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  1. the bachelor
    People Are Still Watching The Bachelor, But Why?CNN’s hard-hitting investigation.
  2. the star market
    The Star Market: Kevin JamesIs the ‘Paul Blart’ star a buy, sell, or hold?
  3. chat room
    Jane Adams on Why Hung Is More Than Just a Penis ShowThe actress speaks to us about the second season of ‘Hung,’ how her character is awkward but not pathetic, and why everyone’s so amped up about those poor kids.
  4. disappointments
    Downfall Needs More Falling DownWe thought the new ABC game show was about people getting chucked off buildings. It’s not.
  5. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Sailing Away Without SpeidiThe gang throws a boat party for Audrina’s birthday, and it made us seasick.
  6. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette: The Cautionary Tale of the TattooContestant Kasey freaks Ali out with a tattoo, and then is summarily given the boot.
  7. the sex talk
    Why Is Cameron Diaz So Obsessed With Sex?It seems it’s the only thing the actress wants to talk about.
  8. chat room
    Zach Gilford on Returning to Friday Night Lights and Making Us All CryThe actor on his heartbreaking story line, coming back to film in season five, and planning his next pub crawl.
  9. chat room
    Jessica Alba on Getting Her Head Smashed in The Killer Inside MeThe actress speaks about the violence in the movie, working as a mom, and how she’s sick of trading in on her good looks.
  10. overnights
    The Hills Recap: The Tiger and the TemptressAllie returns, Justin shows up, and Audrina and Spike drift apart.
  11. chat room
    True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Talks to VultureThe Australian actor talks about being the comic relief, his character’s crazy sex scenes, and how a shark once almost bit off his arm.
  12. the karate kid
    Jackie Chan Stomps on Pat Morita’s GraveChan criticizes the action sequences of the original movie. And here we thought “wax on, wax off” was an actual training technique.
  13. true blood
    Ask True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse AnythingWe’re speaking with Ryan Kwanten tomorrow at 1 p.m. Ask away!
  14. overnights
    The Hills: Recap: No More SeatsIn this episode, Kristin asserts her sexual magnetism over Brody, and some crazy girl named Allie shows up to jump-start the drama (which, without Speidi, is sorely lacking).
  15. mtv movie awards
    Cruise and J. Lo’s ‘We’re Relevant!’ DanceHow the 40- and 47-year-old’s “down with the kids” ploy fell flat.
  16. chat room
    Bethenny Frankel on the Real Housewives FinaleThe Housewife talks Jill, Kelly, and getting her own show.
  17. Ask Bethenny Anything!The Real Housewife is talking to us at noon.
  18. chat room
    Get Him to the Greek Director Nick Stoller on Taylor Lautner’s AbsThe director talks about working with Judd Apatow and turning Diddy into a comedy nerd.
  19. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Reunited and It Feels Sort of GoodKristin mourns her non-relationship with Brody, Lo plays mentor, and Audrina and Justin Bobby finally reunite.
  20. sex and the pity
    Debate: What Went Wrong with Sex and the City 2?And is Samantha “grotesque”?
  21. the bachelorette
    How The Bachelorette’s Bad Guy Is a Classic Eighties Movie VillainHe’s got the smarm and the hair.
  22. chat room
    Rachel Weisz on playing Jackie O.The actress talks about her new movie, ‘Agora,’ playing the smartest person in the room, and her upcoming project as Jackie O.
  23. american idol
    What’s With the Old Bands on the Idol Finales?The Bee Gees? Alice Cooper? Hall & Oates? All over 60 years old.
  24. sex and the city 2
    A Video History of Samantha’s SATC OglingAnd their accompanying horrible sex puns.
  25. american idol
    The Genius of Simon Cowell: Insulting SimilesWe compiled our favorites, broken down into categories like, “Impaired Celebrities” and “Experiences Humans Dread.”
  26. dancing with the stars
    Kate Gosselin is Back on DWTS — With a Crane!Kate’s back! And exactly the same!
  27. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Life Without SpeidiBrody finds a new girlfriend, Stephanie goes on a date, and we’re pretty much asleep.
  28. ick
    The Bachelorette Meets ShooterThere’s always one crazy one in the bunch.
  29. the celebrity apprentice
    The Celebrity Apprentice Finale: Bret Michaels PrevailsIn spite of (because of?) his health problems, the former Poison front man and ‘Rock of Love’ lothario becomes the next ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’
  30. the real housewives of new york city
    Real Housewives’ Kelly Tells Her Side of the StoryKelly talks us through her nervous breakdown. It wasn’t her fault, people!
  31. chat room
    Community’s Joel McHale on His Paintball PhysiqueThe actor discusses his show’s mixed reception and fulfilling his boyhood fantasy of being in an action movie.
  32. the good wife
    The Good Wife Addresses the Gay QuestionBut doesn’t answer it. Which is okay.
  33. overnights
    The Hills Recap: We CriedWhich is embarrassing.
  34. the celebrity apprentice
    The Donald’s Latest Target: Potty HumorDon’t turn his boardroom into a locker room!
  35. chat room
    Real Housewives’ Sonja Morgan on All the DramaThe socialite talks about staying true to herself, drinking too much tequila, and how more people go to psychics than you realize.
  36. hair care
    Gyllenhaal’s Persia Hair: Historically Accurate!It’s an accurate historical detail, people, so stop making fun!
  37. overnights
    The Hills Recap: ‘He Scares Me’In which Spencer goes off the deep end … again.
  38. chat room
    The Real Housewives’ Alex and SimonThe power couple talks about appearing more normal, writing a book, and what in God’s name has happened to Jill Zarin.
  39. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Crystal Clear NowSpencer tells us tales of crystals and feathers, while Kristin tries to get to the bottom of the rumors about her drug use.
  40. the hills
    Why The Hills Opening Credits Are CruelIt has to do with those video clips of the stars’ younger days.
  41. the real housewives
    Get a Manicure With The Real Housewives of NJWatch us get our nails painted with Teresa and Caroline: It’s awesome.
  42. glee
    Ask Artie AnythingWhen will he get his next solo?
  43. chat room
    Countess LuAnn Answers Your QuestionsThe manners expert talks Jill Zarin, Ramona’s “crazy eyes,” and where to meet a classy guy.
  44. the real housewives of new york city
    Ask Countess LuAnn a QuestionBut please mind your manners!
  45. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Heidi’s Face Shocks and AwesAnd disturbs and fascinates and frightens and saddens.
  46. the hills
    Our Hopes for the Last Season of The HillsOur hopes for the season, along with the sad reality of what it will be.
  47. tribeca film festival
    10 Documentaries Joan Rivers Would Like to SeeThe comedian shares some interesting ideas for new documentaries.
  48. dancing with the stars
    Without Kate Gosselin, DWTS Loses Its RhythmWait, we have to watch actual dancing? This isn’t what we signed up for.
  49. overnights
    Breaking Bad Recap: RV Life Isn’t Always RelaxingWith Hank and the cousins closing in, Walt and Jesse reteam to get rid of the camper.
  50. chat room
    Eric Schaeffer Talks Gravity, His PenisThe writer/director/actor says he no longer responds to online criticism, so don’t get your hopes up.
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