Cait Munro

  1. Everything We Know So Far About the Twin Peaks RebootThat’s a damn fine cup of coffee.
  2. The Stranger Things Halloween Costume You NeedThat’s one scary flower.
  3. The Scientific Reason You’re Petrified of ClownsPaging Dr. Freud.
  4. This Artist Makes Album Covers With Star Wars May the force be with your record player.
  5. Dirty 30 Cast on Writing Accurate Female RolesThe YouTube stars told us about their relatable characters in the new film Dirty 30.
  6. This Gym Trains You for American Ninja WarriorStarted by a former contestant on the show.
  7. This Artist Uses Projectors As Paintbrushes to Create Eye-popping Body ArtDefinitely a much easier cleanup than body paint.
  8. Justin Trudeau Has Officially Entered the Marvel UniverseWhat a guy.
  9. This Artist Makes Creepy Pop-Cultural References With an Unusual Technique Starring Kim Kardashian, Charles Manson, and Michael Jackson.
  10. Scandinavian ‘Slow TV’ Comes to NetflixIt’s kind of hard to imagine Americans having the attention span for this.
  11. This Psychedelic Art Installation May Induce a Drug-Free TripOoh, shiny.
  12. How Hip-Hop Producer Swizz Beatz Is Disrupting the Art WorldAnd then disrupted the Gallery-Industrial Complex. 
  13. This Artist Transforms Humans Into PaintingsThey look shockingly real. Or rather, shockingly fake.
  14. Donald Trump’s 5 Most Offensive Moments From The ApprenticeIt’s just the tip of the iceberg, really.
  15. The 5 Most Feminist Moments in Netflix’s Hit Summer Show Stranger ThingsPretty much everything Eleven does.
  16. Harry Potter Fans Generally Don’t Like TrumpA lot of it may come down to Lord Voldemort.
  17. Jonah Hill’s Intentionally Bad Reebok CommercialIt’s very Tim & Eric.
  18. There’s a Roller Coaster Next to the Thor SetThor gets what Thor wants.
  19. This Homemade Iron Man Suit Is Great CosplayIt even has thruster jets.
  20. This VFX Artist Makes Awesome Videos of His SonThose are some dangerous-looking monkey bars.
  21. Hot Topic Has a Suicide Squad Clothing Line Cosplaying is now as simple as a trip to the mall.
  22. It Took Two Months to Create This DrawingAnd it was painstakingly documented by the artist.
  23. This Guy Turned Himself Into a DIY X-Men IcemanHe can freeze stuff with his hands. Kind of.
  24. A Brief History of Taylor Swift and Kanye’s Ongoing FeudIt all started with four little words.
  25. These Optical Illusions Are Actually Humans Masked in Body PaintNope, that’s not a flower.
  26. Guys Try to Collect Every VHS of Jerry MaguireSo far, they have 12,240.
  27. This Artist Uses Fabric to Create Gauzy, Romantic ArtHe even did an installation at his own wedding.
  28. This Designer Creates Mesmerizing Art Films This is what happens when you mix ink, oil, soap, and a little bit of glitter.
  29. This Artist Uses Water As a Canvas to Paint a Rendition of Starry NightThe technique is called ebru.
  30. This Artist Creates Hypnotizing Paintings With Ink and WatercolorShe turns a simple dinosaur doodle into a cinematic experience. 
  31. This TARDIS Is Made Out of 75,000 LegosIt weighs more than 880 pounds.
  32. Simon Cowell Said This Girl Is the Next Taylor Swift (It Was a Compliment)This ukulele-strumming 12-year-old blew away all the judges on America’s Got Talent.
  33. Franz Kafka Is Always Watching You, If You’re Outside City Hall in PragueIt’s in the middle of a bustling shopping center in Kafka’s hometown, Prague.
  34. This Unknown Stuntwoman Wants to Become a Known CatwomanBen Affleck, are you seeing this?
  35. This Artist Makes Mesmerizing Sculptures Using MathJust call it math in motion.
  36. Real Location From Star Wars: The Force AwakensLuke Skywalker’s hideout is a real place you can visit.
  37. This Artist Makes the Trippiest Dripping Paint VideosWho knew watching paint dry could be so exciting?
  38. J.K. Rowling Just Made an Unexpected Argument About Donald Trump“I consider him offensive and bigoted. But he has my full support to come to my country and be offensive and bigoted there.”
  39. This Captain America Actor Looks Startlingly Like Young Luke SkywalkerThis is really freaky. 
  40. This Breathtaking Technicolor Desert Installation Took Five Years to MakeTotally worth it. 
  41. Taylor Swift Was Just Awarded the Taylor Swift Award, and Everyone Feels AwkwardTaylor took it in stride.
  42. Making Game of Thrones Dragons Isn’t EasyTotally worth it. 
  43. Ryan Reynolds’s Touching Tribute to a 13-Year-Old Fan Will Probably Make You CryWe recommend you have Kleenex on hand for this one. 
  44. ‘The Mountain’ From Game of Thrones Just Revealed His Insane DietHe’s six-foot-eight, 419 pounds, and crushes about 10,000 calories a day.
  45. Daisy Ridley’s Lightsaber Skills Are As Badass As You’d ImagineJust as we suspected, Ridley’s coolness extends offscreen.
  46. Rabid Beyoncé Fans Trashed Rachael Ray by Complete MistakeMaybe she should share a recipe for some ice-cold lemonade to cool the Beyhive down. 
  47. Tyrion Lannister for President?Tyrion Lannister, a fictional character from Game of Thrones, is favored over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. 
  48. 7 Things You Didn’t Know About PrinceHere are seven thing you didn’t know about pop legend Prince.