1. box office
    Top Gun: Maverick Has One More Record to BreakIt’s coming for the big boat movie.
  2. lightyear
    Pixar’s Lightyear GambitThe Toy Story spinoff got to blast off in theaters after Turning Red went to Disney+. Will the franchise play pay off?
  3. at the box office
    Record Opening Turns Top Gun: Maverick into 2022’s First Instant Blockbuster“Audiences have been starved for a big movie to root for and to go see that isn’t a Marvel or DC movie.”
  4. summer preview
    What Will Be the Biggest Movie of the Summer?Vulture bets on five films that will break through the hottest months of 2022, in whatever ways they can.
  5. cinemacon
    Top Gun: Maverick Is Making Grown Men Cry at CinemaConMany in the audience at CinemaCon found themselves surprisingly emotional at the continuing adventures of moviedom’s most iconic aviator.
  6. let’s do it again
    Creed II’s Director Almost Passed on Directing the FilmDespite having made just one previous film, Steven Caple Jr. initially felt “uncomfortable” with directing the highly anticipated Rocky spinoff sequel
  7. let’s do it again
    Rewriting the Behind-the-Scenes Story of Iron Man 2The sequel was made before the MCU streamlined its operations, when ad-libbing, “writing gyrations,” and Elon Musk cameos were okay.
  8. cinemacon
    Jordan Peele Hopes to Scare You Into Saying Nope Out Loud“I’m going to personally thrive on the number of times we hear the word ‘nope’ in the theater.”
  9. let’s do it again
    Praise Eywa, James Cameron Finally Debuted Footage from Avatar: The Way of WaterThe first glimpse at our return to Pandora played to cheers and applause from a mesmerized CinemaCon audience.
  10. cinemacon
    Bad Bunny Tries to Kill Brad Pitt in a Sneak Peek at Bullet Train“You tried to stab me?! I don’t even know you!”
  11. influences
    The Everything Bagel of Influences Behind Everything Everywhere All at Once“We’re very confident about our dumb ideas.”
  12. it’s coming
    Hollywood Has No Idea What to Do With the Erotic ThrillerThe industry is still nervous about sex on big screens, leaving streamers to struggle to reboot a genre that died too young.
  13. oscar villains
    Against Every 2022 Oscars MovieIf you’re still not sure what to root for this year, at least you can come up with something to root against.
  14. dystopia
    MoviePass 2.0 Wants (to Sell) Your AttentionThe plan was to use eyeball-tracking tech to mount a rival, but Stacy Spikes opted to raise the dead instead.
  15. fuhgeddaboudit
    Remember How Uncharted Was Almost a David O. Russell Movie?Back in 2010, the director wanted Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci to co-star: “Although he didn’t say it — he’s like, ‘I want to do a mob movie.’”
  16. ‘that’s just kanye’
    Why the Jeen-Yuhs Directors Turned the Camera Off During a Kanye ‘Rant’Clarence “Coodie” Simmons Jr. and Chike Ozah say they chose “brotherhood over filmmaking” during an otherwise revealing moment.
  17. at the box office
    Jackass Forever Donkey-Kicked Moonfall, But They Didn’t Need to Compete“There was plenty of time to move one of these films,” says a box-office analyst, who warns now is not the time for showdowns like this.
  18. let’s talk about it
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Breaks Down Encanto’s No. 1 Hit ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’On what went into writing the Billboard chart topper and what he hopes you’ll notice about Bruno himself on your second and third viewings.
  19. sundance 2022
    A Complete List of Movies Sold at Sundance 2022 (and How Much $$$ They Cost)The second consecutive virtual-only edition of the Sundance Film Festival showcased a decent if not exactly robust raft of acquisition deals.
  20. the toughest song i wrote
    Lin-Manuel Miranda on the Hardest Song He Wrote for Encanto“I thought, What if the folk song has these two caterpillars who are in love?
  21. it’s a job
    Who Wants to Host the 2022 Oscars?Inside the search for this year’s master of ceremonies, which is less about who is best for the job and more about who’s willing to take it.
  22. sundance 2022
    18 Sundance Movies We Can’t Wait to Watch (from Home)From horror stories to news-breaking documentaries, here’s what’s we’re watching this year.
  23. the industry
    The Future of Agenting Isn’t in HollywoodJeremy Zimmer has been leading United Talent Agency for 30 years. He sees a complex road ahead for the 10-percenter business.
  24. advice
    How to Overcome Accent Anxiety in 4 Simple StepsFew things scare an actor more than mangling an accent — so say their dialect coaches. Here, the pros offer a few words of advice.
  25. at the box office
    Why Spider-Man: No Way Home Shattered Box-Office RecordsThe Spidey sequel webbed its way to the third-biggest box-office opening ever at a time when many counted out the movie theater for good.
  26. chat room
    House of Gucci Would Not Exist Without Ridley Scott’s Wife, Giannina FacioThe producer talks enlisting her husband to direct her passion project and spending 24 years bringing it to the screen.
  27. the subject and the star
    Kenny G Is in on the JokeThe pop saxophonist and the director of Listening to Kenny G discuss how their documentary about good and bad taste came to be.
  28. the industry
    What Will Happen to Movie Guns in Post-Rust Hollywood?Calls for bans on functional firearms have been made, but entertainment-industry consensus regarding the abolition of guns on set remains elusive.
  29. house of gucci
    Lady Gaga’s Method Approach to House of Gucci Fooled Even Ridley Scott“I thought, I think this has always been her. But it wasn’t,” the director tells Vulture.
  30. edgar wright
    How Last Night in Soho Re-created Swinging-’60s London“It became a war of attrition,” explains director Edgar Wright, “to push the modern world out with tons of period extras and cars.”
  31. obituary
    Remembering the ‘Tireless’ Halyna Hutchins, a Rising Cinematography StarFriends and colleagues recall the cinematographer’s work ethic and artistic eye: “There is no excuse I can accept for this loss.”
  32. no time to release a movie
    The Huge Hidden Cost of Holding a MovieAccording to experts across the industry, the financial disarray of COVID-era Hollywood goes much deeper than bankrupt movie-theater chains.
  33. new depths
    How The Rescue Re-enacted the 2018 Thai Cave Rescue With the Divers Who Lived ItDirectors and husband-and-wife duo E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin talk re-creating the rescue with some of its real-life heroes.
  34. chasing ben
    The Story of Bennifer, As Told by the Paparazzi Who Chase ThemTheir photos used to sell for six figures. Now they run as low as 50 bucks. And yet the camera bulbs keep flashing.
  35. box office
    Shang-Chi Just Beat Black Widow to Become the COVID Era’s Biggest HitMarvel’s first Asian-led superhero movie has racked up $196.4 million since its release.
  36. box office
    Dear Evan Hansen and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad ReviewsCould the movie musical be the next Greatest Showman? Early negative reviews suggest yes, but producers hope fans show up anyway.
  37. box office
    What Shang-Chi’s Success Means for Movies in 2021The calculus of pandemic-era movie distribution may have fundamentally changed … again.
  38. box office
    Venom: Let There Be Carnage May Be Delayed Until 2022Will more fall movies follow?
  39. easter eggs
    Everything You Didn’t Notice About the World of Free GuyTo build Free City, production designer Ethan Tobman contemplated simulation theory, looked at Nan Goldin photos, and played video games for days.
  40. chatroom
    Eugenio Derbez Explains Why He Passed on Coda the First Time AroundThe megafamous Mexican actor is a little nervous for his breakout Sundance movie to finally hit theaters.
  41. disney
    What Does the Black Widow Lawsuit Mean for COVID-Era Movies?Scarlett Johansson’s complaint against Disney is a reaction to a rescaling of studio ambitions during the streaming wars.
  42. box office
    Possible Future Presidential Candidate Attempts to Save American Box OfficeWhether Jungle Cruise can beat the pandemic-era record currently held by Black Widow will come down to The Rock’s ability to put butts in seats.
  43. box office
    M. Night Shyamalan’s Old Gives Us the Pandemic Era’s First Big Box-Office UpsetIt arrived as the lowest-grossing July No. 1 in a quarter-century.
  44. who has my pig?
    Nicolas Cage Is Afraid to Watch His Next MovieHe’s more comfortable with his truffle-foraging Pig character than with the surrealist version of himself he plays in an upcoming film.
  45. parts unknown
    Why Roadrunner Director Morgan Neville Skipped Interviewing Asia ArgentoThe limited presence of Anthony Bourdain’s former girlfriend raises more questions than it answers in the documentary.
  46. the fast and the furious
    F9’s Space Scenes Began as a Joke. Then NASA Got Involved.Can a Pontiac Fiero survive in the stratosphere? Don’t worry, director Justin Lin checked.
  47. very good q&a
    Vin Diesel Is Killing the Fast Films, But Maybe Not Dom Toretto“I will say that there is nothing that is off the table.”
  48. don’t call it a comeback
    How Alamo Drafthouse Battled Back From BankruptcyThe beloved movie-theater chain would like you to know that reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. Chris Lee reports.
  49. box office
    How A Quiet Place Part II Set a Pandemic-Era Box-Office Record“This is the start the industry needed. And it’s saving the theatrical experience as we know it.”
  50. top gun
    Jerry Bruckheimer Is Cool With You Thinking Top Gun Is a Gay FilmThe legendary Hollywood titan tells Vulture what’s true (and what’s not) about the movie’s lore and offers his thoughts on its great gay legacy.
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