Emily Palmer Heller

  1. extremely online
    Okay, You Can Unmute @POTUS NowThe Twitter handle is under new management.
  2. oh snap!
    Some Good News: Pokémon Snap Gets an April Release DateApril 30 can’t come fast enough.
  3. i kissed a squirtle
    Katy Perry Powers Up Pokémon’s 25th-Anniversary CelebrationPerry’s reign as video-game songstress continues.
  4. you call this archaeology?
    A New Indiana Jones Video Game Is Coming to Melt Your FaceGet your whips and fedoras ready.
  5. 2021 preview
    46 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2021With new novels by Kazuo Ishiguro, Rachel Cusk, and more.
  6. now streaming
    Yes, Discovery+ Is on RokuWith no less than three 90 Day Fiancé spinoffs.
  7. gift guide
    32 Books (That Aren’t Political Memoirs) to Gift for the HolidaysIncluding comics, romance, young-adult fiction, and cookbooks.
  8. slow burn
    2020 Was the Year of the Celebrity CandleKacey’s has a slow burn, Taylor’s sparks conspiracy theories, and Gwyneth’s smells like her vagina.
  9. let’s make a deal
    Is HBO Max on Roku? Yes!!!Finally, a big update.
  10. the streaming wars
    Oh, Come On, HBO Max Is on PS5 NowPour one out for the Roku users.
  11. critical hit
    Chaotic Wizard Chris Pine Will Star in the Dungeons & Dragons MovieThe long-awaited adaptation will be directed by Game Night’s Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley.
  12. dat ass
    Well at Least the Metal Gear Solid Movie Will Get Solid Snake’s Butt RightOscar Isaac (and his butt) have been tapped to play Solid Snake in Sony’s upcoming Metal Gear Solid film.
  13. great adaptations
    The Last of Us Adaptation Will Be HBO’s Next Grimdark DramaThe long-awaited adaptation of the PlayStation game is headed to HBO as a series.
  14. do you even vape bro?
    Xbox Asks People to Please Stop Vaping Into Their Xboxes“We can’t believe we have to say this.”