1. The Lead Singer of the Chainsmokers Sings Like a Shy Little Baby▶️ See for yourself, fellow baby expert.
  2. The Most Painfully Self-Centered Things Hannah Horvath Has Ever Said▶️ “Am I seriously the only one who prides herself on being truly authentic?”
  3. A Supercut of Stephen Colbert Slamming Donald Trump on the Late ShowVIDEO: “He’s already moved the country back to 2004. If this keeps up, pretty soon I’m going to launch the Colbert Report.”
  4. Watch a Video of the Best Easter Eggs in the New Deadpool 2 ShortLet’s run through them.
  5. Watch a Supercut of All of the Times David Letterman Interviewed Donald TrumpTrump didn’t sound too different back then.
  6. Watch a Supercut of Late-Night TV’s Best Political Jokes“You want to know why so many celebrities died in 2016? It was to get out of playing the goddamn inauguration.”
  7. WATCH: A Brief History of the Wrong Winners Being CrownedLa La Land certainly wasn’t the first.
  8. WATCH: The Oscars Got PoliticalOkay, it was mostly Jimmy Kimmel.
  9. WATCH: What Is Going on With All of Katy Perry’s Bizarre Interviews?“Now that you’re Ed Sheeran, it’s like, put your ball sack on me.”
  10. WATCH: The Grammys Got PoliticalJames Corden kicked off the night with a jab at Donald Trump.
  11. Adele Had Another Awkward Flub at the GrammysBut she rallied.
  12. WATCH: A Supercut of Every Girls Title Slide EverJust in time for the final season.
  13. WATCH: Stranger Things Just Dropped a New Teaser at the Super BowlScary. Again.
  14. WATCH: Trump and Schwarzenegger Have Been Locked in an Online Feud for MonthsTrump’s jab at the National Prayer Breakfast is just the latest entry in this saga.
  15. Mary Tyler Moore’s 6 Best TV CameosRemembering the actress’ best small-screen appearances, from Oprah to King of the Hill.
  16. The Story Behind Han Solo’s Line ‘I Know’ in The Empire Strikes BackThe dialogue wasn’t improvised, as is widely believed.
  17. This Artist Uses Thousands of Jelly Beans to Create Detailed MosaicsToo bad we can’t eat them.
  18. 24: Legacy Cast on Real-Time StorytellingIt’s a post–Jack Bauer world, and we’re just living in it.
  19. Logan Paul and Peyton List Talk The ThinningYou might not recognize them in their latest project.
  20. The Man in the High Castle Cast on the FinaleThey revealed more than we thought they would.
  21. We Asked the Doctor Who Cast What to Expect From Its New Co-StarEvery companion is different, so what should we expect from Bill?
  22. The Stranger Things Halloween Costume You NeedThat’s one scary flower.
  23. The Best Kids Cosplay From New York Comic Con Can we get these in grown-up sizes, please?
  24. f marry kill
    Issa Rae Plays ‘F, Marry, Kill’ With VultureTyrion, Daenerys, Jon Snow.
  25. These Intricate Sculptures Are Handcrafted From Thousands of Porcelain ShardsZemer Peled creates works of art like no other.
  26. Watch Jeb Bush Make a Cameo at the EmmysThe next stop after a failed presidential campaign.
  27. What Fsociety’s HQ Looks Like in Real LifeSupposedly, Aziz Ansari was hanging around the other day.
  28. Gene Wilder’s 8 Most Iconic RolesFrom Willy Wonka to the Waco Kid.
  29. Scandinavian ‘Slow TV’ Comes to NetflixIt’s kind of hard to imagine Americans having the attention span for this.
  30. What the Suicide Squad Looks Like in the ComicsWait ‘til you see Cara Delevingne.
  31. Fun Fact: Mr. Robot’s Carly Chaikin Is Also a Gifted PainterAdd that to her list of talents. 
  32. A Brief History of Taylor Swift and Kanye’s Ongoing FeudIt all started with four little words.
  33. Guys Try to Collect Every VHS of Jerry MaguireSo far, they have 12,240.
  34. Rowling Shades U.S. in New Fantastic Beasts ClipRowling is no stranger to commentary on gay rights.
  35. This Designer Creates Mesmerizing Art Films This is what happens when you mix ink, oil, soap, and a little bit of glitter.
  36. One Decade Later, Lonelygirl15 Is Back on YouTube With a New SeriesLonelygirl15 is back and creepier than ever.
  37. Algorithm Turns Videos Into Van Gogh PaintingsNow we just need to turn this into a Snapchat filter.
  38. Murals Made Out of Thousands of Rubik’s CubesTens of thousands.
  39. Franz Kafka Is Always Watching You, If You’re Outside City Hall in PragueIt’s in the middle of a bustling shopping center in Kafka’s hometown, Prague.
  40. The Secret Number That’s in Cartoons EverywhereA113.
  41. This Breathtaking Technicolor Desert Installation Took Five Years to MakeTotally worth it. 
  42. 6 Supreme Memes of Zac Efron’s Baywatch Face-plant Thanks, internet.
  43. Daisy Ridley’s Lightsaber Skills Are As Badass As You’d ImagineJust as we suspected, Ridley’s coolness extends offscreen.
  44. Rabid Beyoncé Fans Trashed Rachael Ray by Complete MistakeMaybe she should share a recipe for some ice-cold lemonade to cool the Beyhive down. 
  45. This Algorithm Predicts Game of Thrones DeathsWait, what was that Jon Snow percentage?
  46. Johnny Depp Just Trolled the Australian Government PerfectlyA perfect Marlon Brando impression.
  47. Siri Has Genius Responses When You Ask It Questions About Game of ThronesNot even Siri has the answers to this Season 6 mystery.
  48. Potter Easter Eggs in Fantastic Beasts TrailerWe can’t resist a good Easter Egg.