1. a long talk
    Chuck Klosterman Lived Through ThisIn his book The Nineties, he tried to write about the decade as it felt at the time — at least to some people.
  2. art
    Ai Weiwei Brought a Refugee Camp to SohoThe laundry that was left behind in one, anyway.
  3. in conversation
    How Aaron Sorkin Designed Steve Jobs“I knew that nothing else was going to matter to me if I couldn’t get past the manner in which Steve was a father.”
  4. seen
    Saltz: How Kim Kardashian Became ImportantLast year, just the idea that Kim and Kanye could be creating something got people’s panties in a real twist. Now Kanye has gotten an honorary Ph.D. from the same art school that gave me one, and Kim is a role model, too.
  5. art
    Saltz: Did Modernism Even Happen in America?At the same moment in the early 20th century when Europe and Russia, especially, were trying to make art dealing with the modern condition, Americans were actually just being modern, living it.
  6. books
    How Benjamin Kunkel Went From Novelist to Marxist Public IntellectualHis new book Utopia or Bust is a collection of rigorous and unapologetic essays.
  7. profile
    Salman Rushdie Turns Screenwriter for Midnight’s Children“This is a very important book for me, it’s a book that actually gave me the confidence that I could be the writer I had hoped I could be.”
  8. books
    Martin Amis On Terrorism, Pornography, Brooklyn“Embarrassingly idyllic, really. Like living in the fifties—so philoprogenitive.”