1. guides
    Navigating On Cinema’s Giant, Underground UniverseA guide to Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s series and everything that it has spawned so far.
  2. going independent
    Tim Heidecker Takes On Cinema Straight to the People“You can build a Netflix if you have an audience that wants to watch your shit.”
  3. five baggers
    Please Stop Calling Tim Heidecker and Mister America ‘Anti-Comedy’Talking with the comedian about his new movie, which Nathan Fielder helped make happen.
  4. backstories
    The Big Uneasy: When SNL Went to Mardi GrasIn 1977, Lorne Michaels took his show to New Orleans. Things didn’t exactly go as planned.
  5. A Guide to Tim Heidecker’s Post-’Awesome Show’ Years Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! has cast a long shadow over the comedy world in the 2010s, especially when it can still seem like every […]
  6. Liam Lynch: A PrimerIn early 2014, Tim Heidecker tweeted that when he and Eric Wareheim drove out to Los Angeles in 2004 to work on Tom Goes to the Mayor, they […]
  7. Revisiting ‘Borat’: Tired Collection of Catchphrases or Groundbreaking […]“Wildly funny. Its best jokes approach some savage, atavistic core of cultural taboo and make the viewer wonder: Is it really possible to laugh […]
  8. Jon Stewart May Be Irreplaceable…and That’s Just FineIn a hallway adjacent to the Lawrence High School auditorium, you’ll find the Hall of Honor, a collection of plaques plastered to the wall […]
  9. ‘iZombie’s First Season is a Midseason TriumphLet me say this: if iZombie wasn’t called iZombie, it would probably have twice as many viewers. Loosely based off of a comic book of the same […]
  10. Adult Swim’s ‘FishCenter’: A Beginner’s GuideEvery so often, late at night if we can’t sleep, my friend and I make a game of seeking out Facebook pages with zero likes and liking them, […]
  11. How ‘The Nightly Show’ Found Its Voice in Its Baltimore CoverageI’ve been keeping up with The Nightly Show since its premiere, a handful of episodes here and there excepted, and it’s going as well as anyone […]
  12. ‘World Of Tomorrow’ and the Dark Humor of Don HertzfeldtA day or two after Fox aired the mesmerizingly jarring Don Hertzfeldt couch gag that kicked off the 26th season of The Simpsons, I used a […]
  13. The Case for TV Revivals and Reboots“Why the hell is there gonna be a Coach revival?” That was one of the bigger questions floating around the internet a couple weeks ago […]
  14. The Idealistic Legacy of ‘Parks and Recreation’Next Tuesday, when the lights go out at Pawnee City Hall, when JJ’s Diner cooks up its last waffles, when Councilman Dexhart has his final […]
  15. The Satire We Need Right Now Is All The Satire That’s On Right NowLast fall, I was watching a new episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver with a few friends, the one featuring an exposé on civil […]
  16. It’s Time to Rediscover ‘Daria’A couple years ago, I bought a Jane Lane T-shirt. If you don’t know who that is, you may recognize a picture of her. And I say that because […]
  17. Video Game Comedy Is Hard, But it’s Getting EasierRecently, I revisited one of my favorite games from last year, The Stanley Parable. Developed by Davey Wreden and released for Steam, it’s a […]
  18. Is the Future of Comedy the Comedy/Drama Hybrid?In a recent Salon interview, Bob Odenkirk warns aspiring writers to “get out of comedy, because it’s about to collapse.” Sketch comedy, he […]