1. what were the 2010s?
    What Did We Just Watch?A 257-show guide to Prestige, Peak, and every other kind of TV from the past decade.
  2. explainers
    How to Tell Dany’s Dragons Apart on Game of ThronesIs it Drogon, Viserion, or Rhaegal?
  3. explainers
    What’s the Deal With Arya’s Dagger on Game of Thrones?This pivotal Valyrian steel dagger has changed hands a lot since season one.
  4. explainers
    Which Game of Thrones Characters Have Valyrian Steel?It’s one of the only weapons capable of killing White Walkers.
  5. who is america
    Every Time Sacha Baron Cohen Says ‘My Wife’ in His New ShowA Who Is America? investigation.
  6. vulture lists
    Every Major Pop-Culture Reference in Atlanta’s ‘Teddy Perkins’From Michael Jackson and Sammy Sosa to Psycho and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
  7. Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Episode of The Good PlaceWhat did you think of ‘Somewhere Else’?
  8. vulture lists
    Who Will Play The Good Place’s Eternal Judge?“You’re in for a very big treat. You won’t believe it.”
  9. A Comprehensive List of Every Rick and Morty Universe So FarIncluding that dimension in which everyone looks like Eric Stoltz in Mask.
  10. let us discuss
    Let’s Talk About the Season Premiere of This Is UsWhat did you think of ‘A Father’s Advice’?
  11. let us discuss
    Let’s Talk About the Twin Peaks: The Return FinaleDo you think this is David Lynch’s masterpiece?
  12. let us discuss
    Let’s Talk About the Game of Thrones Season FinaleWere you shocked by the cliff-hanger at the end?
  13. Your Guide to the Shifting Alliances of Game of ThronesHere’s where each major character stands right now.
  14. What Happened to Benjen Stark on Game of Thrones?A complete guide to the lost member of the Stark clan.
  15. game of thrones
    Just How Hard Is It to Kill a Dragon on Game of Thrones?A brief history of human-on-dragon warfare.
  16. let us discuss
    Let’s Discuss Tonight’s Episode of Game of ThronesWhat did you think of ‘Beyond the Wall’?
  17. What’s the Deal With That Letter Arya Found on Game of Thrones?Sansa wrote it all the way back in season one.
  18. what to stream now
    Where to Stream Carrie Fisher’s Best Non–Star Wars WorkFisher may be best known as Princess Leia, but her legacy goes far beyond Star Wars
  19. What’s New on Showtime: October 2016From Carol to Zoolander.
  20. What’s Leaving Netflix: October 2016Good-bye, The Truman Show.
  21. now streaming
    What’s Leaving HBO: October 2016Adiós, Inherent Vice.
  22. now streaming
    What’s Leaving Hulu: October 2016Your last chance to watch The Others before Halloween.
  23. new on netflix
    What’s New on Netflix: October 2016From Black Mirror to Titanic.
  24. close looks
    Lisa Hanawalt on BoJack’s Best Sight Gags“If we have the opportunity to write something funny in there and add a joke, why not?”