1. How Director X Updated Blaxploitation Classic Super Fly for Modern AudiencesWe talk to the director about making Superfly, a black action movie for the current cultural moment.
  2. The Real-life Heist Caper Behind American AnimalsWe talk to the college kids turned criminals responsible for history’s most inept art theft.
  3. Why Did Solo: A Star Wars Story Bomb at the Box Office?The stand-alone prequel fell well short of financial expectations over its opening weekend. So what happened?
  4. How A Quiet Place Defied All Odds to Become a Blockbuster“The movie was risky on every level.”
  5. Why Do Mark Wahlberg and Pete Berg Keep Making Movies Together?“I was like, ‘If I could just work with this guy, it would be fantastic.’”
  6. Can MoviePass Survive the Summer?The cut-rate service is growing fast, but bleeding cash.
  7. alita battle angel
    The Filmmakers Behind Alita: Battle Angel Say There’s ‘No Whitewashing’Yes, it’s a manga adaptation with no Asian stars. But the Alita: Battle Angel filmmakers will tell you why it’s not the next Ghost in the Shell.
  8. Bryan Singer Goes Unmentioned During Fox’s Unveiling of Bohemian RhapsodyAt CinemaCon, Fox unveiled one of its heretofore under wraps projects: Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek.
  9. J.J. Abrams Says Overlord Isn’t a Cloverfield SequelBut the Nazi zombie movie is Bad Robot’s first R-rated film.
  10. cinemacon 2018
    Jason Blum on BlacKkKlansman: ‘They Are Awful But They Are Stupid!’This movie sounds like a hoot.
  11. Ryan Gosling Sings to a Baby in the Trailer for First ManThe awards-season biopic aims to humanize the heroic astronaut.
  12. cinemacon 2018
    Constance Wu on Diverse Crazy Rich Asians: ‘Our Culture Is More Than Skin Deep’It’s the first film to feature a predominantly Asian cast in 25 years.
  13. Jason Momoa Says Aquaman Is ‘Like Indiana Jones and Star WarsAt CinemaCon, Momoa, director James Wan, and Amber Heard gave audiences a first look at the upcoming film.
  14. Bradley Cooper Debuts the First Trailer for A Star Is Born to Applause and TearsAt CinemaCon, the actor-director-screenwriter brought audiences to tears with the first sneak peek of the film.
  15. Disney Screened a Sneak Peek of Solo: A Star Wars Story at CinemaConDetailing the first meeting between the young Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.
  16. Netflix’s Rachel Dolezal Documentary Comes Down Hard on Its SubjectThe filmmakers even discussed leaving her out of the film entirely to focus on Dolezal’s ability to stir outrage.
  17. Why Is Hollywood Suddenly Hot for Biopics About People Who Are Still Alive?With Gucci Mane, Trevor Noah, and J.K. Rowling dramas in the works, the industry is turning away from history and toward pop culture for new material.
  18. The Changing Calculus of How Hollywood Makes SequelsMovies like Super Troopers 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp are rewriting Hollywood’s franchise playbook.
  19. Solo: A Star Wars Story Actor Shares New Details About the Troubled ProductionIncluding Alden Ehrenreich’s acting coach, the contrasting directing styles of Chris Miller and Phil Lord and Ron Howard.
  20. Could Quentin Tarantino’s New Movie Crumble Beneath His Controversies?A string of scandals — including a disavowal from Sharon Tate’s sister, Debra — threaten to derail the Oscar winner’s $100 million ninth feature.
  21. $$$$
    Black Panther Has Crossed the $1 Billion MarkThe Marvel movie becomes one of the fastest films in history to earn ten figures.
  22. The Stuntman-Turned-Filmmaker RenaissanceGringo director Nash Edgerton is just the latest to make a career transition that’s more natural than you might think.
  23. Watch the Exclusive First Clip for the Rachel Dolezal DocumentaryThe Rachel Divide focuses on the civil-rights activist who was unmasked as a white woman passing for black.
  24. What’s the ‘Inclusion Rider’ Frances McDormand Mentioned in Her Oscars Speech?The contractual clause would require greater racial and gender diversity in movies.
  25. Why Are Academy Voters So Pissed Off About Netflix’s Oscars Prospects?“We are the Motion Picture Academy. We’re not the Television Academy. What do we stand for?”
  26. the weinstein company
    A Deal Is Reached to Sell the Weinstein CompanyAn investment team led by Maria Contreras-Sweet and Ron Burkle saves the studio from bankruptcy
  27. In the Top 8 Oscar Races, What Are the Newest Voters Choosing?Academy members who were asked to join over a two-year diversity push weigh in on the acting races and four more big categories.
  28. We Polled New Oscar Voters: How Are They Changing the Way the Academy Thinks?We asked the younger, more diverse voters how they feel about this year’s nominations, and the results will surprise you.
  29. Will Black Panther’s Success Change Hollywood’s Thinking on Black Movies?And how will it change things for Ryan Coogler?
  30. The Slow-Burn Success of The Greatest Showman: This Season’s Sneakiest HitThe biopic-musical nearly flopped before finding its mojo and grossing $314 million.
  31. Why Do Some Star Wars Fans Want the New Han Solo Movie to Flop?“I was thinking maybe if it does bad, Disney will be smarter with how they do these future things.”
  32. Inside the Oscars Battleground Known As ‘Phase Two’Constrained by restrictive Academy rules, nominees must focus on “core messaging.”
  33. What’s Behind MoviePass’s Latest Power Moves?The “Netflix of Theaters” put AMC on blast and is moving into film distribution.
  34. Coco Songwriters on ‘Remember Me,’ Oscar’s Best Song Front-runnerHusband and wife duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez previously won an Oscar for “Let It Go.”
  35. Agnès Varda Is the Oldest Oscar Nominee in History. She Could Not Care Less.“I’m just saying, I’m not dead yet.”
  36. What’s Going to Happen to Woody Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York?Hollywood insiders say Amazon Studios could shelve the film or skip its theatrical release.
  37. Why Does the Cloverfield Sequel Keep Getting Postponed?Sources say producer JJ Abrams has a “mysterious idea” for releasing the hit franchise’s third installment.
  38. Is Sony Ashamed of the Taraji P. Henson–Starring Thriller Proud Mary?The film hasn’t screened for critics or reporters, and it’s arousing suspicion.
  39. Wait, How Is the Weinstein Company Worth Nearly $500 Million?As the studio nears a deal to be sold, Hollywood is taking inventory of its most valuable TV and movie assets.
  40. movies
    46 Movies We’re Excited About in 2018Beloved directors return! The MCU builds to a climax! Plus, your new friends Saoirse Ronan, Tessa Thompson, and Margot Robbie will be there!
  41. 2017’s Biggest Movie Flops Made the Case Against ‘Cinematic Universes’Audiences soured on films intended to launch franchises, reflecting a new cynicism toward Hollywood.
  42. 2017 Was the Year of the Replacement Movie DirectorThis year’s hottest trend was hiring, firing, and hastily replacing your director in the middle of a shoot.
  43. 6 Things We Know (and Don’t Know) About the Disney-Fox MergerHulu will probably get a lot bigger.
  44. I, Tonya’s Filmmakers on Their Controversial Treatment of Domestic ViolenceThe movie toes the line between horrifying and hilarious with star Margot Robbie getting punched out and beaten up. Does it go too far?
  45. John Travolta Insists His Gotti Biopic Did Not Get Bumped Off by LionsgateProducers say they bought the movie back to give it a wider release and Oscars push.
  46. How Guillermo del Toro Cast Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water“I hugged her. And I said, ‘I’m writing a movie for you where you fall in love with a fish man!’”
  47. Why Is Hollywood Only Now Figuring Out How to Portray PTSD Sensitively?Recent films show a shift in representations of war and masculinity.
  48. Will Mel Gibson Tank Daddy’s Home 2?Will Gibson’s history of assault and racist remarks affect the movie’s reception?
  49. The Truth About Mir-Anon, the Secret Support Group for Ex-Weinstein Employees“When you weren’t feeling terrorized, the people you were meeting were extraordinary.”
  50. Is The Weinstein Company Firing Bob Weinstein, Too?“There’s no way for [Bob] to weather his brother’s storm,” as the thinking goes.
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