1. encounter
    Aaron Paul Couldn’t Be Happier to Be Jesse Pinkman AgainThe Breaking Bad star returns to his greatest role.
  2. book excerpt
    The Dream TeamCruise, Kidman, Kubrick, and the making of Eyes Wide Shut.
  3. behind the scenes
    Steven Soderbergh on the High-Speed Production of High Flying BirdIt was shot using an iPhone — just one of several affordable, fast-turnaround pieces of equipment that helped him get the film off the ground quickly.
  4. yes and…
    An Oral History of UCB Theater Partying and ‘Awkward Sexuality’Featuring Amy Poehler, Ed Helms, Casey Wilson, Rob Corddry, a special appearance by Creed, and many more.
  5. slogans run
    Let’s Give the Oscar Hopefuls Snappier TaglinesArgo: “Faking a Movie in Iran? Shah, Right!” It sells itself!
  6. drama derby
    What’s the Best TV Drama of the Last 25 Years?From Buffy to the Sopranos, sixteen dramas will vie for the title.
  7. overnights
    Louie Recap: Wave for MeThe brilliant second season comes to an end, and Chris Rock says hi.
  8. overnights
    Louie Recap: Cousin OliverThere’s a new kid in town.
  9. overnights
    Louie Recap: Make Way for DucklingsLouie and a duck go to Afghanistan.
  10. overnights
    Louie Recap: A Visit From the Goon Squad“Stop being scary. It’s not nice.’
  11. overnights
    Louie Recap: Suicide WatchLouie meets up with an old, troubled friend.
  12. overnights
    Louie Recap: Master of Your DomainOn the theme of masturbation.
  13. overnights
    Louie Recap: BattlesDane Cook and Louis have a showdown.
  14. overnights
    Louie Recap: He Gave Her His Heart, She Gave Him a BathRemake all profession-of-love montages: We have a new Hall of Fame entry.
  15. overnights
    Louie Recap: Who Are You?An old racist lady drops the N-word repeatedly.
  16. overnights
    Louie Recap: Blue NightsJoan Rivers imparts some wisdom.
  17. overnights
    Louie Recap: Moving On UpLouie looks for an apartment.
  18. overnights
    Louie Recap: Heads Will RollInto the street.
  19. overnights
    Louie Recap: Friends and NeighborsAnd a fart joke.
  20. chat room
    Jon Benjamin Debated Making Love to a Man Who Mistook Him for Bruce Willis“He was like, ‘Dee Hard’! I love you in ‘Dee Hard.’”
  21. anatomy of a franchise
    The Sequelitis Study of American Pie, Part 3: Our Writers Face the End, and a Lot of Bodily FluidsAfter the last three straight-to-video disasters, what’s to be gained by bringing back the original cast?
  22. anatomy of a franchise
    The Sequelitis Study of American Pie, Part 2: Let the Straight-to-Videos BeginOur two writers, now trapped with ‘American Wedding’ and ‘Band Camp,’ see what happens to the original concept when it gets really cheap and dirty.
  23. anatomy of a franchise
    Two Writers Watch All Seven American Pies for a Case Study in SequelitisSure, they’re straight to video, but do they have the same problems at heart that this summer’s big-budget sequels will?
  24. the star market
    The Star Market: Will Action Hero Jason Statham Have the Career of Bruce Willis or Van Damme?His low-budget bone-breakers always make a profit, but how long can his run last without making a new move?
  25. clickables
    Watch Paul Scheer Explain How Volkswagens Cause MalariaThe ‘Human Giant’ visits Africa in the guise of baffled voice-over artist J. Montgomery Scott.
  26. clickables
    Listen to ‘Warpath,’ a Spooky New Track From Esben and the WitchIt’s from the am-I-Goth-or-not British act’s debut album, due out next year on Matador.
  27. clickables
    Watch Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara Discuss LeBron, Diddy, and the Perils of Playing ClevelandIt’s the latest installment of their new web series.
  28. clickables
    Listen to ‘Meyrin Fields,’ a New-ish Electro-Pop Track From Broken BellsThough the song’s been pinging around the web for a while now, it was officially released today.
  29. clickables
    See Mad Men Characters Reimagined As Mr. MenThe best part: If you combine Joan and Roger, you get Mrs. Blankenship!
  30. clickables
    Preview a New Daft Punk Song in the Latest Tron ClipIt’s called “Derezzed,” as in, “If you want to hear the whole thing, you have to pay to see derezzed of the movie.”
  31. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for Dax Shepard’s Martial-Arts MockumentaryThe ‘Parenthood’ star “documents” his efforts to make an inevitably terrible action flick.
  32. clickables
    Watch an 8-Year-Old Drummer’s Scott Pilgrim AuditionShe has the thrashing power of Keith Moon, the beat-keeping acumen of Meg White, and the gesticular wit of Johnny Cash.
  33. clickables
    Preview Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1In this behind-the-scenes short, the filmmakers and stars talk about the making of the next-to-last ‘Potter’ film.
  34. clickables
    Check Out ‘U Don’t Like Me,’ a Mortally Combative New Video From Diplo and Lil JonThe duo face off in a series of bloody video-game battles.
  35. clickables
    Listen to ‘Acid and TV,’ a Fuzz-Punk Blast From Brooklyn Band Sweet BulbsIt’s whip-fast, super-short, and about as woozy-making as an unmonitored Dimetapp drip.
  36. clickables
    Get an Early Look at the Baddies From ThorThey’re called the Frost Giants, and judging by this action-figure photo, they look like Gary Busey after six months of crunches and two hours in the Potomac.
  37. clickables
    Watch Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am’s New Video, ‘Check It Out’For Will.I.Am, the future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades!
  38. clickables
    Watch the Full Trailer for Justin Bieber’s Not at All Overly Sycophantic DocumentaryBieber aired the trailer for ‘Never Say Never’ during last night’s concert in Los Angeles.
  39. clickables
    Listen to ‘Bright Lights, Big City,’ a Bumpin’ New Cee-Lo SongAnother top-notch leak from next month’s ‘Lady Killer.’
  40. clickables
    Listen to Nicki Minaj’s Latest, ‘Blow Your Mind’How could it have taken this long for Ms. Minaj to come up with a “Darling Nikki” tribute?
  41. clickables
    Hear Two New Haunting Lykke Li SongsJust in time for the holidays, the Swedish singer presents two appropriately bewitching tracks.
  42. clickables
    Learn How to Paint a Snooki PumpkinYou’ll need tacky glue, classy hoop earrings, and the patience to withstand dozens of unfunny Smashing Pumpkins jokes.
  43. clickables
    Watch a Glee-Inspired Political Attack AdJudging from this spot, the Illinois governor’s race is between a tax-evading creep and an adorable, dog-riding cat.
  44. clickables
    Hear ‘DJ Play the Beat,’ a New Track From Swizz Beatz and EstelleIt’s part of the hip-hop producer’s new “Monster Mondays” series.
  45. clickables
    Watch a New Episode of the Women’s-Mag Satire ‘The Vag’In the web series’ latest installment, the editors take on celebrity journalism, advertising, and “the Keeper.”
  46. clickables
    Check Out a Dexter Animated Short From Bill SienkiewiczThe comic-book legend illustrates the first three chapters of a new web series chronicling Dexter’s early days (spoiler alert: Dead bodies are involved).
  47. clickables
    See a Swingin’ New Video From the BooksThe clip for “I Didn’t Know That” features awkward middle-aged golfers, exploding cars, and automatic weaponry.
  48. clickables
    Listen to ‘Heartbreaker,’ a New Track From GirlsThe critically huzzahed San Francisco indie-pop act is back with a new EP.
  49. clickables
    Check Out a Gay-Rights PSA From Jersey Shore’s VinnyThe ‘Jersey Shore’ star and thinking-man’s guido filmed a video for MTV’s “A Thin Line” campaign.
  50. clickables
    Watch Antoine Dodson Hawk a Sex-Offender AppWhat, you thought the “Bed Intruder” singer wouldn’t find another way to capitalize on his web celebrity?
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