1. vulture recommends
    Justice for Roundhouse!The pre–All That Nickelodeon show has largely been forgotten, but its devotees are campaigning to get it streaming on Paramount+.
  2. vulture recommends
    It’s Time to Stop Ignoring The Golden PalaceThe Golden Girls spinoff is actually pretty funny even without Bea Arthur.
  3. celebrity fauna
    A Field Guide to Tracking Bill Murray in the WildBill Murray is everywhere, and you can find him!
  4. Check Out the Movie Monster High 1986 YearbookTakes you back, doesn’t it?
  5. Welcome to F*cking Las VegasWhat happens in f*cking Vegas stays in f*cking Vegas.
  6. david bowie
    What’s David Bowie Been Up to These Last Ten Years: The Pie ChartThe guy loves a Virgin Blood daiquiri.
  7. Watch an ‘I Can Explain’ SupercutBut, really, they can!
  8. amour
    Watch an AmourGolden Girls Mash-UpAnd it’s surprisingly dark.
  9. wheel of fortune
    Watch a New, Utterly Stupid Wheel of Fortune GaffeSomeone’s never seen the Man in Black.
  10. game of thrones
    Watch a New Teaser for Game of Thrones Season ThreeAnd it’s going to the birds.
  11. weather reports
    When Celebrities Crash Weather Reports, Part TwoEven the rich and famous want to know whether or not to pack an umbrella.
  12. django unchained
    What Would Django Unchained Look Like As a Nineties Sitcom?“And Jason Narvy as Skull.”
  13. kroll show
    Watch the Series Premiere of Kroll Show, Now, for Free!Meet Nick. He’s hilarious.
  14. the mis-adventures of awkward black girl
    Go Behind the Scenes of Awkward Black GirlLearn this show. Love this show.
  15. community
    Watch a Scene From the New Season of CommunityIt’s The Hunger Deans!
  16. the avengers
    Watch an Astounding FX Reel From The AvengersSo, how’d they do it?
  17. Watch an Elderly Barbershop Group Serenade Tim Hortons PatronsWe’d buy tickets. Just saying.
  18. iron man
    What If Sandra Bullock Played Iron Man?What, no goatee?
  19. See a Series of Honest Titles for 2013’s Oscar-Nominated MoviesDaredevil: Never forget.
  20. Listen to ‘Before My Time,’ the Oscar-Nominated Song Sung by Scarlett JohanssonMiss Johansson, if you’re nasty.
  21. charli xcx
    Watch the Music Video for Charli XCX’s ‘You (Ha Ha Ha)’Kiss kiss bang bang.
  22. Watch Emma Stone Play Think FastEmma Stone to you: “That’s what makes you beautiful.”
  23. oscars 2013
    See an Adorable Photo of Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhané WallisBest lunch date ever!
  24. zebra katz
    Watch the Music Video for Zebra Katz’s ‘Pulla Stunt’Zebra in the mountains!
  25. kids doing awesome things
    Meet the Best Japanese Child Xylophonist in HistoryWe have a winner!
  26. Watch Nick Offerman Read Even More Tweets From Young Female Celebrities“Worst tummy ache ever.”
  27. al roker
    Al Roker Pooped His Pants: The RemixSharting: The Musical.
  28. kroll show
    Watch Another Superb Sketch From Kroll Show“Oh, hello.”
  29. Watch an Epic Beatles–Led Zeppelin Mash-UpListen up, cool dads!
  30. This Is How a Juggler Lights a CigaretteIt’s magic!
  31. the mindy project
    Watch Tyler, the Creator on The Mindy ProjectIt’s a small cameo, but still.
  32. celebrities read mean tweets
    Watch Even More Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About ThemselvesBoy, someone really hates Selena Gomez.
  33. winds of winter
    Read a New Winds of Winter Preview Chapter From George R. R. MartinMartin does it again!
  34. 30 rock
    Watch Unseen Footage of Rachel Dratch As Jenna on 30 RockWhat if?
  35. dark knight trilogy
    Watch the Dark Knight Trilogy in Three MinutesThe Dark Knight rises … but also does a lot of other stuff too.
  36. rebecca black successors
    Is This the Worst Rap Video in History?Rap! In! Space!
  37. Watch Maude Apatow’s Kardashian ImpressionsDead on.
  38. Hear the Stark Children Beatboxing Game of Thrones Theme SongKids beatbox the darndest themes.
  39. big dipper
    Download the New EP From Big Dipper, They Ain’t Ready — for Free!Ain’t you ready?
  40. Hear the Beverly Hills Cop Theme Played on Eight Floppy DrivesEddie Murphy gets hacked.
  41. As It Turns Out, ‘Girls Poop Too’You heard it here first!
  42. Read an Infographic Detailing the N-Word Count in Quentin Tarantino MoviesDjango wins, to no one’s surprise.
  43. bloopers
    Watch a Blooper Reel for Men in Black 3And a whole lot of laughs.
  44. honest trailers
    Watch the Honest Trailer for InceptionTell us more, JGL!
  45. Watch a Supercut of Space Helmets in FilmHelmets! In! Space!
  46. Watch James Franco Cover Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’We’ll never let you go, Franco.
  47. james bond
    See a Comprehensive James Bond Travel MapWhere in the world is James Bond?
  48. newtown massacre
    Watch Teens Speak Soberly and Wisely on NewtownThese kids for president(s)!
  49. gun control
    Watch Pro-Gun-Control Celebs Using Guns OnscreenSo has Jeremy Renner even seen his movies?
  50. Guy Turns Autistic Brother’s Sketches Into Reality, Is No. 1 BrotherLiterally the best brother ever.
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