1. superlatives
    The Most Ambitious and Cinematic of Duran Duran, According to John and Nick“We were part of a vanguard that really changed people’s lives.”
  2. great investments
    The Lehman Trilogy Is Being Adapted for TV, and It’s Still Doing the TwistDoes the rotating glass box have an agent?
  3. chat room
    A Very Sunny Chat With Henry Winkler About Barry’s Very Dark FinalePlus, encountering Sinatra and hugging dogs on set.
  4. chat room
    Joseph Quinn Knows His Stranger Things Wig Was the Real Star of the SeasonInspired by another iconic Eddie.
  5. tonys 2022
    What Should Win at the 2022 Tony Awards?A conversation about the best of the 2021–22 theater season.
  6. times like these
    Foo Fighters Will Headline Tribute Concerts for Taylor Hawkins“It is now up to all of us who loved him most to honor Taylor’s legacy and the music he gave us,” his wife wrote.
  7. chat room
    Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell Bower Wants to Be Saved by a Kate Bush CoverThe actor spent seven hours in the makeup chair every day he played Vecna.
  8. respect the classics
    Sex Pistols Guitarist Prefers Steely Dan to His Own Band“I’m f-cking tired of it, to be honest with you.”
  9. chat room
    Laura Haddock Was Gently Hazed While Filming Downton Abbey: A New EraConfirmed: A certain Crawley is a “cheeky monkey.”
  10. obits
    Andy Fletcher, Depeche Mode’s Keyboard Savant, Dead at 60The band confirmed his “untimely passing.”
  11. superlatives
    The Loudest and Wittiest of Def Leppard, According to Joe Elliott“We were young enough to enjoy it without killing ourselves.”
  12. manchester’s finest
    Liam Gallagher Hops Aboard His Own ‘Magic Bus’His maraca-infused track, “World’s in Need,” was inspired by the Who.
  13. chat room
    Kevin Doyle Knows He ‘Won the Lottery’ With Downton Abbey: A New Era“Molesley is clearly a bright man, but he’d never been allowed to let his intellect and talent, for what it was, flourish.”
  14. times like these
    Taylor Hawkins Allegedly Told Dave Grohl He ‘Couldn’t F-cking Do It Anymore’Two of Hawkins’s friends are now apologizing for their comments.
  15. chat room
    Filming Mr. Mayor Is Like Being ‘Shot From a Cannon’ for Vella LovellThe Crazy Ex-Girlfriend alum on finding her joke rhythm and the disarming charm of Ted Danson.
  16. this! is! an interview!
    Jeopardy! Champion Mattea Roach Knows She’s Divisive“I’m enjoying myself a lot, and that’s why I played the game that way.”
  17. rock hall 2022
    Duran Duran and Dolly Parton Among 2022 Rock Hall of Fame InducteesThis year’s hot trend? Inducting soloists on their first go.
  18. respect the classics
    Two Rock Hall of Fame Voters Get Candid About Their Ballots“I’m constantly mystified by the mediocre level of the selections that come out.”
  19. rock hall 2022
    Wider, Duran Duran, Smile, You Just Won 2022’s Rock Hall of Fame Fan VoteBut to confuse matters, it doesn’t guarantee the band’s induction.
  20. rock hall 2022
    Good Golly, Dolly Parton Loves the Rock Hall NowShe’ll “gracefully” accept the award, despite previously saying she didn’t believe she’d “earned that right.”
  21. chat room
    Fiona Glascott Brought Her Frasier Fandom to the Set of JuliaOn working with David Hyde Pierce, hearing Cheers stories from Bebe Neuwirth, and facing off against Judith Light.
  22. respect the classics
    This Brian Eno Documentary Will Be Ambient As HellBut will also employ “groundbreaking generative technology,” per his instructions.
  23. obits
    RIP, CNN+ (March 2022–April 2022)It’s ending two days earlier than announced, just missing a full pay cycle.
  24. the moon belongs to everyone
    Twirling With Robert Morse on Mad Men“He was so proud and excited to do the number. He brought in old CDs for us to listen to.”
  25. auteur theory
    We Have Not Transcendentally Meditated a New David Lynch Film Into ExistenceLynch says earlier reports of his cinematic return were erroneous.
  26. superlatives
    The Most Progressive and Perverse of Devo, According to Mark Mothersbaugh“What we were doing was art. It was sound and vision in a way that talked about what humans are and why we are here.”
  27. little ukraine
    The Underground Rock History of the Ukrainian National HomeNew Order’s big night, Gogol Bordello’s wild sets, and performance art with Soviet phones.
  28. chat room
    Polly Walker Won’t Let Lady Featherington Become Bridgerton’s ‘Old Fool’“I couldn’t have done that story line with her being an idiot.”
  29. respect the classics
    Pink Floyd Reunites and Shreds for UkraineIt’s their first new song in 30 years, and 30 percent of it is a David Gilmour guitar solo.
  30. respect the classics
    The Eagles Are Frey-Less Once AgainDeacon Frey, Glenn’s son, is leaving the band to “forge his own path.”
  31. siren! siren!
    Roxy Music’s Reunion Tour Is the DrugEno obviously said no to this, but who cares?
  32. respect the classics
    Peter Gabriel Attended Genesis’ Final Show, That’s All“After tonight, we’ve all got to get real jobs.”
  33. chat room
    Claudia Jessie Wouldn’t Mind Some Throuple Love in Bridgerton“Romance is important. But imagine if she just … had a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. Or a partner.”
  34. respect the classics
    There’s Another War Brewing in the Steely Dan UniverseDonald Fagen denies that Aimee Mann was dropped from the band’s tour because “their audience wouldn’t like a female singer-songwriter.”
  35. rock hall 2022
    The Rock Hall of Fame Is Treating Dolly Parton Like JoleneParton will remain on the ballot despite her request for removal.
  36. superlatives
    The Most Underrated and Spontaneous of the Police, According to Stewart Copeland“But you’re assuming that I listen to the words. I don’t. I’m just banging s—t at the back of the stage.”
  37. undoubtedly sexy
    Rod Stewart Performs Public Pothole Service for His Ferrari“Me and the boys thought we’d come out here and do it ourselves.”
  38. chat room
    Mrs. Maisel’s Marin Hinkle on the ‘Herculean Task’ of Doing Stand-up Comedy“You could’ve asked me, with a closed set, to be naked, and that would’ve been easier.”
  39. the videodome
    The Black Keys Are Back, Turn It Up to 11The boys want us to boogie down to “Wild Child.”
  40. ask an expert
    Are Legendary Music Catalogues Really Worth the Money?“Commoditizing art never works out that well over time.”
  41. trailer mix
    Corgis Replace Sex in the Bridgerton Season 2 TrailerIt’s time for the Viscount to get a wife.
  42. superlatives
    The Greatest and Earwormiest of Franz Ferdinand, According to Alex Kapranos“I think, ‘F-ck. These lyrics are dark, but it sounds so optimistic.’”
  43. triples is best
    Triples (of the Defilbulator) Made It Safe for Bob Odenkirk“They jacked it up a third time, and it got me back to a rhythm.”
  44. missed opportunities
    David E. Kelley’s New Drama Avalon Is, Rudely, Not a Roxy Music AdaptationNow the party’s over, and the premise is … a mystery on Catalina Island?
  45. bachelor nation
    Houston Said Yeehaw to Paying The Bachelor Big Bucks This SeasonEverything’s bigger in Texas, including the cost of exposure for your city.
  46. last night on late night
    Dave Grohl’s Pure Disdain for James Corden Is Inspiring“His face makes it worse.”
  47. your musicianship is a wonderland
    John Mayer Concertgoer Questlove Filled in on Drums With ‘an Hour’s Notice’“Welp. I thought I was hangin with the crew tonight.”
  48. respect the classics
    Pete Townshend Is Glad the Who Sold Out to CSI“It just reminded people that we were still there.”
  49. trailer mix
    Maggie Smith Is Alive and Inheriting Villas in Downton Abbey: A New Era TrailerIt’s time for a Riviera vacation.
  50. superlatives
    The Most Existential and Therapeutic of Tears for Fears, According to Curt Smith“Being able to admit that you need someone else is actually a very valuable lesson for people who are as single-minded as we are.”
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