1. living+
    Succession Power Rankings: Big, Big ShoesThe dried-out husk of Kendall’s soul is up, Roman is spiraling down, and the game of Bitey makes its weirdly sexy debut.
  2. kill list
    Succession Power Rankings: In Cold BloodMatsson is up, Kendall is down, and entering the charts for the very first time is a very sleepy robot.
  3. honeymoon states
    Succession Power Rankings: The LeftoversWho’s up and who’s down this week? It all comes down to how you interpret pencil strokes on recently discovered pieces of paper.
  4. connor’s wedding
    Succession Power Rankings: My Big Fat Bleak WeddingDeath, undefeated, rises to the top, and it’s a 14-way tie for last place.
  5. rehearsal
    Succession Power Rankings: Family BusinessWho’s up (Roman), who’s down (Kerry), and who’s thriving without love (Connor) after “Rehearsal.”
  6. the munsters
    Succession Power Rankings: Everyone’s Disgusting!The final-season premiere is full of maneuvering among the Roy family, Nan Pierce’s many headaches, and the abstract concept of time.