Eric Vilas-Boas

Editor, Streamliner

  1. the present moment
    How to Give Netflix, Hulu, and Other Streaming Services As GiftsFor newly minted grads or anyone else who’d enjoy a log-in of their own.
  2. it’ll end in tiers
    Netflix Is Getting Ads Sooner Than Everyone ThoughtBingeing, but with breaks.
  3. let’s do it again
    The 101 Best Movie Sequels of All TimeWhether they come after, before, or between their predecessors, these films have created their own indelible legacies.
  4. yikes
    Netflix’s Quarterly Report: Bad! Also: Ads?Subscribers are down for the first time in over a decade, and changes may be on the way.
  5. what’s in a name?
    Um, IMDB TV Is Called Freevee NowNot a Pokémon!
  6. crash and learn
    HBO Max Has Definitely Seen Your Tweets, Is Fixing Its AppsSame paint job, more horsepower.
  7. spring preview
    5 Animated Films and TV Shows We Can’t Wait to See This SpringBob’s Burgers goes to the movies and Richard Linklater goes to space.
  8. password policing
    Netflix Is Cracking Down on Password SharingIt’s just a test. For now.
  9. license to kill
    Marvel’s Old Netflix Shows Bring the Pain to Disney+ TodayHello, new parental controls!
  10. consolidation prizes
    HBO Max to Plus Itself With Discovery+Prepare for bundles and eventually, a single subscription.
  11. international streaming
    Looks Like Netflix Is Pausing Its Russian Original SeriesThe company also refused an order to host Russian propaganda earlier this week.
  12. subtracting from plus
    Paramount+ Hands Out Discounts as Birthday Party FavorsAn 80 percent markdown? Sure!
  13. now streaming
    The 70 Best Anime Movies and TV Shows on Netflix Right NowFrom Cowboy Bebop to Cardcaptor Sakura, some truly great anime has found its way onto the streaming service.
  14. animation
    Crunchyroll Is Finally Fusing With FunimationAnime’s purple streaming app is winding down.
  15. international streaming
    Netflix Has ‘No Plans’ to Air Russian PropagandaThe company issued a statement the day before a Russian broadcast rule was to take effect.
  16. be chill
    Your Daily Schedule for the Biggest Events at the 2022 Winter OlympicsMark your calendars and feel free to Ctrl+F for curling.
  17. parallel story lines
    Attack on Titan Echoes Game of Thrones’ Death RattleThe controversial anime’s final season rings “The Bells.”
  18. prime numbers
    Amazon Prime Video’s Getting More ExpensiveGotta fund those LOTR hand portraits somehow.
  19. sound decisions
    Seems Like a Good Time to Sign Up for a New Music ServiceAmazon and Tidal have nice deals right now — not to mention Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.
  20. we here for you
    All the Ways to Score HBO Max for Free and for CheapThe latest deal is a haircut to HBO Max’s monthly plans.
  21. 💸💸💸
    Your Monthly Netflix Tribute Is Going UpExpect a higher Netflix bill either this month or next.
  22. entanglements
    BAFTA Members Are Mad About HDMI CablesBritain’s distinguished film community is tripping.
  23. time is money
    Odds Are You Can Probably Score Showtime for CheapBinge Yellowjackets for free, if you dare.
  24. backfires
    Amazon and BMW Want to Put Scary-Big TVs in CarsYour rear-view mirror’s worst nightmare.
  25. in the mood for deals
    Here’s to a Criterion Discount and Cheaper Movie Nights in 2022Cheers to finally watching those Kiarostami classics in the New Year.
  26. prime numbers
    Amazon Prime Video’s Selling a Bunch of Streaming Add-ons for 99 CentsPrime’s prices on premium channels have dropped this week.
  27. the rabbit hole
    10 Movies to Plug Into After The Matrix Resurrections“Choice is an illusion,” sure, but here are some options anyway.
  28. offers you can’t refuse
    A Way-Too-Long 2021 Holiday Shopping List for Your Streaming SetupMassive markdowns, here we come.
  29. best of 2021
    The Best Animation of 2021The medium had a year as rich and remarkable as any in recent memory.
  30. free stuff
    All the Ways to Get Apple TV+ Without PayingGo ahead, mooch off the biggest company in the world.
  31. renewals
    Roku and YouTube Quash Their Beef in Time for the HolidaysAnd right before it all blew up.
  32. the streaming wars
    FX on Hulu Is Now Just FX (But Still on Hulu)Disney’s kill count rises.
  33. streamliner deals
    How to Get Disney+ for (Almost) NothingUncle Scrooge would be proud of the streamer’s latest promotion.
  34. streamliner deals
    Can These Discounted TVs Ease Your Holiday Shopping Anxiety?Probably not.
  35. git gud
    Netflix Has Games But Won’t Share With Everyone YetiPhone users will have to wait.
  36. explainers
    Why Apple’s ‘Buy’ Button Class-Action Suit Is a Big DealIt could eventually mean “billions of dollars in damages,” one digital-ownership scholar explains.
  37. streamliner
    A Ton of Streaming Sticks and Apple TVs Are on Sale at Best Buy Right NowBlack Friday hits before Halloween, apparently.
  38. streamliner
    13 Streaming Services Ranked by How Much They Love HalloweenYes, including “Peacocktober.”
  39. streamliner
    Amazon’s Passing Out Old Fire TV Stuff at 30 Percent OffOut with the old, in with the 4K.
  40. machine learned
    Should You Buy the New Roku Things?Answering the essential questions about the brand’s latest 4K Streaming Sticks.
  41. streamliner
    YouTube TV and NBCU Managed to Work Things Out [Updated]Don’t expect those YouTube TV prices to drop after all.
  42. streamliner
    The Revised HBO Max App Still Takes Its TimeBetter, but not quite bada-bing.
  43. streamliner
    How Do You Say the Name of Comcast’s New Streaming Box?Also: What is it?
  44. streamliner
    Roku’s New Streaming Devices Promise to Be FasterBy 30 percent, in fact.
  45. animation
    Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Annihilates Its Own Animation to Reveal ItselfAnime director Hideaki Anno excavates his characters’ emotions by deconstructing the world around them.
  46. own things
    10 Eye-Popping Deals on Animation DVD and Blu-ray Box SetsHD remasters and hours of special features make these Amazon Prime Day specials enticing.
  47. vulture lists
    The 100 Most Influential Sequences in Animation HistoryFrom Bugs Bunny to Spike Spiegel to Miles Morales, retracing 128 years of an art form that continues to draw us all in.
  48. viewing guide
    Need More Avatar: The Last Airbender? Try These Series.A chakra-based guide to the animated shows that extend Avatar’s thematic and emotional spirit into different worlds.
  49. now streaming
    The 15 Best TV Holiday Specials on Disney+Vintage Simpsons, Mickey Mouse classics, Aaron Carter cameos, and more.
  50. explainers
    Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Finally on Netflix. So Why Are Some Fans Upset?One of the most popular anime series ever is now readily available to U.S. audiences — with some controversial changes. You should watch it anyway.