Brian Barrett

  1. In ‘Lady Dynamite,’ Maria Bamford Breaks All the Walls Not long into the first episode of Lady Dynamite, the semi-autobiographical Maria Bamford comedy series that debuts on Netflix today, Patton […]
  2. How Can ‘Veep’ Possibly Keep Up With Reality? Now in its fifth season, Veep finds itself facing a curious position. What happens to satire when the horrors of reality outpace it? A few […]
  3. ‘Silicon Valley’ Levels Up with a New CEO in Season 3Within a few minutes of Silicon Valley’s third season, bearded ego Erlich Bachman (T.J. Miller) fights a robot deer named Bambot in the middle […]
  4. The Second Season of ‘Catastrophe’ Finds Laughter in the Darkest Corners […] The nice thing about a six-episode season is that you’re less likely to hit a sophomore slump. In fact, if Amazon’s Catastrophe is any […]
  5. With ‘Horace and Pete’, Louis C.K. Succeeded with His Most Ambitious […] There are two important things to know before committing to the 10-episode run of Louis C.K.’s Horace and Pete: It’s not a comedy, and it’s […]
  6. bad parents
    In The Slap, Kids Are Just Satellites, Orbiting Adults Behaving BadlyThese are people with messy lives; kids are just another smudge.