1. debate
    Breaking Bad Postmortem: Discussing Last Night’s Episode and the Show’s FutureEmily Nussbaum and Logan Hill hash it out.
  2. chat room
    Novelist Laura Lippman on Her New Book and Morbid Imagination“I think I’m part of a generation of crime writers, all of whom woke up independently and recoiled with horror at the fact that we’d chosen this very conservative genre.”
  3. tv review
    Why You Should Have Been Watching Treme Instead of The Killing’The Killing’ claims to be a “holistic journey” that doesn’t “tie things up in a bow,” but ‘Treme’ really is.
  4. tv
    Nussbaum on Watching the Original Reality Show, An American FamilyThe show that inspired HBO’s forthcoming ‘Cinema Verite.’
  5. tv review
    TV Review: Is United States of Tara the New Dexter?’Tara’ has many of the strengths of ‘Dexter,’ not so many of its weaknesses.
  6. gender studies
    Nussbaum: 30 Rock Takes On the ‘Women in Comedy’ IssueUnsurprisingly, things got meta.
  7. tv
    Community’s Chevy Chase ProblemCan the show find a satisfying way to deal with his — and his character’s — unlikablity?
  8. tv
    Nussbaum: An Ode to Cop Rock, TV’s Unsung Procedural (and Glee’s Secret Sauce)I’ve always thought back fondly on the 1990 Steven Bochco attempt at a musical procedural. It makes me wonder at the TV experiments we haven’t seen yet.
  9. tv review
    Nussbaum: Betrayed by DexterSeason five of the show had lots of things that made no sense, and, worse, felt exploitative — something I’d rarely thought about the show.
  10. tv review
    Nussbaum: The Office Christmas Episode Made Me Love the Show AgainUntil “Classy Christmas,” I’d thought that, with a few exceptions, this season had gone off the rails.
  11. tv
    Nussbaum: A Fantastically Strange Magazine About TVThe beautiful television issue of ‘Esopus’ could be the first designed for people who never watch television.
  12. tv
    Nussbaum: Children’s Hospital Will Fill the Police Squad!–Size Hole in Your HeartThe spirit of the late Leslie Nielsen’s 1982 cult comedy lives on at Adult Swim.
  13. tv review
    Nussbaum: Giving Thanks for Parenthood’Parenthood’ could easily be condemned for its yuppie navel-gazing. I say, bring on the navels. Let us gaze.
  14. tv
    Nussbaum Flashes Back to a Very Special, Very Molester-y Diff’rent StrokesIt has the Very Special Episode’s uniquely cringe-worthy meld of earnest edutainment and laugh-track yuks.
  15. tv review
    Nussbaum’s Critical Speed Round: Men of a Certain Age, Dexter, HIMYM, and MoreI’m a longtime fan of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ but this season is bumming me out.
  16. tv review
    Nussbaum: The Good Wife’s Bait and Switch’The Good Wife’ is the first show about politics on a psychological level.
  17. tv review
    Nussbaum: Reconsidering Two and a Half Men’Two and a Half Men’ isn’t dirty ha-ha, it’s dirty depressing.
  18. tv
    Nussbaum on Last Night’s Private Practice Rape Episode“They pulled it off — mostly. In the terms of the show, anyway.”
  19. tv
    Nussbaum: Some Après-Election Cheer, Courtesy of Dwayne WayneMy favorite clip from that highly political (yes, highly political!) eighties sitcom ‘A Different World.’
  20. tv
    Nussbaum: Is Anyone Still Watching Desperate Housewives? Talk to MeThe show is a cascade of increasingly nutso plot twists.
  21. tv review
    Why Is Hawaii Five-0 So Inexplicably Popular?I can just sum this up in one line: Please watcher ‘Terriers’ on FX instead.
  22. tv
    The New Age of the Family Sitcom (and Where Louis C.K. Is Taking It)If all the best parenting sitcoms have ‘Roseanne’ DNA, ‘Louis’ has it the most purely.
  23. tv review
    TV Review: In Treatment Is Back on the CouchRomantic and agitating in turns, the HBO drama has, in its stealthy way, become one of the most experimental series on television.
  24. tv
    Nussbaum: Do We Want Too Much From TV’s Creators?The Just Jealous! thesis and the I’m Rubber, You’re Glue school of thought.
  25. postmortem
    Our Recapper and Critic Debate the Mad Men Finale“That was like one of those situations where you’ve been hoping for a sex scene between two characters and then it finally happens.”
  26. mad men
    Why do the Mad Men Writers Make Betty Draper Such a Monster?While the ladies around her bloom, Betty hardens, her character getting ever icier, vainer, more alien.
  27. tv review
    Don’t Be Afraid of Dexter, He’s Killing in Season FiveShowtime’s drama about a serial killer is disturbing, sure, but also one of the most brilliant dramas on TV.
  28. tv review
    TV Review: The Stealthy, Noir-y Charms of Terriers’Terriers’ has pulled off a neat trick: looking like a procedural, then sneaking in something much more interesting.
  29. surf
    Emily Nussbaum on the Curse of the Ghost TV FanWhy even bother falling in love with a TV show when there’s a good chance it will be canceled?
  30. tv review
    TV Review: No Ordinary Family a Little Better Than Ordinary’No Ordinary Family’ is shaping up to be one of the few hits of this gloomy fall season, and while it wouldn’t be my top pick, I can’t begrudge it.
  31. the vulture transcript
    The Vulture Transcript: Nathan Fillion on Castle, Firefly, and a Dr. Horrible Sequel“What I know is that Joss has a title for a [Dr. Horrible] sequel. I’m told he even has a couple of songs…”
  32. surf
    What Kind of World Is It Where Only MTV Gets Teen Pregnancy Right?It may feel staged, but it also feels real. Unlike ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager.’
  33. overnights
    Lone Star Recap: Hopefully Not the LastLast night’s episode: terrific all over again, dammit.
  34. tv review
    TV Review: My Generation Is TV CatnipWhat made me like this show, despite the fact that it is terrible?
  35. tv review
    TV Review: Running Wilde — the New Model for the Bad SitcomWow. This is bad. Not so bad it’s good. Just bad.
  36. tv review
    TV Review: Brassy and Sweet Raising HopeGreg Garcia (My Name is Earl) creates one of the few good new sitcoms for fall.
  37. surf
    TV Review: Lone Star Lives Up to the HypeThe Fox drama about a con man in Texas deserves every bit of advance buzz.
  38. movies
    Nussbaum: Now, In Defense of Sex and the City 2A point-by-point rebuttal of the collective critical trashing of Sex and the City 2.
  39. lost
    How Lost Seduced and Betrayed Its FansEmily Nussbaum’s last word on why the series ultimately failed.
  40. overnights
    Lost Finale Recap: And So It GoesIt opted more for emotional catharsis than answering six seasons of questions.
  41. lost
    The Lost Finale: What Did You Think?I really didn’t expect that much wish fulfillment.
  42. overnights
    Lost Recap: Beaten Into EnlightenmentOne episode to go, and it’s revelations galore … only some of which make sense.
  43. overnights
    Lost: Hey MommaSurprise: I liked it.
  44. overnights
    Lost: Smokey on the WaterWell, we can’t say that nothing happened!
  45. overnights
    Lost: Love and RocketsJin, Sun, and the opening salvos of the big war.
  46. overnights
    Lost: Hugo, BossA return to wobbly form.
  47. overnights
    Lost Recap: Unpacking the PackageDesmond and Penny are soul mates no matter what direction they flash.
  48. in memoriam
    Nussbaum’s Conversation with David MillsThe longtime David Simon collaborator recently died after an aneurysm while filming a scene at Cafe du Monde. What follows are excerpts from an interview conducted just two months before his death.
  49. overnights
    Lost Recap: DeliveranceMeet the Package!
  50. overnights
    Lost: Wine and CheeseNo one could make this tale of a sweet, idiotic, bereaved Spaniard work.
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