1. bus tours
    The Definitive Gossip Girl Location MapFrom Blair’s apartment to Nate’s townhouse, the NYU dorm to 1Oak, and 80-plus other locations.
  2. math
    Is This the Worst Movie Weekend of 2010?Just be glad it’s not January 22.
  3. party chat
    Pharrell on the New N.E.R.D. Album: ‘Like the Doors Meets America’He’s not joking, we don’t think.
  4. kanye
    What Did It Cost to Be Kanye This Week?Fur pillows: $240
  5. congential conditions
    Nicolas Cage was Born to Play the Sorcerer: What are Other Actors’s Birthrights?Guess what role Jack Black was born to play?
  6. party chat
    The Situation Has a Message for BP“The oil spill is definitely going to affect beach culture in America for probably a number of years, I would surmise.”
  7. american idol
    What’s With the Old Bands on the Idol Finales?The Bee Gees? Alice Cooper? Hall & Oates? All over 60 years old.
  8. american idol
    The Genius of Simon Cowell: Insulting SimilesWe compiled our favorites, broken down into categories like, “Impaired Celebrities” and “Experiences Humans Dread.”
  9. chat room
    Donald Trump Weighs In on Woods, James Scandals“Everyone who got caught up in an affair seems to be entering rehab. I never entered rehab.”
  10. right-click
    Drake Quits RappingFor one song, at least.
  11. kudos
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame HighlightsIggy Pop: “Show me you’re not too rich to be cool!”
  12. j-kwon
    Have You Seen J-Kwon?The man behind the still-great 2004 hit “Tipsy” has reportedly been missing for a month.
  13. party chat
    Alice Cooper Knows Exactly What Susan Boyle Should Do NowWhat’s that about “Fat Bottomed Girl”?
  14. last night’s gig
    Yoko Ono With Superstar FriendsPaul Simon! Thurston Moore! Kim Gordon! Eric Clapton! Scissor Sisters, Justin Bond, and Mark Ronson!