Caroline Bankoff

  1. spinoffs
    The How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Is Definitely HappeningIt’ll be called How I Met Your Dad.
  2. today in pop stars
    Justin Bieber Visited a BrothelIn Brazil.
  3. bidding wars
    Making Greenwald Book Into Film Will Be a HassleBut someone will probably do it anyway.
  4. pilots 2014
    Diablo Cody and O.C. Producers Team Up for Teen DramaIt’s in development at Fox.
  5. weekend box office
    Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 Eats Up Weekend Box OfficeTwo other newcomers didn’t fare as well.
  6. sequels
    Jennifer Lawrence Has a Cameo in the Dumber and Dumber Sequel She plays the young Fraida Felcher.
  7. all in the modern family
    There Might Be a Modern Family SpinoffHope you like Gil pickles.
  8. covers
    Eggers Does NYT Magazine’s First Fiction CoverAnd it’s hard to ignore.
  9. celebrity crime stoppers
    Two People Arrested for Letting Rihanna Pose With an Endangered Primate That slow loris will not be meeting any more celebrities.
  10. just being miley
    Miley Performs in Toned-Down Version of ‘Wrecking Ball’ LookShe made it more television-friendly with underwear, pasties, and a sheer dress.
  11. hiatuses
    Mumford & Sons Is Going on HiatusThe guys are tired.
  12. stuff jonathan franzen hates
    Jonathan Franzen Still Doesn’t Like the InternetOr your MacBook Air.
  13. pranks
    Justin Bieber Probably Will Not Play Robin in the Man of Steel SequelDespite what his Instagram may suggest.
  14. hecklers
    Calvin Harris Very Impolite to Rude Audience MemberThe British DJ is the latest performer to get riled up by a heckler.
  15. what would lindsay lohan do
    Lindsay Lohan Explains Why She Didn’t Show Up at the Venice Film Festival Her health comes first now.
  16. books
    Book and Documentary Promise Five New J.D. Salinger BooksSalinger’s secrets are out.
  17. breaking bad
    Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn Confronts Skyler HateThe actress writes that she was unprepared for the vitriol her character often inspires.
  18. trailer mix
    Watch Glee’s Surprisingly Upbeat Season Five Teaser Trailer You won’t see anyone mourning Finn here.
  19. nonstop negativity
    Chris Brown’s Seizure Blamed on HatersOr “the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity.”
  20. casting couch
    Peter Capaldi Is Doctor Who’s New DoctorThere you have it.
  21. bridge over troubled idol
    Jennifer Lopez Will Probably Judge American Idol AgainPossibly alongside
  22. but is it art?
    Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ Video Is HereAnd it’s about what you would expect.
  23. in a galaxy far far away
    John Williams Will Score the New Star WarsJust as he did the others.
  24. trailer mix
    Veronica Mars Trailer: Fan-Tastic They couldn’t have done it without (some of) you.
  25. arrested development development
    Netflix Is Talking About Doing Another Season of Arrested Development Start getting excited.
  26. weekend box office
    Despicable Me 2 Is More Than Respectable at Weekend Box Office The movie brought in $81 million while The Lone Ranger flopped.
  27. magna carta holy grail
    The Magna Carta Holy Grail Rollout Has Been a Little RoughThe Samsung app crashed, and reviews have been lukewarm.
  28. kimye
    Kanye Bounced Some Business Ideas Off Steve WozniakWoz called them “grandiose,” but whatever.
  29. vulture reads
    Your Sunday Long Reads: Rick Rubin and Huey LewisAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  30. tv
    Some Glee Cast Members Got Promotions A day after it was announced that four would leave the series.
  31. vulture reads
    Your Sunday Long Reads: James Gandolfini and Movie Trailer HistoryAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  32. weekend box office
    Monsters Scare Off Zombies at Weekend Box OfficeMonsters University took the top spot, but World War Z still did better than expected.
  33. piracy
    Game of Thrones Was This Spring’s Most Pirated ShowThe Big Bang Theory didn’t even come close.
  34. vulture reads
    Your Sunday Long Reads: Kanye and QuestloveAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  35. casting couch
    Krysten Ritter Joins Veronica Mars MovieRyan Hansen, too.
  36. praise yeezus
    What Critics Think of Yeezus So FarIt’s intense.
  37. celebrity heroes
    John Malkovich Is the New Ryan GoslingHe took care of a bleeding tourist on a Toronto street.
  38. beefs
    Amanda Bynes Tweeted Really Mean Things at Rihanna It’s unclear why.
  39. sad things
    Amanda Bynes Claims NYPD Sexually Harassed HerThe police are looking into the charges.
  40. but is it art?
    James Franco Painted a Tribute to His This Is the End Bros In Williamsburg.
  41. trailer park
    Anchorman 2 Teaser Trailer: You Haven’t Changed a BitStaying classy.
  42. international affairs
    Justin Bieber’s Monkey Now Belongs to Germany It’s probably for the best.
  43. late night wars
    Late Night With Seth Meyers Is HappeningNBC confirmed the rumors on Sunday.
  44. tv
    NYC’s Real Housewives Will Be Paid Slightly MoreBut not as much as they wanted.
  45. kickstarter
    Zach Braff’s Movie Kickstarter Is Now Fully Funded Good work, Garden State fans.
  46. crimes and misdemeanors
    Vince Vega’s Stolen Chevy Malibu Has Finally Been Found And it only took nineteen years.
  47. vulture reads
    Your Sunday Long Reads: Biggie and Le Carré Long week edition.
  48. the box office
    42 Hits Box Office Home RunAnd last weekend’s top earner, Evil Dead, fell to fifth place.
  49. beliebers
    Justin Bieber Visited the Anne Frank House“Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”
  50. clickables
    See Joe Biden Visiting Vice-President Selina Meyer’s OfficeIt had to happen eventually.
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