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    Embeth Davidtz on Her Complicated Nude Scene“If you think of your body as a road map of where you’ve been, this is part of my journey.”
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    Riz Ahmed on Diversity on TV in U.S. vs. U.K.“It’s interesting to me that both societies are in denial of their reality.”
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    Wendell Pierce on Playing Clarence Thomas“Dirty laundry being aired — especially in the African-American community — is difficult to watch.”
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    Jake Gyllenhaal on His New Movie Demolition“Well, there are still filmmakers who don’t want to work with me.”
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    Christina Hendricks on Hap and Leonard“She is so not trustworthy!”
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    Maggie Siff on Playing Characters Who Die and Those Billions Sex Scenes“I didn’t want to be the girl doing the sex scene in every episode.”
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    Mamie Gummer on the Skill Women Have to Practice“[Women] can be adversarial and annoying and also really endearing when [they] need to be.”
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    Why Rectify Is Like Bringing a ‘Poem to Life’“It’s so much more about the space between the lines.”
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    TD’s Abigail Spencer on Gena and Ray’s Backstory“There’s a lot of inner conflict around [the rape], which is going to play out over this season.”
  10. 2016
    How Seth Meyers Is Positioning Himself As Late Night’s Political KingmakerWith Letterman gone and Stewart soon to follow, the genre’s two highest-profile political voices are going silent. Enter Meyers.
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    Walton Goggins on the Emotional End of Justified“I couldn’t hold it together that last day.”
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    Jessica Paré on How Mad Men Changed Her Life“I was ready to pack it in and go home and get a retail job to make some money and get a roof over my head.”
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    Patton Oswalt on Justified, Veep, and Twitter Spoiler alert.
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    Carlton Cuse on The Returned and Bates MotelAnd Lost’s legacy.
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    William H. Macy on Shameless and Winning a SAG“I’m hoping winning this SAG [award] means some of my co-stars will start to get recognition.”
  16. Duke Davis Roberts on Justified and MMA“I do worry about turning into a henchman forever.”
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    Joelle Carter on Justified’s Final Season, Ava’s Next Move, and That Kiss“She’s just trying to survive.”
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    Titus Welliver on Bosch, Avoiding Network Dramas“I’m interested in doing a show for literate adults.”
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    Mary Steenburgen on Joining Justified“[Writers] felt like if they wrote ‘Sugar’ and ‘Honey’ at the end of every sentence, that would make it southern.” 
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    Sam Elliott on Joining Justified and His ’Stache“I’m expecting to be amongst the dead before it’s over.”
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    Katey Sagal on Gemma, Jax, and the Final Episodes of Sons of Anarchy“It almost makes me cry talking about it.”
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    Annabeth Gish on Being Sons of Anarchy’s Bad CopAnd she doesn’t have a problem with those sex scenes, by the way.
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    Maura Tierney on The Affair’s Multiple POVs“I’m much more attractive in Alison’s memory than I am in Noah’s, which is fun.”
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    Sons of Anarchy’s Tommy Flanagan on Chibs“Why did I agree to that name? It’s just too personal.”
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    Homeland’s Michael O’Keefe on 5 Classic Roles(And some Homeland spoilers.)
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    Terence Winter on Boardwalk’s Series Finale“This was the ending we felt was the most powerful.”
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    Cartoonist Garry Trudeau on Season 2 of Alpha House and Binge-Watching“I still buy into the logic of the slower-release, watercooler phenomenon, but Amazon is the home of Big Data.”
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    Sons of Anarchy’s Jimmy Smits on Nero’s Decision“In this particular world, there are other things that trump romance.”
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    Glee’s Lea Michele on Her Sons of Anarchy Cameo“Any break I get on Glee, I watch Sons of Anarchy DVDs in my trailer.”
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    Sons of Anarchy’s Theo Rossi on Juice FandomYou like-a the Juice?
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    Kim Coates Breaks Down That ‘Sweet’ Kiss on Last Night’s Sons of Anarchy“It was a really sweet day all around.”
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    Peter Weller on Sons of Anarchy and His Ph.D.“I’ve gotta shut up about my Ph.D.”
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    Robert Forster on Sci-fi, Lucky Breaks, and Better Call SaulA career-spanning interview with the character actor, who guest-stars on this week’s episode of the BBC America series Intruders.
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    Adam Arkin on The Bridge and Chicago HopeThe veteran actor is turning up everywhere this month.
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    Drea de Matteo on Sons of Anarchy and Joey“I want to keep going!”
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    Sons of Anarchy’s Paris Barclay on Season 7“That’s not all the blood there’s going to be. That’s just a little warm-up.”
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    Gary Cole on Veep, The Good Wife, Office SpaceAfter seeing Will die on The Good Wife, he went, “Wow, okay — they’re really going over the edge!
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    Billy Zabka on How I Met Your Mother, the Zabkatage, and Sweeping the LegI get guys in headbands saying, “Cobra Kai never die!”