Eliot Glazer

  1. Proof: Secret Santa Is the Worst“You don’t give strangers underpants.”
  2. sugarboy
    Jimmy Fallon Presents: Sugarboy, Who Presents: Kung Fu Mom“She kicked one of them in the penis.”
  3. drag queens
    Drag Queen’s Azealia Banks Parody Also Doubles As Savvy 2012 Rap-UpPeppermint throws shade at the Mayans.
  4. Naturally, Here’s a HobbitHunger Games Mash-UpAnd not one braid in sight.
  5. rejected pitches
    Watch the Rejected Pitch for A Christmas Story“Santa’s got a new list this year!”
  6. hugh jackman
    Hugh Jackman Wants to Play Josh Horowitz, the Guy From MTV.comIt’s the story of “a despicable, horrible, downright loser.”
  7. spike lee
    Watch a Supercut of Spike Lee’s Dolly ShotsSpike gets supercut.
  8. joey bada$$
    Learn How to Rap a Present From Joey Bada$$$pread $ome Chri$tma$ cheer.
  9. the cleveland show
    Go Behind the Scenes of Nick Offerman’s Cameo on The Cleveland ShowMeet Harry Grundle.
  10. president obama
    Watch a Supercut of President Obama’s Signature PhraseCan you clarify, Mr. President?
  11. Comedian Nick Turner Locked the Keys in the Car“This is the set.”
  12. the hobbit
    See a Life-Size LEGO Bag EndIf you build it, dwarves will come.
  13. rebecca black
    Meet Thamys, Your Newest Rebecca Black Party like a rock star!
  14. vikings
    Watch a Trailer for Vikings“The Storm Is Coming,” or so we’re told.
  15. dumb ways to die
    Learn Dumb Ways to Die, As Per The Walking Dead“Only travel in a herd, by yourself is not preferred.”
  16. the avengers
    Learn Everything That Was Wrong With The Avengers (in Three Minutes)Don’t let this ruin it for you.
  17. Read a Chart Measuring the Shortest Actors in HollywoodJosh Hutcherson is barely taller than Woody Allen. Hah!
  18. 50 shades of grey
    Listen to George Takei Read From Fifty Shades of GreyOh my, indeed.
  19. Listen to Raw Commentary by ‘Michael Caine’ on The Muppet Christmas Carol“Michael Caine” = “my cocaine.”
  20. the hobbit
    How Quickly Can You Name All the Dwarves in The Hobbit?The cast of The Hobbit gets put to the test.
  21. homeland
    See Homeland-Inspired Vintage Jazz Record CoversWhich one features Mandy Patinkin scatting?
  22. les miserables
    Watch the ‘One Day More’ Sequence From Les MisérablesIntermission already?!
  23. Watch the Craziest Funeral Home Commercial EverSurprise, she’s alive! And sexy!
  24. See Three Amazing Rubik’s CubesBig cubes, little cubes!
  25. game of thrones
    See Game of Thrones’ Westeros Re-created in MinecraftIt’s a nerd’s dream come true!
  26. It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a … Fire-Breathing Flying Dragon!No, really, that’s what it is.
  27. Listen to Comedian Chelsea Peretti’s Weird Ode to Wolf BlitzerWe love you, too, Wolf Blitzer!
  28. the walking dead
    Watch a Walking Dead Christmas SpecialWho needs the real thing when you have a parody like this?
  29. superheroes
    Ashton Kutcher Presents Real-life Superheroes in San DiegoSan Diego’s in safe hands.
  30. See Holiday Cards From the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo’s FamilyThey’re like our royalty!
  31. girls
    Lena Dunham Chats With the Guys of GirlsIt’s boys night!
  32. coloring books
    Buy Your Very Own Jon Hamm Coloring Book!Color your Hamm!
  33. It’s a Sad-Off Between Samuel L. Jackson and Anne HathawayWho are you crying for?
  34. michael giacchino
    Watch a Profile on Michael Giacchino, Film Composer ExtraordinaireMeet the guy behind the Lost horns.
  35. asap rocky
    Listen to A$AP Rocky’s ‘1Train’Can you hear the buzz?
  36. Trailer for the New Season of EnlightenedTV overload.
  37. wes anderson
    So, Which Wes Anderson Character Are You?Anyone but Margot, anyone but Margot.
  38. Watch Alison Brie Freestyle Rap With Danny PudiDream team.
  39. See a Half-Naked Darren Criss in a Santa SuitHo ho h’OMG!
  40. Play Holiday Party Bingo Holiday fun!
  41. Watch ‘Merry Christmas, Humans’ (From the Year 2084)Beware, humans!
  42. Listen to a Rihanna–Big Ang Mash-UpThey’re beautiful, like diamonds in the sky.
  43. this is 40
    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Punks the Cast and Crew of This Is 40But where is Albert Brooks?
  44. big boi
    Watch Big Boi Read How the Grinch Stole ChristmasDr. Seuss becomes an ATLien.
  45. hand farts
    ‘The Sound of Silence’ Is the Sound of Hand FartsWelcome to the Internet.
  46. fruit reviews
    Dan Reviews a Banana“Banana is yellow-colored.”
  47. dj earworm
    Hear DJ Earworm’s 2012 United State of PopVintage Ellie Goulding? Seems about right.
  48. Watch a Supercut of 50 Heartbreaking Movie MomentsAnd the award goes to the first scene from Up.
  49. dark knight rises
    Watch Batman Shampoo vs. Bane-anaSo stupid, and yet, so good.
  50. cat videos
    And Now, a Fat Cat Who Can’t Escape the BathtubCharmingly chunky!
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