1. overnights
    WHAS: FDOC Recap: Rock and Roll and the WorldCan Lindsey really pass for a 16-year-old? Yes, with a single, well-placed hair clip.
  2. overnights
    WHAS: FDOC Recap: Nobody Looks a Day Over 40Welcome back to Camp Firewood, again, for the first time.
  3. have a seat
    The Ultimate Completely Unhelpful ‘Next Week on Mad Men’ PreviewTen minutes of “Hello” and “What?” and “Close the door.”
  4. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: This Is the End … for NowCybercrime expert Ted Danson. Perfect. Can’t wait.
  5. CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Another Angry Nerd Arrested“The online gaming world is a haven for predators, pedophiles, sex offenders, and radicalizers.”
  6. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Don’t Do DrugsOr sell them!
  7. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Airplane EditionThere’s a perilous airplane situation going on! Agent Mundo needs two phones to handle it.
  8. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Beware Location ServicesAre your selfies setting you up to be murdered? According to CSI: Yes, absolutely, 100 percent yes.
  9. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: The Cruel KidsThese are some very docile internet comments! The CSI team should check out YouTube sometime.
  10. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: The Poop PhoneThis week’s episode of CSI: Cyber is called “The Evil Twin,” but it could have just as easily been titled “The Poop Phone.”
  11. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: We Learn What Crowdsourcing IsCSI: Cyber: the show that asks not if your iPad will kill you, but when.
  12. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Wi-Fi Will Burn Down Your Home“Someone figured out how to set a fire through the internet.”
  13. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Ride-Share Apps Are for KillersThere’s a killer en route!
  14. screencap recap
    CSI: Cyber Screencap Recap: Computers Most Certainly Will Kill You“Tell the hacker, ‘I’m incredibly aroused by your promise of a spectacle,’” says Oscar winner Patricia Arquette.
  15. william the killer
    Talking With the Killer From ‘Too Many Cooks’“My wife asked me, ‘So, what are you doing?’ I said, ‘Darling, this thing is either gonna stink or it’s gonna go viral.’”
  16. influences
    John Darnielle Explains His Cultural InfluencesDarnielle’s novel Wolf in White Van is out this week.
  17. what a production!
    Here Is Everything We Know About The Avengers 2: Age of UltronThere is a lot.
  18. throwbacks
    Let’s Reminisce About the Perfect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nintendo GamePizza made you healthier!
  19. who ya gonna call?
    A Roundup of Every Ghostbusters 3 Rumor From the Past 25 YearsThis thing’s been in talks for more than two decades.
  20. wtf moments
    Let’s Talk About the Guardians of the Galaxy Post-Credits SceneSpoilers ahead, obviously.
  21. vulture lists
    Ranking All 205 Strong Bad EmailsRelive the Homestar Runner memories.
  22. vulture lists
    The 35 Worst Worst Sex Acts in CalifornicationThe show aired its series finale last night.
  23. summer movie preview 2014
    14 Ways to Destroy a Building in the Transformers MoviesOr a pyramid.
  24. ask an expert
    Game of Thrones: How to Chain Your DragonGet it? You get it.
  25. wild speculation
    The Internet’s Best Under the Dome TheoriesWhat’s up with the dome in Under the Dome? Check out these theories.
  26. huey lewis’s ears are burning
    Watch Every Impassioned Utterance of the Word News on The NewsroomAfter a while, it gets eerily hypnotic.
  27. science
    Ask a Physicist: Could You Pull Off the Fast 5 Safe Heist in Real Life?Scary equations ahead.