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    Spike Jonze on his Maurice Sendak DocumentaryThe director talks about bonding with Sendak, how documentary is different than narrative film, and the best way to release a movie.
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    World’s Greatest Dad Director Bobcat Goldthwait: ‘A Lot of People Think I’m Dead’Goldthwait rapped with Vulture about his stand-up, his move to behind the camera, and the actor he originally wrote ‘Dad’ for.
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    Three Stooges Co-Director Peter Farrelly Fears ‘Domino Effect’ Following Sean Penn Drop-outHarold Ramis: “You can fault him for that.”
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    Harold Ramis on Year One and Rewriting the Bible for the Age of Obama“Michael Cera’s character has a line when the people are in revolt — you hear Michael yell, ‘Yes we can!’”
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    Documentarians Find the Winnebago Man As Angry As EverAustin filmmaker Ben Steinbauer tracked him down in the tranquil wilderness of Shasta County, California.
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    Seth Rogen Hosting SNL in AprilJody Hill says he’ll host in “early April.”
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    Observe and Report Director Jody Hill Wasn’t Too Worried About Paul Blart: Mall CopHill on the first time he heard about ‘Paul Blart’: “I figured it was gonna suck.”
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    Funny Ha Ha Director Andrew Bujalski on Making Ends MeetHis ‘Indecision’ remains incomplete, but luckily “the money from it lasted two years.”