1. chat room
    Ashley McBryde Invited Some Friends to Make Her New Fictional-Town Album“Somebody’s making a salad, somebody’s shooting tequila, someone’s smoking a joint, and one of us is like, ‘I have a jingle for a funeral home!’”
  2. qu’est-ce que c’est?
    When Wet Leg Met Wet Leg Superfan David ByrneThe breakout indie-rock duo and former Talking Heads frontman discuss the perils of fame, the genius of “Psycho Killer,” and being specks of dust.
  3. doin’ this
    ‘It Still Feels Like a Dream’How Luke Combs became one of country music’s biggest stars
  4. profiles
    Lucy Dacus Has Never Been This HonestOne of rock’s best pens returns from a depressive hell with Home Video, the album she’s been writing for most of her life.
  5. prophetic pop
    Matty Healy, Reformed Asshole (Sort Of)The 1975’s front man wants a clean slate.
  6. dicking around
    ‘These Guys Would Be Crazy Not to Green-light This’Lil Dicky explains the inexplicable journey to his FX show Dave, why he raps, and … his penis.
  7. deep dives
    Quentin Tarantino’s Music Supervisor on 9 Memorable Song SelectionsFrom Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” to the James Brown–Tupac Shakur mash-up in Django Unchained.
  8. After Scissor Sisters Ended, Front Man Jake Shears Reinvented His Career“I have a very high opinion of myself.”
  9. What Shawn Mendes Has Gone ThroughThe teen-pop megastar reveals a dark — or at least darker — side on his make-or-break third album.
  10. Chris Stapleton Is Not a Country-Music Outsider“It would be a complete fabrication to say I’m from outside [the system].”
  11. Nico Segal Is Chance the Rapper’s Not-So-Secret WeaponHe’s worked with everyone from Kanye West to Ed Sheeran. Here’s the story of how he got there.
  12. chat room
    Ray LaMontagne on His New Record, Ouroboros“That creative energy is very playful. It’s very tricky. It likes to give you false leads. It’s like Peter Pan.”
  13. The 1975’s Frontman Picks His 7 Favorite ’80s RecordsFrom My Bloody Valentine to Liquid Liquid.
  14. chat room
    Lucinda Williams on Her New Album and the South“Discovering Flannery O’Connor and Eudora Welty and those southern short-story writers, it really informed my writing.”
  15. Cookie’s Gorilla Costume on Empire Was Inspired by Marlene DietrichA little movie called Blonde Venus from 1932.
  16. backstories
    The Signature Looks of Empire Season Two“Jamal is all about subtle luxury.”
  17. profile
    The Cheerful Mind Behind Hannibal’s Deeply Disturbing, Gruesome Fantasia“I’ve never quite divorced the horror of death from the beauty of life. They go hand in glove.”
  18. musicians on their own music
    The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy Picks the Decemberists’ Best SongsHe goes one record at a time.
  19. tv
    Jerry Seinfeld on the Comedians in Cars Season Finale and Late-Night TV“I could never do a real talk show. I don’t have that skill set.”
  20. chat room
    Mary J. Blige on Her New Album, Club Music, London, and Amy Winehouse“You can have a hit record at 30 years old over there.” 
  21. chat room
    Jerry Seinfeld Talks to YouTube Star Miranda“TV is too small. Take it from me: I was there when TV ended.”
  22. influences
    Former My Chemical Romance Frontman Gerard Way Explains His Britpop InfluencesThe New Jersey singer discusses his Lush life.
  23. chat room
    SNL’s Vanessa Bayer on Sound Advice and DrakeThe Saturday Night Live star discusses her side project.
  24. chat room
    A$AP Rocky on Long.Live.A$AP, All of Its Guests, and His Life Mantra“It’s about breaking down barriers.”
  25. chat room
    Big Boi on His New Album, Obama’s Pimp Game, and Brazilian Waxes“I like it, you know, smooth as can be.”
  26. chat room
    Gotye on ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ and Performing on Saturday Night Live“I think in Australia, at least with me personally, I didn’t naturally perceive the scale of the institution and how important the show is”
  27. chat room
    Islands’ Nick Thorburn on His New Album, Living With a ‘Patron of the Arts,’ and Michael Cera’s Future in Music“I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired from acting and pursued a music career … he’s probably more musically proficient than any of us.”
  28. Enlightened’s Mike White on His Reluctant Return to TV and His Own Nervous BreakdownAfter Cracking Up ended, “I was like, ‘F-ck you all.’”
  29. chat room
    Common on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, Playing a Freed Slave, and Nineteenth-Century Outlaws“If they got a problem with you, they gonna let you know, come at you face-to-face and have a shoot-out.”