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    50 Cent–Rick Ross Feud Sinks to New, Animated LowYesterday saw the latest (and lamest) of the broadsides drop on Rick Ross’s MySpace page.
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    All You Need Is Love, Plus Some Other Things, Say the Pet Shop BoysIt’s their sly new single.
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    Big Boi’s ‘Ringtone’ Not Nearly As Annoying As Your Average RingtoneAnd yet, as he explains, it’s not the ringtone on his phone.
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    Andy Samberg Raps With T-Pain!Lorne Michaels wishes he had this one.
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    Mind Your Aquatic Wildlife: Lil Wayne Makes a ComebackFailed rock star Weezy returns to spitting rhymes with a high intensity.
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    Devendra Banhart Plays the Straight Man, for OnceBanhart has shaved off his beard, and he seems to have lost some of his folk-freakiness in the process.
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    Big Mama? Lil’ Mama Goes PopLil’ Mama seems to be a natural, no matter what she’s doing behind the mike.
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    Raekwon, With Ghostface, Proves He Was Really Only Built for Cuban Linx“Criminology 2”: Is Rae doing it “‘09 style,” as he claims? Nope!
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    David Bowie Takes Up With Another Much Younger Band: TV on the RadioBowie handpicked TVOTR to cover him in their love.
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    Pete Doherty Has Been Up to More Than Just Drunk-Dialing Kate MossNew song is promising first sign of a solo album!
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    The National Know You All Too WellThe “serious lady” who is the subject of the National’s new song knows “there’s no leaving New York” and prays “for Pavement to get back together.”
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    Three New Gorillaz Tracks SpottedDamon Albarn took over the airwaves at BBC’s Radio 1 to drop three new ‘rillaz demos.
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    Kelly Clarkson Shows Herself How It’s Done
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    On Blog and YouTube, Neil Young Wonders What the Hell Is Wrong With Kids Today“‘Twist and Shout’ on the radio. Those were the days. Bring ‘em back.”
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    Fucked Up’s Twelve-Hour Show in Just Three-and-a-Half MinutesIt’s a video!
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    Golden Globe–Winning Song an Insult to All Washed-Up LosersThis goes out to all you scarecrows filled with nothing but dust and wheat!
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    M. Ward in the AfterglowIn “Hold Time,” he ponders an intimate moment that “worthless photographs” would not do justice.
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    Threesome: Ryan Gosling, Zooey Deschanel, and Scarlett JohanssonSee the video!
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    Awestruck Kanye Calls New Peter, Bjorn & John ‘Crazy’“[EXPLETIVE DELETED] IS DOPE!! DRUMS ARE CRAZY AND I LIKE THE KIDS ON THE HOOK.”
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    Retro! A Jay-Z-and-Radiohead Mash-up AlbumInstead of sounding tired and gimmicky, tracks like “Dirt Off Your Android” actually add up to something!
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    Ciara Implies That You Should Lick Her BootCiara hypes her hood, sex appeal, and most important, her upcoming album on this ‘Diva’ remix.
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    Vivian Girls Do Their Thing to the Beach BoysFans of the Beach Boys, and technically proficient singing in general, might have a difficult time with this cover.
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    Jamie Foxx Finds a Woman As Obnoxious As He IsWe didn’t really take to this tit-for-tat tale of infidelity equality until we saw the video.
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    Morrissey’s New Ode to Paris: Terrific, AwkwardMorrissey embraces the City of Light not for its shopping or Brie, but because, naturally, “only stone and steel accept my love.”
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    Black Lips Are Totally Going to Better Themselves in 2009“Starting Over” is thoughtful and sophisticated — or at least, it is for this Atlanta garage-punk quartet.
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    Karen O. Warms the Cockles of Your Christmas HeartWe’ll take this Christmas ditty as evidence that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back in the studio.
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    Another Christmas, Another Bizarro Sufjan Stevens EPHear a holiday fantasia that starts as a desultory blues number before blasting off with trumpet-playing aliens!
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    Indie Celebs Make Ironic Charity SongFor Tim Harrington’s latest webisode of Beardo, his comedy show on Pitchfork, he does a parody of the big British Africa-benefit song “Do They Know It’s Christmas.”
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    Prince Plays Guitar Hero on New TracksSadly, this is not a good thing.
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    Brains Explode As Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip Cover Vampire WeekendYes, Gabriel name-checks himself.
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    Akon Would Like to Tell You Something, BeautifulThough his street cred may have been shot full of holes, Akon seems to have survived unscathed.
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    New Britney Spears: Girl Is Back“I’m a put-on-a-show kind of girl,” sasses Britney Spears, continuing to put on her best, non-car-wreck show in years.
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    New Peter, Bjorn and John Equal Parts Creepy and CatchyDon’t expect to hear it on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ — but if you give it a listen, do expect to have it looping endlessly through your head.
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    Scott Weiland Somehow Squanders His Best Song in ForeverLyrics like ‘strapped in the monkey seat, like a Martian chimpanzee’ actually manage to evoke a lonely astronaut existence without being completely ridiculous
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    Zooey Deschanel’s New Band!Zooey Deschanel and Bay Area electro-soul band Von Iva are ‘Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome’!
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    A.C. Newman Delivers Another So-Called ‘Perfect Pop Song’‘Submarines in Stockholm’ might disappoint fans, but then again, we’re not so sure we can judge on their behalf.
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    N.A.S.A. Call in All Their Hipster Chits for Anti-Capitalist Pile-on“Money” is the first official track off the hotly anticipated debut album from the production duo N.A.S.A.
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    Eminem’s ‘Number One’ More Like Number TwoHis rhymes are clunky and embarrassing, and when he sings, we wish he’d borrowed Kanye’s Auto-Tune.
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    A.R. Rahman Slums It With M.I.A.This track feels as at-home on the subway as it does on the subcontinent.
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    Jack White Seen Consorting With Old Man in ChurchJack White’s career apprenticing himself to roots music and its giants might climax with this reworked Raconteurs song.
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    Lily Allen Is Against Everything She Stands ForSingle “The Fear”: Talk about a guilty pleasure.
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    What Do Jay-Z, Santogold, and Biggie Smalls All Have in Common?Do we need to tell you where Biggie’s from?
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    Cyndi Lauper and the Hives Aim for a Filthy New Christmas ClassicLeave it to garage-rock revivalists and an eighties icon to bring a bittersweet dose of holiday nostalgia!
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    Bruce Springsteen Totally Angling for an Inauguration GigThe Boss performed ‘Working on a Dream’ while campaigning for Barack Obama, and the song’s lyrics are inspirational and vague.
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    Keith Urban Single Possibly Concerns Frenching Nicole KidmanA well-crafted piece of pop confection that debuted in the top half of the ‘Billboard’ Hot 100 singles chart this week, Keith Urban’s ‘Sweet Thing’ typifies today’s country.
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    Franz Ferdinand, 2.0On their forthcoming album, Franz Ferdinand go places they’ve never been. Strange places!
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    Animal Collective More Animal Collective Than Ever on New Studio Track“Brother Sport” is seemingly about a boisterous and tender sibling pep talk.
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    Ludacris, Jay-Z, and Nas Claim, Effectively Enough, That They’re Not in It for the MoneyYou can be forgiven for thinking that it’s stubborn Nas, if anyone, who can most convincingly claim “I Do It for Hip Hop.”
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    ‘Another Christmas Song’ the Only One You Need, Courtesy of Stephen ColbertIt’s a dose of heavy sarcasm administered with a jolly wink!
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    Justin Timberlake Somehow Renders T-Pain Song Even SexierBig news! “Auto-Tune’s on the way out,” says Pain.
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