1. making it
    Clancy Martin Writes to Stay AliveThe author of How Not to Kill Yourself wants to share his hard-earned wisdom with those who are currently suffering in the way he once was.
  2. making it
    Clay Pigeon Is Happy to Be Awake and on the Air at 6 A.M.“Without my wife, I might not work at WFMU. I realized there’s tons of other guys with the same story in New York. Wives are the ones making bread.”
  3. making it
    Jen Beagin’s Novel About Sex Therapy Sparked a Hollywood Bidding WarShe was a waitress at 47. Now, her book Big Swiss is being adapted by Jodie Comer for HBO.
  4. making it
    Sarah Thankam Mathews Wrote Her Hit Novel in Four Months“I felt very chewed up by New York by virtue of not making enough money. I felt desperate.”
  5. encounter
    Let Sharon Mashihi Whisper in Your EarHer strange, intimate podcast, Appearances, feels like a breakthrough for the form.