Chris Gethard

  1. book excerpt
    How Chris Gethard Learned to Stop Trying to Fit In and Just Do His Own ThingAn excerpt from Gethard’s new book Lose Well.
  2. conversations
    The TCGS Exit Interview: A Chat Between Chris Gethard and Brett DavisTwo comedians talk about the end of an era and what comes next.
  3. ny la comedy
    The Only Living Comedian in New York: Chris Gethard on Avoiding Los AngelesIt was a very public fact that I was devolving in New York while a steady stream of friends were killing it on the West Coast.
  4. remembrances
    What It Was Like to Do Surprise Improv With Robin WilliamsChris Gethard remembers the night his favorite comedian joined in.
  5. After 100 Episodes, Chris Gethard’s 10 Favorite ‘Chris Gethard Show’ […]Tonight, The Chris Gethard Show airs our 100th episode on public access television. Before that, I spent two years doing the show as a stage […]
  6. The Chase Is the Thing and the Thing Is the Chase: Learning to Love FailureThe following was posted to the Chris Gethard Show Tumblr as a response to an anonymously asked question, which follows. It’s reprinted here […]
  7. No Worries: Chris Gethard’s Awkward Adventure in TijuanaWith the exception of a five-month stint in Los Angeles, I’ve spent my entire life living in New Jersey and Queens, and it shows. I am a […]
  8. Wrapping Up The Chris Gethard Cross Country AdventureHello! Sorry that I didn’t check in on Friday. Especially after I explicitly said I was going to. I didn’t mean to scare anybody. I realize […]
  9. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Schizophrenics and Las […] Above, the conclusion of the mutiny that was discussed here. Yesterday was an illustration of how sad and desperate America can be. We had a […]
  10. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Earth ShipsThis morning I climbed to the bottom of an immense canyon and hiked alongside the Rio Grande. Eventually, I came upon a hot spring, where I […]
  11. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Mutiny First things first, Don Fanelli and Bethany Hall have arrived. This is the best thing that has happened to me since this tour started. Don is […]
  12. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Reaching a Breaking Point This trip has officially hit a point where I fucking hate being a part of it. There are a handful of moments that are still fun — […]
  13. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Sleeping in a Wal-Mart […] I am writing this entry from the back of an RV that’s parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Selma, North Carolina. This is also where I slept […]
  14. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Wearing the Thong of Gwar In yesterday’s tour journal entry, I described showing up in Philly and surprising a comedian on stage who had talked shit at me over twitter, […]
  15. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Not Fit to Use Chainsaws I’m very happy to say that I went the entire day today without any failings of the five major senses. This whole day went better. First of […]
  16. The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure: Diddy’s Kickoff and a […] As of this writing, I have never been so tired in my entire life. The exhaustion I know has manifested itself in physical pain, mental […]
  17. How I Convinced Diddy to Do a Basement Theater Comedy Show TonightThirteen months ago, I put a video on YouTube, completely on a whim. It was Christmas Eve, I was shirtless in a bed at my parents’ house, and […]