Eliot Glazer

  1. allison brie
    See Alison Brie As Captain AmericaCalling all the geek boners!
  2. the avengers
    Learn How They Shot That Unbelievable Sequence in The AvengersSo, how’d they do it?
  3. les miserables
    Les Misérables Red Carpet Featuring ImpressionsChristine Pedi FTW.
  4. Watch Test Footage From Hong Kong PhooeyAnd both seem dead in the water.
  5. Adrien Brody Kisses a Dude in New Music Video From PacoVolumeGay fantasies: commence.
  6. elf
    Buddy the Elf Is Alive and Well in New York CityWill who?
  7. warm bodies
    Watch the First Four Minutes of Warm BodiesA zom-rom-com!
  8. Celebrities and Their Pet Doppelgängers: Do You See It?Perez Hilton is so not a golden doodle.
  9. news bloopers
    Watch Thirteen Minutes of the Best News Bloopers of 2012’Twas the year of Sweet Brown!
  10. supercuts
    Proof: Sex and the City Was Just One Long SegueMeanwhile, in Supercutville …
  11. fun.
    Hear fun.’s ‘We Are Young’ Played on Old Computer EquipmentNow do it with a fax machine!
  12. everything wrong with
    Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight Rises“Isn’t this the same ending as The Postman?”
  13. stupid pet tricks
    This Dog Crosses Its Eyes on CommandLike a googly-eyed greeting card come to life!
  14. worst movies of the year
    Watch a Supercut in Which the Worst Movies of 2012 Interview ThemselvesIndeed, Nicolas Cage, indeed.
  15. pulp
    Listen to Pulp (Featuring James Murphy)’s ‘After You’If this is what retirement looks like, sign us up.
  16. Watch an Awesome Hot-Air Balloon Fireworks FailAll the colors!
  17. Dude Performs Long-Jump Into a Pile of Hay, Just Like in Assassin’s CreedAnd it’s quite a jump.
  18. Watch Garbage Men on the Clock Play FoosballLike you wouldn’t play.
  19. We Found the Best Christmas-Gift Reaction of 2012Hot diggity dog, indeed.
  20. Little Girl Visits Doctor, Laughs Till It Hurts, Cries Till It TicklesSad faces, happy faces.
  21. Meet Kanga, the Blind Golden Retriever Who Doesn’t Know He’s BlindWe will dog-sit for free!
  22. Watch a Game of Extreme ChessThis ain’t your momma’s chess.
  23. Watch a Silly Cincinnati Traffic Anchor’s Year in Stupid On-air DancingDance, Bob, dance!
  24. this is 40
    Watch a Deleted Scene From This Is 40Prepare for poop talk.
  25. kids doing awesome things
    This Year’s Little Drummer Boy Uses a Washing Machine InsteadPa-rum-pum-pum-awesome.
  26. girls
    Watch a Second Trailer for the New Season of GirlsEllie Goulding really makes it.
  27. kroll show
    Watch Publizity, a Sketch From Kroll Show“Oh my god, I love dogs!”
  28. star trek
    See a Comprehensive Chart of Star Trek CharactersLive long and prosper, chart-makers.
  29. a christmas story
    Watch A Christmas Story, RemixedHave a very dubsteppy Christmas!
  30. Watch a Django UnchainedBlazing Saddles Mash-UpMel Tarantino is real!
  31. man of steel
    Watch a Homemade Man of Steel TrailerNice touch with the bus.
  32. re-cut trailers
    What If E.T. Was Just Terrifying?It’s E.T., just more like Alien.
  33. a$ap rocky
    Watch A$AP Rocky’s ‘Long Live A$AP’ VideoIt’s hot, icy hot.
  34. game of thrones
    Read Nice Guys of Westeros, a Guys of OkCupid ParodyIt’s … probably not going to work out.
  35. See the Future, As Imagined by HollywoodRobots! Flying shops! Shark holograms!
  36. christmas movies
    Read an Infographic About the Top-Grossing Christmas Movies Since 1980Reminder: Tim Allen is loaded.
  37. The Sons of Anarchy Cast and Snoop Lion Got High TogetherThis is a “show”?
  38. wheel of fortune
    Wheel of Fortune Ruined ChristmasYou’re a mean one, Mr. Sajak.
  39. The Human Hoist Is the Coolest Chair on WheelsMerry Christmas, you’re inactive!
  40. academy of motion picture arts and sciences
    Famous People to Sing ‘Jingle Bells’ for YouAnd John Krasinski does spoken word!
  41. Watch a Supercut of Famous People Playing ThemselvesAnd the winner is: Ryan Seacrest.
  42. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like DoomsdayAre you in the spirit?
  43. saving private ryan
    Learn ‘Fun Facts’ About Saving Private RyanHanks or Gibson? The choice is yours. (But not really. It’s Hanks.)
  44. batman
    See Norman Rockwell’s Take on BatmanRobin and Batgirl, sitting in a tree …
  45. christmas specials
    It’s a Very Manic Schwarzenegger Christmas!Featuring Mike Tyson? Obviously.
  46. Hear President Obama ‘Sing’ ‘Deck the Halls’And what a “singer” he is!
  47. the hobbit
    There’s Got to Be a Way to Remember All of the Dwarves in The HobbitIt’s easy to forget the single dad.
  48. confessions of a marriage counselor
    As Expected, Tyler Perry’s Kim Kardashian Movie Looks BananasThis looks terrible. And we’ll be first in line, obvs.
  49. Watch a Supercut of End of the World MoviesSo Friday will be like Armegeddon?
  50. And Now, a French Bulldog in a Swing on the BeachMeet Jean-Claude, feel your heart swell.
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