1. new york comic con 2014
    Marvel Fans Get a Sneak Peek at Agent Carter The show only began shooting this past Monday. 
  2. party chat
    Victor Garber Also Failed to Spot Ben Affleck’s Penis“I’m sure it’s beautiful.”
  3. vulture lists
    All of Kramer’s Jobs and Schemes on SeinfeldFor the finale’s fifteenth anniversary, everything from ball boy to used-record salesman to cock fighter.
  4. chat room
    Christopher Mintz-Plasse on Fright Night, Alone Time With Colin Farrell, and His ‘Homoerotic Chemistry’ With Dave Franco“I’ve known Davey for a while now … we really hit it off and got close.”
  5. party chat
    Alex Pettyfer Will Get As Naked As He Needs To for Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike“I will do whatever needs to be done.”
  6. chat room
    Quentin Tarantino Partied All Day After Writing Django Unchained“My friends just show up all day long and just get their copy of it and drink Champagne and we celebrate.”
  7. party chat
    Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari Talk About the Origins of Chickie-Chickie Parm-Parm“Aziz is an epicurean.”
  8. right-click
    Tim and Eric’s Tim Heidecker Debuts His New Seventies Soft-Rock Side Project on VulturePart parody and part homage, he calls it “dreamy, like honky prog-rock.”
  9. chat room
    Demetri Martin on How to Tell Robots From People and His One Day As Brad Pitt’s Co-Star“One day, I was like, ‘Wow, I’m working with Steven Soderbergh and Brad Pitt! This is crazy!’ The next day my agent called and said, ‘Hey buddy, I have some bad news … ’”
  10. david rakoff
    David Rakoff Thinks the World Is Going to Hell, But Here Are Five Things He Loves About New York, AnywayDespite gentrification and Donald Trump and the Mets’ record, the city hasn’t been completely ruined for Rakoff yet.
  11. party lines
    Michael K. Williams at Boardwalk EmpirePlus: Adrien Grenier, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Kenneth Williams …
  12. party lines
    Sarah Jessica Parker at The Big C ScreeningPlus: Calvin Klein, Oliver Platt, Sarah Jessica Parker …
  13. party lines
    Emily Mortimer at the Watermill Summer BenefitPlus: Emily Mortimer, Alan Cumming, Chris Bosh …
  14. party chat
    Woody Allen: GrumpyHe’ll go to Cannes, but not for prizes, beach time, or, presumably, anything that involves the outdoors or talking to people.
  15. mick jagger
    Mick Jagger Loves Shutter IslandSo he’d seen the film already and liked it so much that he had to see it again? “Exactly.”
  16. party lines
    Cole and Gilliam at the Parnassus ScreeningWell, she was a model first.
  17. chat room
    The Weinsteins Want the Miramax Name BackAt last night’s premiere of ‘The Road’ we spoke to him about sibling rivalry with his brother Harvey and their attempts to convince Wes Craven to direct ‘Scream 4.’
  18. chat room
    Martin Scorsese on Boardwalk Empire, Sinatra Biopic“Leo certainly … Naturally I really like working with him.”
  19. news reel
    Woody Allen’s Title Secret“Well, that was a very aggressive title, so you can hope that it’s a good movie.”
  20. party lines
    Portman, Rossum, and Duritz at ABT’s Fall GalaWell, sometimes he does.
  21. party lines
    Rossellini, McInerney, & Wainwrights at WatermillTheir mother, Kate McGarrigle, claims her children never learned any games and just played music.
  22. rock and roll
    Trent Reznor Has Seen It All“One time I saw Dave Navarro wear a shirt.”