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    The 100 Best Movies on Hulu Right NowGood Will Hunting, Super 8, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and more.
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    The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right NowThe Platform, What Lies Beneath, The Craft, and more.
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    The 100 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right NowMad Men, Cheer, Unbelievable, and more.
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    The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Right NowGroundhog Day, Taxi Driver, The Matrix, and more.
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    A Full 2020 Digital Movie-Rental CalendarA guide to when you can rent Little Women, Rise of Skywalker, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other new releases.
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    Ozark Season-Finale Recap: Adapt or DieThe only way for the Byrdes to survive this is to make themselves too important to hurt.
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    7 Big Questions About This Week’s WestworldWho is inside Charlotte Hale? Who else did Dolores break out of Westworld? And, seriously, where is William??
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    Homeland Recap: Fury RoadNeither Hayes nor Haqqani fully grasp the situation they’re in, or seem to care about destroying the efforts of the men whose shoes they now fill.
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    Ozark Recap: Of Mice and MenThe series’ saddest episode ever is also one of its best.
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    Ozark Recap: Law-Abiding CitizensEveryone seems to be getting exhausted with one another, and it’s going to lead to the death of someone. Probably more than one someone.
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    Ozark Recap: Cooler HeadsCould this be the moment that causes Ruth Langmore to question exactly where she stands in the hierarchy of the Byrde empire?
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    Ozark Recap: Family Game NightNothing brings a couple together like fear. And board games.
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    Ozark Recap: A Very Responsible CitizenAt least the old Marty was predictable. This one could be dangerous.
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    Ozark Recap: What Do You Want?Everyone in the Ozarks has to cover for Marty as he goes through life-changing trauma south of the border.
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    Ozark Recap: Time For Me to FlyA great, tense, and improbably funny episode ends with one of the best scenes in the history of Ozark.
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    Ozark Recap: All ApologiesHow is Wendy Byrde going to intimidate her way out of this one?
  17. overnights
    Ozark Recap: A Path ForwardAn excellent opener sets up ongoing tension between safety and progress in the Byrde empire, and introduces a wild card to complicate it further.
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    The 40 Best Movies on Netflix You Probably Haven’t SeenOddball comedies, twisty thrillers, and other underseen gems.
  19. lingering questions
    6 Big Questions About This Week’s WestworldWhat’s up with this Engerraund Serac guy? Why does he need Maeve now? And exactly when is “now,” anyway?
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    Homeland Recap: Show of StrengthWith the world on the precipice of World War III, the new POTUS’s inexperience and poor leadership gets a harsh spotlight.
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    The 30 Best Movies for Kids on NetflixSpider-Man, Hook, The Incredibles 2, and more.
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    The 30 Best Comedies on Hulu Right NowBooksmart, Heathers, Jackass 3, and more.
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    The 40 Best Horror Movies on Amazon PrimeHereditary, Halloween, A Quiet Place, and more.
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    The 30 Best Comedies on Amazon PrimeHot Rod, The Apartment, Moonstruck, and more.
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    50 Essential Movies Streaming on the Criterion ChannelTruffaut, Varda, Cassavetes, and other treats for film buffs.
  26. lingering questions
    10 Big Questions About the Westworld Season PremiereWho (or what) exactly is Caleb? What is Dolores up to? Is any of this even real?? Let’s dive into the maze that is “Parce Domine.”
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    Homeland Recap: Defining MomentThe response to an international crisis shows the many ways in which one can act against the interest of their country for personal reasons.
  28. refreshers
    A Very Quick Recap of Westworld Season TwoDon’t remember what happened last season? Here’s the most important things to know about Dolores, Bernard, and Westworld.
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    The 100 Best TV Shows on Hulu Right NowLost, High Fidelity, Key & Peele, and 97 more great streaming options.
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    The 50 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Right NowHomecoming, Escape at Dannemora, The Sopranos, and more.
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    The 80 Best Movies on Disney+From Black Panther to Toy Story, here are the best films available on Disney’s streaming service.
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    40 Funny Movies on Streaming If You Need a Laugh Right NowGreat comedies to help you take your mind off things.
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    The Outsider Season Finale Recap: Closing the BookA show that was mostly about impossible uncertainty wraps up the season in practical, predictable fashion.
  34. overnights
    Homeland Recap: Chain of CommandIn the wake of a history-defining helicopter crash, Saul and Carrie try to keep their fingers in the dam holding back World War III.
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    The 40 Best Horror Movies on ShudderA guide to the horror-centric streaming service’s most chilling offerings.
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    The 50 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right NowTriple Frontier, Snowpiercer, The Dark Knight, and more.
  37. vulture lists
    Which Into the Dark Episodes Are Worth Your Time?We watched them all so you don’t have to.
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    The 50 Best Comedies on Netflix Right NowNew additions include Tootsie, Police Academy, and more.
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    The 100 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right NowThe Farewell, A Simple Favor, Bull Durham, and more.
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    The Outsider Recap: Search PartyAs Ralph and the gang set out for Bear Cave, season one approaches what looks to be a violent climax.
  41. overnights
    Homeland Recap: Behind Enemy LinesA seismic event changes the world of Homeland forever, and raises big questions about how Carrie Mathison fits into it.
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    Altered Carbon Season-Finale Recap: Never Say Good-byeTakeshi Kovacs is going to need a stiff drink after all of this.
  43. overnights
    Altered Carbon Recap: Buried TruthsTurns out that once you take the demon out of the jar, you need a place to put it.
  44. overnights
    Altered Carbon Recap: ReunionA solidly entertaining episode brings the two versions of Kovacs together, united in one cause.
  45. overnights
    Altered Carbon Recap: Gemini ManTurns out that Takeshi Kovacs cannot be saved from himself.
  46. overnights
    Altered Carbon Recap: Burning ManA transitional episode guides us into a back half of the season where it appears all hell could break loose.
  47. overnights
    Altered Carbon Recap: Spin the Black CircleSeason two finally kicks into gear with an episode full of tight action, a few unexpected twists, and fun appearances by fan favorites.
  48. overnights
    Altered Carbon Recap: The Man With the KeyAn exposition-heavy episode gives us a new villain, a new ally, and even more questions about what’s going on with Quellcrist Falconer.
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    The 25 Best True-Crime Documentaries on NetflixFrom Making a Murderer to Wormwood, the service is full of true-crime hits.
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    Altered Carbon Season-Premiere Recap: Under My SkinKovacs is back in action with a fancy new sleeve that looks like a Marvel superhero — specifically Anthony Mackie.
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