1. overnights
    Jersey Shore Recap: Quoth the Crow, ‘This Sucked’“When I’m not hanging out with you, I don’t want to do anything else.”
  2. good-byes
    Good-bye!Farewell from your amazing, perfect, and brilliant Clickables editor, Edith Zimmerman.
  3. clickables
    See James Blake’s Beautiful ‘Limit to Your Love’ VideoThe electronic composer’s Feist cover gets some stunning visuals, courtesy director Martin de Thurah.
  4. clickables
    50 Cent and Soujla Boy Chose an Interesting Pose for the Cover of XXLIt’s like that ‘Yogi Bear’ poster, if Yogi and Boo-Boo were grabbing their junk and wearing burkas.
  5. clickables
    Watch a Clip on Kazakhstan’s Odd Upcoming Movie, My Brother, BoratKazakh director Erkin Rakishev is making a movie about Borat’s pretend brother Bilo. Huh.
  6. clickables
    Watch Glee’s Full ‘Time Warp’ PerformanceThey don’t do a very good job of keeping these things to themselves, do they.
  7. clickables
    See a Floor Plan of the Mad Men OfficeWe’d go directly to the whiskey storage, or the female toilet.
  8. clickables
    Lost’s Dharma Initiative Guy Encourages You to Drink 40sSpike TV enlisted Lost’s Pierre Chang — a.k.a. Dr. Halliwax — to shill for their Scream Awards. Cheesy? Clever?
  9. clickables
    Nickelodeon’s Doug Funnie Teaches You How to DougieYup. ‘Doug ’ plus “Teach Me How to Dougie.”
  10. clickables
    Download a New Cee-Lo Green Track, ‘Old-Fashioned’Cee-Lo takes you on a smooth cruise down the tunnel of love.
  11. clickables
    Watch a Short Film of People Dropping Their CamerasChris Beckman’s ‘oops’ took home the prize for Experimental Short at the 2010 Vimeo Awards.
  12. clickables
    Hear Taylor Swift’s Latest Single, ‘Mean’Uh-oh, someone’s hurting Tay-tay’s feelings.
  13. clickables
    Tommy Wiseau’s The Room Gets an Unexpected Dubstep Remix“You are tearing me apart, Lisa!” will never sound the same again. Because now it is a song.
  14. clickables
    Author of The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men Explains OktoberfestHer next book should definitely be called ‘Standing, Walking, and Speaking Like a Natural Human Being.’
  15. clickables
    Man With Strange Haircut Gives Guided Tour of VCR CollectionHere’s an interesting way to spend the next eight minutes.
  16. clickables
    Make Your Own Optimus Prime Costume Out of Cardboard BoxesHere’s one thing to do with $20, five days, and a bunch of cereal containers.
  17. clickables
    See Best Coast’s Cute New Video, ‘Boyfriend’Bethany Cosentino and her indie-pop band wish you a happy quinceañera.
  18. clickables
    Man Enjoys Impromptu Dance Party to Ke$ha“Life’s too short to get all serious and NOT have a good time.”
  19. clickables
    Watch Willow Smith’s Official ‘Whip My Hair’ VideoShe’s like a little space alien.
  20. clickables
    Watch Eva Longoria Parker Rap in a Bathing SuitParker will host the MTV Europe Music Awards, airing in the U.S. on November 7.
  21. clickables
    See a Sesame Street–Willow Smith Mash-Up, ‘Whip My Hair’Muppet with different hairstyles + song about hair = mash-up no-brainer.
  22. clickables
    See Flying Lotus’s Awesome New Video, ‘Kill Your Co-Workers’A beautifully bloody creation by Beeple.
  23. clickables
    Bobby Bottleservice Goes to AfricaBobby Bottleservice, a.k.a. comedian Nick Kroll, has joined the fight against malaria.
  24. clickables
    Hear an Unreleased M.I.A. TrackEnough with the halfway-finished songs that come with their own URLs.
  25. clickables
    Paul Trailer: Simon Pegg, Seth Rogen, and Nick Frost Hold Hands“Two British comic book geeks traveling across the U.S. encounter an alien outside Area 51.”
  26. clickables
    Hear All of Glee’s Rocky Horror SongsThey’re family friendly, of course.
  27. clickables
    See the P.S. 22 Chorus Sing MGMT’s ‘Kids’Alternately, “adorable children do adorable thing.”
  28. clickables
    Watch a Leaked Scream 4 TeaserIt’s due out April 15, 2011.
  29. clickables
    Can You Tell Which of These Five Dancing Women Is Actually a Robot?It’s tricky.
  30. clickables
    Download Flo Rida’s New Single, ‘Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)’Party, party, party.
  31. clickables
    Watch the First Five Minutes of Will Ferrell’s MegamindThe DreamWorks movie about a giant-headed supervillain will be released November 5.
  32. clickables
    Download Rihanna and Drake’s Collaboration Track, ‘What’s My Name’Their names are Drake and Rihanna.
  33. clickables
    Watch a Trailer for the Book About Literary TattoosIt’s ‘The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos From Bookworms Worldwide.’
  34. clickables
    Download Deerhoof’s New Single, ‘The Merry Barracks’It’s the first track to surface off ‘Deerhoof vs. Evil.’
  35. clickables
    Wannabe Actor Sends Unusual, Rape-Themed Solicitation to Casting DirectorDaryl would love to be considered for your upcoming movie.
  36. clickables
    Download RZA’s Unexpected Tribute to Quentin Tarantino’s Editor Sally Menke“I dedicate the song ‘Gone’ to my friend Sally Menke and it’s my gift to her memory.”
  37. clickables
    Listen to Two New Brian Eno TracksBoth off ‘Small Craft on a Milk Sea,’ due out November 2.
  38. clickables
    Hear a Preview of Glee’s Rocky Horror EpisodeA sample of next week’s show.
  39. overnights
    Jersey Shore Recap: ‘Usually You Don’t Have Sex With Your Big Brother’“She looks so good, she looks like the ultimate stripper.”
  40. clickables
    Drunk Man With Purselike Accessory Dances to ‘Single Ladies’The thermos adds a ‘Little Red Riding Hood’–esque element.
  41. clickables
    Hear Ke$ha’s New Single, ‘We R Who We R’It’s got a fresh, unexpected new sound. Just kidding.
  42. clickables
    Download A-Trak’s Awesome New Song, ‘Ray Ban Vision,’ Featuring CyHi Da PrynceA party track from the superstar D.J. and rising rapper.
  43. clickables
    Fancy Clock Gets Sprayed With Amazing Animation to Celebrate Own BirthdayPrague’s highly scientific Astronomical Clock turned 600 this year.
  44. books
    Read Fifteen of the Best Quotes From Justin Bieber’s AutobiographyNow you don’t have to read it cover to cover like you were planning to.
  45. clickables
    Download Lupe Fiasco’s ‘I’m Beaming’ Remix, Featuring the All City Chess ClubThe All City Chess Club being the supergroup of Lupe, Asher Roth, B.o.B., and a bunch more.
  46. clickables
    Hear Robyn’s New Single, ‘Indestructible’Ooh!
  47. clickables
    Dutch Youth’s Short Film Captures Amusing Moment in BackgroundEyes peeled or you might miss it.
  48. clickables
    Read a Short Story Wes Anderson Wrote in CollegeIt’s called “The Ballad of Reading Milton.”
  49. clickables
    Download a New Song From the Ting Tings, ‘We’re Not the Same’“Fun” fact: The song originally appeared in a commercial for Tommy Hilfiger’s Loud perfume.
  50. clickables
    Watch Tommy Wiseau’s New Project, The House That Drips Blood on Alex“It’s pronounced blew-d.”
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