Devon Ivie is a staff writer who has worked for Vulture and New York magazine since 2015. She reports on pre-aughts music, the television landscape, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  1. respect the classics
    The 2023 Rock Hall Induction Is Low on the Richter ScaleElton John and Dave Matthews are showing up … and some other people.
  2. disrespect the classics
    Cyndi Lauper Diagnoses Jann Wenner As Senile“I really, really think it’s so wrong.”
  3. song roulette
    Shania Twain Built Her Own CountryShe didn’t get to make decisions about her career at first. One single changed that quickly.
  4. superlatives
    The Most Heartfelt and Goofy of R.E.M., According to Mike Mills“People thought we were these morose navel-gazers. But we were laughing our asses off at just about everything in the world.”
  5. respect the classics
    Donald Fagen Reviews Eagles: ‘Good Band’Any major dude will tell you about their purported rivalry.
  6. respect the classics
    Charlie Watts’s Final Gift Was a Rolling Stones Succession PlanThe band revealed Watts personally recommended and gave his “blessing” to new drummer Steve Jordan.
  7. respect the classics
    Duran Duran’s New Album Is Spooky Like the WolfDanse Macabre, out in October, is all about the joy and madness of Halloween.
  8. respect the classics
    Bruce Springsteen Wanted to Ruin Bono’s DayWith wine, selfies, and a very game Noel Gallagher.
  9. respect the classics
    It’s Time for ‘Time’ (Roger’s Version)The ex–Pink Floyd member looks to the lighter side of the moon with Dark Side Redux.
  10. chat room
    Charity Lawson Was Also Surprised With Her Bachelorette Episode Count“Maybe they had to get me in there quickly.”
  11. role call
    Keith Hernandez Answers Every Question We Have About SeinfeldOn feeling embarrassed by the performance, Jason Alexander’s “standoffish” behavior, and how the show gave him a “second life.”
  12. respect the classics
    Devo Has the Uncontrollable Urge to Retire“We did as well as we could, for as long as we could.”
  13. song roulette
    The Hives Just Want to Scare Other BandsPelle Almqvist didn’t see the potential in their most successful single. At least he can laugh about it now.
  14. respect the classics
    Talking Heads Will Start Making ReunionsThe band’s getting back together for one night only.
  15. crystal visions
    Stevie Nicks Gives Daisy Jones & the Six Her (Belated) Landslide Praise“It brought back memories that made me feel like a ghost watching my own story.”
  16. chat room
    Maggie Lawson, Psych’s Visionary RewatcherEight seasons, three movies, and a fourth script: The actor behind Juliet is keeping her greatest role alive one podcast episode at a time.
  17. this! is! a psa!
    Jeopardy! Will Recycle Clues to Survive Hollywood StrikeWhat is … a questionable solution?
  18. hi barbie
    Is No. 87 Kenough?Ryan Gosling’s ode to existential himbos made the Billboard “Hot 100.”
  19. superlatives
    The Finest and Most Resonant of George Michael, According to Andrew Ridgeley“He was a supernova in a firmament of shining stars.”
  20. he’s kenough
    Rob Thomas Accepts His KenergyHe correctly assumed Matchbox Twenty would be “the butt of the joke” in Barbie.
  21. respect the classics
    Honey, Wake Up, New Steely Dan Just DroppedHot from the vaults, it’s a beer jingle recorded before Countdown to Ecstasy.
  22. it’s broadway bitch
    The Britney Spears Musical Knows Exactly What It’s Doing“A self-aware piece of art tells an audience, ‘We’re going to take care of you,’” says Once Upon a One More Time’s Briga Heelan.
  23. superlatives
    The Best and Most Spectacular of Queen, According to Brian May“I felt like I was called upon to represent rock music of the last 50 years.”
  24. respect the classics
    Joe Walsh Will Worry About AI If It Starts Acting Like Keith Moon“It can’t throw a TV off the fifth floor into the pool and get it right in the middle.”
  25. chat room
    Jury Duty’s James Marsden Reveals the Plan If Ronald Found OutThe first-time Emmy nominee relives the moment that nearly made him break.
  26. respect the classics
    This Unearthed Talking Heads Track Is Our Song-of-Summer Contender“Cities,” cut from Stop Making Sense, is the band’s first release in over three decades.
  27. respect the classics
    Eagles Are Reelin’ in Retirement With Steely DanThe bands will tour together later this year, with Eagles calling it their “final round.”
  28. superlatives
    Ringo Starr on His Joyous Eras With the Beatles, All-Starr Band, and Beyond“With those three boys, we were psychic.”
  29. emergency discussion
    What Do We Want From Bachelor Nation?The franchise that began as an earnest attempt at matchmaking and became an “incestuous influencer parade” is experiencing an identity crisis.
  30. respect the classics
    Steely Dan’s Holy Grail of Recordings Has Been Found“The Second Arrangement” was an accidentally erased Gaucho-era track.
  31. respect the classics
    Dolly Parton Is a Judas PriestessHer new songs from Rockstar recruit Rob Halford and Ann Wilson.
  32. $$$
    Ticketmaster Has Become 1 Percent Less TerribleSurprise “junk fees” are no more, but they will still exist elsewhere.
  33. awards watch
    What Should Win at the 2023 Tony Awards?A Vulture critic and staff writer unpack the “thin-feeling season.”
  34. respect the classics
    Dave Matthews Will Become the Rock Hall’s Susan Lucci“First of all, I was voting furiously. I was on speed dial on a whole rack of phones.”
  35. chat room
    Anthony Head Is Proud to Be Ted Lasso’s One True Villain“It’s hard to say what he wants, because he just wants to win.”
  36. respect the classics
    Now Why Would John Mellencamp Punch This Handsome Man?“I fought all the time, and lost all the time.”
  37. a long talk
    ‘Poor, Odd Nate’Nick Mohammed ends three seasons of Ted Lasso with a friendly debate about his character.
  38. finale thoughts
    Ted Lasso’s Phil Dunster Thinks Jamie Has Become a Better Sort of Narcissist“He’s becoming one of 11 rather than one in a million.”
  39. respect the classics
    Billy Joel Is Movin’ Out of MSGThe piano man will end his residency in 2024.
  40. respect the classics
    Is Queen’s Catalogue Really Worth $1 Billion?It’s reportedly “well underway” for a sale and would topple the records set by Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.
  41. a long talk
    ‘How Far Can We Push This Character?’Sarah Goldberg bids farewell to Barry and Sally Reed after four “elastic” seasons.
  42. chat room
    Jeopardy! Legend Brad Rutter Has One Complaint About His Mrs. Maisel Cameo“Midge had to point out the goatee, although ultimately it’s my fault.”
  43. finale thoughts
    Reid Scott on the Joys of Playing The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Final Big Bad“It was always going to end with that moment, onstage, with a Johnny Carson–esque character giving Midge her name.”
  44. respect the classics
    Ringo Starr Will Act Naturally for a Whole AlbumHe’s going country. Giddyup!
  45. a long talk
    ‘I’m Managing Jeopardy! As Though It’s a Sport’The franchise’s newest executive producer relishes the “very healthy pushback” against him.
  46. respect the classics
    Sting Might Be Onto SomethingHe says bands should reunite “once,” because why not?
  47. superlatives
    The Most Prescient and Nostalgic of the Kinks, According to Dave Davies“Good ideas, good stories, good people — they get better with time.”
  48. this! is! breaking news!
    Ken Jennings Replaces Mayim Bialik on Jeopardy! … for NowDue to the ongoing writers’ strike.
  49. chat room
    Queen Charlotte’s Arsema Thomas Supports Lady Danbury’s Life of Solitude“It’s only when given the title, the freedom, and the space as a lady-in-waiting to the queen that she’s able to recognize her agency.”
  50. a long talk
    Alex Borstein Became The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Very Own Godfather“I had a hard time wrapping my head around a successful Susie and what that means.”
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