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    World’s Only Concept-Album Fan Suffers Crisis of FaithPlus: Johnny Depp on how great he is.
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    Zach Braff Still Technically AlivePlus: Liza Minnelli has no current plans to die, either.
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    Maurice Sendak to Children, Parents: Pee Your Pants and Go to HellPlus: Should ‘Dollhouse’ be canceled, Eliza Dushku is already lining up her next gig.
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    Jason Bateman on His Small, Funny PackagePlus: Hilary Swank gets ornery.
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    Jamie Foxx Driving Children to Drink, TooPlus: Madonna’s music to improve, finally.
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    Girl From The Piano SpeaksPerformance artist James Franco on his ‘General Hospital’ role.
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    Ricky Gervais Just Having Terrible Luck With ChairsPlus: Ozzy Osbourne no fan of being stabbed.
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    Shoveling Poo Exactly What Ellen Page Wants to Be Doing Right NowPlus: Everybody’s sick of Sandra Bullock in real life too.
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    Eddie Vedder to Go Around Wielding ChainsawPlus: Olivia Wilde compares self to Robert Pattinson, frog.
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    This Is the Only Picture We Could Find of John Lithgow With Clothes OnPlus: Drew Barrymore conducts symphony.
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    Ricky Gervais and Philip Seymour Hoffman Make a DealPlus: Edward Norton must get stoned.
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    Jay-Z to Fight Lil MamaPlus: Ricky Gervais is loving angels instead.
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    Jason Bateman Not Very DiscriminatingPlus: Swine contracts swine flu.
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    Jay-Z Reports Back From Weirdest-Ever Coldplay ConcertAlso, Stephen Colbert: Dumb.
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    Amy Poehler Will Not Rule Out Peeing in PublicPlus: “My pinkie toes look like cashews.”
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    Get the Look: Harry CranePlus: Uma Thurman to kill career.
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    Handsome Movie Star Maintains Healthy Body ImagePlus: ‘People’ interviews a puppet.
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    Emma Thompson a Remarkably Helpful Condescender, Says Maggie GyllenhaalJohn Landis: “In the States I’m still quite the schmuck.”
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    Jason Bateman Is Slowly Turning Into Howie MandelPlus: Everyone is working with Rihanna.
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    Ghostface Wants Natalie Portman to Be His BooPlus: Is Robert Pattinson on steroids?
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    Kathy Griffin Charmed by Ben SilvermanPlus: Simon Cowell would’ve spared us “Don’t Pass Me By.”
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    Jeff Daniels Would Go to Work Even If He Were Choking on SushiPlus: Rose McGowan can finally hold a fork.
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    Russell Crowe to Kill Journalist Who Called Him FatJonathan Rhys Myers: “I’ve only slept with like 22 people.”
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    It’s Never Too Late for Will.I.Am to Be Bad at Another ThingPlus: Robert Pattinson to play woman.
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    Tim Burton Not Sure What Johnny Depp Is Talking About EitherPlus: Juliette Lewis is no fan of tooth injuries.
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    Jamie Foxx’s Teeth Commence Oscar CampaignPlus: Natalie Portman is sensitive to your poverty.
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    Weeds Season Finale: Boys to MenNow Jenji Kohan has done it all.
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    Jeremy Piven Quits Job As Thermometer, TooPlus: Drake very mature for his age.
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    Kathryn Bigelow’s Indie Ideals Spare Us From Hurt Locker: Tucson NightsPlus: Rachel McAdams shares some important pants-wearing advice.
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    Weeds: Like Romeo and JulietLast night’s ‘Weeds’ was straight out of Shakespeare, even more so than usual.
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    Hypothetical Roger Sterling Action Figure Would Have a Dong, Says John SlatteryPlus: Don’t sit next to Rachel McAdams on a plane.
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    Matt Damon Revels in the Joy of Pigging OutPlus: B.J. Novak on the perils of engaging in conversation with Brad Pitt.
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    Hugh Jackman’s Wife to Face Stiff CompetitionPlus: Katherine Heigl exhausted again.
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    James Brolin Shames Wife With Appearance in The GoodsPlus: Rainn Wilson not honored to be nominated.
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    Weeds: Married … With ChildrenNancy and Esteban, tied up in knots.
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    Unlicensed Architect Plots House Collapse in Spare TimePlus: Sienna Miller gets dropped.
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    If Joan Holloway Were Portrayed by Anyone Other Than Christina Hendricks, She’d Probably Be BoringPlus: January Jones is trying to pack on the pounds.
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    Jon Hamm Texts Like a SailorPlus: Brad Pitt narrowly escapes marijuana.
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    Paul Giamatti Happy to Be Plan BPlus: Charlene Yi on her stupid ‘Knocked Up’ performance.
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    Zach Galifianakis Refuses to Let Sudden Onset of Fame Go to His HeadPlus: Tommy Lee is still talking about his sex tape with Pamela Anderson.
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    Weeds: A Crying ShaneWhat hath the goth chicks wrought?
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    Eric Bana Removes Pants for Time-Travel ExpertDiane Kruger: “I think if we could have, we would like to have killed Hitler ourselves.”
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    Judd Apatow Has a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For Funny People’s 146-Minute Running TimePlus: Taylor Momsen apparently doesn’t follow Courtney Love’s tweets.
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    Leslie Mann Sets the Record StraightPlus: Sienna Miller calls ‘G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra’ “a film.”
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    Joss Whedon and Fox Probably Aren’t on the Same Page When It Comes to DollhousePlus: What did Mos Def learn from ‘Dynasty’?
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    Busty Clairvoyant Has the Hots for Edward CullenPlus: David Johansen finally admits what we’ve known all along.
  47. overnights
    Weeds: The Rock-bottom BounceThis episode, the rubble tumbles into place — and Nancy gets her groove back.
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    Danny DeVito Not Afraid to Give the People What They WantPlus: Susie Essman on the one that got away.
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    That Wasn’t Tracy Morgan You Saw Last NightPlus: Ryan Reynolds no fan of sex scenes.
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    Carol Channing Gives Johnny Depp Her BlessingPlus: Don’t sit next to Seth Rogen on a plane.
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