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    Kristin Scott Thomas on ‘I’ve Loved You So Long’ and the Joys of Not Having to Visit PrisonThomas raps with Vulture about balancing English- and French-language films, and the hazards of onscreen chain-smoking.
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    Charlie Kaufman on ‘Synecdoche, New York’ and Why ‘Schenectady, New York’ Would Have Been a Stupid TitleKaufman raps with Vulture about his directorial debut and why Spike Jonze sometimes has to remind him of his own ideas.
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    ‘Sex Drive’ Star Clark Duke Talks ActingDuke rapped with Vulture about friend Michael Cera, the state of comedy and film, and his respect for Hyundai Sonatas.
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    ‘W.’ Star Jason Ritter on Becoming Jeb’I hope Jeb appreciates my work!’
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    Mike Leigh on ‘Happy-Go-Lucky,’ His Casting Process, and How Much He Hated ‘The Red Balloon’Leigh spoke with Vulture about growing up in Manchester and the glory of Sally Hawkins.
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    Wong Kar Wai on ‘Ashes of Time Redux’ and the Joys of Working With a Drunk, Naked CinematographerWong sat down with Vulture to discuss his technique.
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    Sophia Myles on ‘Mister Foe,’ ‘Outlander,’ and Her Unsexy Sex Scenes’I don’t think, other than maybe for a few weirdos out there in the world, people are going to be turned on watching them.’