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    The Legend of Jimmy Breslin and Pete HamillHBO’s Deadline Artists documentary is a celebration of two New York journalism giants.
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    A Long Talk With Lin-Manuel MirandaOn Mary Poppins Returns, and Hamilton in Puerto Rico.
  3. Staying Sane May Be Jon Stewart’s Greatest FeatStewart created the perfect comedy for our political and media age, and he didn’t let it crush his optimism.
  4. the daily show without jon stewart
    Why Jon Stewart Is Leaving The Daily Show, and What He’ll Do Next“I’ve been doing this too long. Honestly, it’s breaking me. I’m broken.”
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    A Very Young Jon Stewart’s 1994 Interview With New York MagazineTwenty years ago, he was just a young comic with an MTV talk show.
  6. late shifting
    Stephen Colbert Talks Network and the ‘Anger of Conservatives’Like everyone on TV, he’s “wanted to move people like Howard Beale does.”
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    See How a Daily Show Segment Is MadeRead a transcript from behind the scenes of the August 12 episode.