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    Survivor Finale Recap: Same Tactics, Same ResultsWith Russell, Parvati, and Sandra in the final three, the jury reveals whether they can forgive and forget.
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    Survivor Recap: I’m Against You, RussellRussell’s Achilles heel — rage at people who he thinks have crossed him — messes with his game.
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    Survivor Recap: The Villain Alliance Cracks, As All Alliances DoRussell once again seems to have overplayed his hand, and yet his strategy still wins out.
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    Survivor Recap: Immunity Idol Tug-o-WarDanielle and Amanda wrestle for a clue to the next hidden immunity idol, while a catatonic Colby makes a horrible ref.
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    Survivor Recap: This is How You Shock a Tribal CouncilTribal council ends with a twist that shocks even the unshockable Russell.
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    Survivor Recap: The Best Worst Plan EverJ.T.’s misguided plan to give Russell an immunity idol seemed so smart back at Heroes’ camp …
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    Ugly Betty Series Finale: Ready Steady GoA well-earned happy ending.
  8. Survivor Recap: Everything Gets MuddyWith Boston Rob out, the Heroes get a very wrong impression of what’s going on at the Villains’ camp.
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    Ugly Betty: Somewhere Out ThereJustin Suarez’s official coming out is a bigger story in the fictional media than it was on last night’s ‘Ugly Betty.’
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    Survivor Recap: Boston Rob and Russell’s ThunderdomeThe Villains’ two masterminds put aside all pretense and fight for control of their tribe.
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    Ugly Betty Recap: Jolly Old EnglandOn a group trip to London, Betty has a surprise reunion, and Christina makes an accent-appropriate cameo.
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    Erykah Badu on New Amerykah Part TwoThe funk singer talks about her new album, working with Lil Wayne, and her connection to the Beatles.
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    Ugly Betty: Brace for It …This extended dream sequence is such a downer, it’s downright uncomfortable.
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    Survivor Recap: Well PlayedBoston Rob and Russell play the ultimate ‘Survivor’ battle of wits.
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    Ugly Betty: The KissOne of the show’s best-written and acted episodes ever, with a groundbreaking romantic moment.
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    Survivor Recap: Seven Heroes, Thirteen KneesNot even a hobbled knee can make James a no-brainer for eviction.
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    Ugly Betty: Gaga No-GoStefani Germanotta didn’t cameo during last night’s long-awaited return, but her name popped up to forward a few key plotlines.
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    Survivor Recap: Let the Blindsiding Begin!The Heroes continue to struggle, and a key alliance crumbles.
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    Survivor Recap: Flirting Trumps FishingParvati’s winking wiles keep her in the game against all logic.
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    Survivor Recap: Wait, Which Ones Are the Heroes?The Heroes draw lines early while the Villains rally behind an ailing Boston Rob.
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    Survivor Recap: Heroes, Meet VillainsSeason twenty begins with a vicious all-star battle on the beach.
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    Ugly Betty Recap: Credit vs. FaultBetty becomes a spotter of talent — but would you trust her taste?
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    Ugly Betty: What a DragLike all the bad news in journalism, the end of this show is awful and unfortunate.
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    Ugly Betty: Lights Out“I hate being in the middle. Unless there’s a Gyllenhaal involved.”
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    Ugly Betty: Do Over, and Over …Why, at the season’s halfway point, did the show decide to half-ass a crucial episode — only its second in its new time slot?
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    Ugly Betty Recap: Word to GodWe returned from winter break to high stakes.
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    Ugly Betty Recap: Baby-Mama DramaA duel pregnancy scare has many ‘Betty’ characters contemplating changed futures.
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    Ugly Betty: The Swimsuit IssueThe new ‘Betty’ is slashing and burning dramatic arcs, slaying and birthing relationships, and accelerating Betty’s beautification and maturation.
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    Ugly Betty: Mom GenesThe specters of dead or absent parents dominate this episode.
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    Ugly Betty: Better BettyShe’s not the only character undergoing a massive transformation during what’s shaping up to be one of the series’ most thought-provoking seasons yet.
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    Ugly Betty: It’s All GoodA perfect episode!
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    Ugly Betty: HalloweenieThis week’s recap — with video!
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    Ugly Betty: Cringe Festival’Betty’ pulls a Larry David.
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    Ugly Betty Season Premiere: Meet Your MakeoverBetty’s a freshly minted associate editor fending for herself against a snarky new officemate and a vindictive boss.