1. Amy Adams on Celebrity and Playing Janis JoplinThe actress is on a different planet from the one on which her peers exist — which is maybe also why she’s the perfect person to play ETs’ liaison.
  2. the art world
    Exhibition Shows What America Looks Like From BeirutRichard Prince and Donald Trump: trying to figure it all out.
  3. gallery
    Dakis Joannou’s Art AddictionA look at the Greek tycoon’s 33 years of collecting
  4. tv
    Tracee Ellis Ross on Black-ish and Her Mother“If anything, at a very young age, I felt like I needed to really be me, in order to earn the attention which was coming my way because I was a part of someone that they loved.”
  5. art
    The Big, Steaming Return of Maurizio CattelanA donkey, a documentary, and a stopped-up golden toilet.
  6. Lisa Spellman’s 303 Gallery Moving to Norman Foster High-Rise Respected gallery, now in a fancy condo tower. A tale of the evolution of West Chelsea.
  7. art and design 2016
    Is Richard Prince the Andy Warhol of Instagram?He always wanted to be the coolest artist in the world. But how much cred can one man appropriate?
  8. Is Richard Prince the Andy Warhol of Instagram?He always wanted to be the coolest artist in the world. But how much cred can one man appropriate?
  9. encounter
    David Hockney Talks Mass Appeal, Virtual Reality, and Lost BohemiaWeed and sushi delivery with the painter at his Hollywood Hills home. 
  10. David Hockney Talks Mass Appeal, Virtual Reality, and Lost BohemiaWeed and sushi delivery with the painter at his Hollywood Hills home.
  11. What Happened to ‘James Hunter Black Draftee’? A Mystery at the Met BreuerJames Hunter never showed up for his second sitting with Alice Neel, who left the painting unfinished. What happened to him?
  12. encounter
    114 Minutes With House of Cards’ Michael KellyThe actor talks meeting Obama, being scared of Rubio, and the real-life Doug Stampers.
  13. unfinished business
    Inside the New Met Breuer’s Housewarming ShowThe stories behind 500 years of “unfinished” artworks in one famous Brutalist redoubt.
  14. leave the driving to us
    At the Armory Art Show, Watch an Actual Car Commit Slow-Motion SuicideJonathan Schipper’s Slow Motion Car Crash is not a metaphor for the art market.
  15. podcasts
    Inside the Making of Serial Season TwoHow the podcast scaled up from Adnan to Afghanistan.
  16. encounter
    Can Art School’s Cool Kids Grow Up to Be Anti-Bullying Activists?Talking to Tara Subkoff and Urs Fischer about Subkoff’s directorial debut #Horror.
  17. ahoy sailor
    Sting Might Return to The Last Ship, in LondonHe also mentions how seeing the Queen Mother in her Rolls Royce inspired him to make something out of himself.
  18. speeeech!
    Lady Gaga: The Young Artist Award Is the Most Meaningful One of Her LifeComplete with shout-outs to Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic!
  19. hot doggin
    Peaches Rubs Another One Out“Sometimes I think people who don’t know me say, ‘Why is that old lady trying to be Miley Cyrus?’”
  20. chat room
    Taraji P. Henson on How Empire Is Opening Minds“The more we know about each other the less hate we’ll have.”
  21. chat room
    Danny Strong: Why Empire’s Cookie Is Like Kramer“Fonzie or Kramer.”
  22. Read Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon’s Zine“This story, if it is one, deserves the closure of a suicide.”
  23. vulture on set
    Behind the Scenes of Empire’s Second SeasonThe creators are facing a problem the Lyon family knows all too well: How do you follow a hit?
  24. How to Do What Yoko Wants You To: Grapefruit, 51 Years LaterA look at Yoko Ono’s seminal collection of instructions, half a century down the line.
  25. profile
    Matthew Morrison on Glee’s End and BroadwayGlee had its heyday, and then it kind of just slowly started declining.”
  26. 9 Artists on Why They Live in DetroitAfter 19 years in Brooklyn, Galapagos Art Space is moving to Detroit.
  27. How Don and Mera Rubell Shaped the Careers of These 8 ArtistsThe support of collectors can mean everything.
  28. art
    Margaret Keane’s Eyes Are Wide OpenTim Burton’s latest muse on Joan Crawford, Phyllis Diller, and the fact we’re in the end-times.
  29. art basel miami 2014
    The Ultimate Art Basel Instagram Cuts the Cheese@fartbasel.
  30. nada art fair
    Out of the Closet in Miami: Shirts, Robes, and Sweaters As ArtWhen did “shirt” become an art trend?
  31. art basel miami 2014
    Abramovic Will Give Silicon Valley a Talking ToIf we put down our iPhones and quit multitasking so much, we might be able to work on our ESP.
  32. slideshow
    Bright, Shiny Objects: Seeing Yourself (Everywhere) at Art Basel Mirror-y art for the collector as Narcissus.
  33. art basel miami 2014
    At Art Basel, the Air Valets Are in RevoltMeanwhile, in the sorta-real world outside Miami’s Convention Center …
  34. art basel miami 2014
    Overheard at Art Basel on WednesdayOf course, nobody was there for a bargain.
  35. art
    Jeff Koons to Be Evicted!Coming Soon: another high-rise. His West 29th Street toy factory is to close.
  36. video
    Video: How to Paint Nude Portraits With Your ToesTim Noble and Sue Webster’s naked monkey-love continues.
  37. art
    Takashi Murakami Gives a Tour of His Nuclear-Meltdown WorkAnd talks about his gig at Disneyland Tokyo too.
  38. encounter
    Talking to Thurston Moore About Life After New York, Sonic Youth, and Kim Gordon“The record is just me at 56 years old having a change-of-life scenario, madly in love, trying to deal with my responsibilities as an adult.”
  39. movies
    A Fond Look at When Magazines Ruled the WorldA documentary on new journalism and Esquire magazine by the son of one of its top editors.
  40. profile
    Oscar Murillo Perfectly Represents the Art WorldHow lucky, and unfortunate, for the 28-year-old artist. 
  41. frieze art fair
    The Strangeness of After-Hours at the Frieze Art FairExtremely temporary quarters.
  42. upfronts 2014
    Josh Hartnett’s Vanishing Act“So much of being an actor is having people not getting to know you.”
  43. profile
    Tilda Swinton Is Not Quite of This WorldThe transcendent Scot and her merry band of interstellar bohemians.
  44. encounter
    109 Minutes With Met Director Thomas Campbell“Tapestry Tom” is a newfound modernist.
  45. movies
    Charlotte Gainsbourg on Nymphomaniac“I wish [Lars] couldn’t shoot with any other actress.”
  46. art
    How Richard Prince Got Kicked Off Instagram (And Then Reinstated)Oops. That was awkward.
  47. movies
    Miles Teller on Awkward, Fame, and Efron“I’m so glad you didn’t call it a bromantic comedy.”
  48. profile
    The Return of Jeffrey DeitchAfter that pit stop in Los Angeles.
  49. happenings
    Lady Gaga’s Art Rave — a Pop Artist in Search of Something BiggerOn the scene at Gaga’s latest happening.
  50. photography
    Fantasy Camp: Photographs by Underground Legend Bob Mizer Come Up for Air“He was part of the process of creating this new masculine identity, which coincides with the invention of the teenager and biker movies and surf culture.”
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