Conor Mc Keon

  1. Long-Time Letterman Writer Bill Scheft on ‘Late Show’, Writing Novels vs. […]Tonight, when David Letterman saunters on to the Ed Sullivan Theater stage to deliver his monologue, flanking him will be two men whose tenures […]
  2. Gesundheit, Mr. Vonnegut“All the great story lines are great practical jokes that people fall for over and over again.” — Kurt Vonnegut, The Paris Review - The […]
  3. The Curious Case of The Curious Case of Sidd FinchThe notion of a significant portion of a magazine’s readership buying a very obviously fabricated story, on April Fools’ Day, no less, is so […]
  4. Timing Is… Everything: The Story Of Charlie Barnett16 years ago last Friday, comedian Charlie Barnett’s life was cut tragically short, the ends to a drug and doubt-fueled means that had reduced […]
  5. Gangsta’s Parodist: Revisiting ‘Weird Al’ vs. Coolio Fools be in the bars unadvanced with a switch Uppercuts and fight kicks with Weird Al Yankovic -Coolio, “Throwdown 2000” On a scale of pop […]
  6. Sketch Etymology: How Your Favorite Sketch Groups Got Their NamesLike McSweeney’s articles and Non-Governmental Organizations, the names of sketch groups often run the gamut from hyper-literal to the […]
  7. 16 Years Later, Defending David Letterman’s Notorious Oscars Hosting […]In more ways than one, David Letterman couldn’t win at the 67th Annual Academy Awards. He was there as a host, not a nominee, which meant he […]
  8. 10 Funny Music Videos for Unfunny SongsThere’s a scene in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party where the comedian summarizes comedy and music’s long-standing marriage by positing, “Every […]
  9. The 20 Best Single-Serving Websites on the InternetAuto Buds: From Delocated’s Jon Glaser, Auto Buds are two cars of the same make, model, color, or as identical as possible, that are parked […]
  10. Can Conservative Political Humor Be Funny? An Examination of ‘The 1/2 Hour […]The ½ Hour News Hour and An American Carol were a television show and feature film made by conservatives, for conservatives, at the expense of […]