique.
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    Sophia Myles on ‘Mister Foe,’ ‘Outlander,’ and Her Unsexy Sex Scenes’I don’t think, other than maybe for a few weirdos out there in the world, people are going to be turned on watching them.’