1. art world
    Deitch’s Last Show: Shepard Fairey PortraitsThis exhibition will be his first and last under Deitch’s mantle.
  2. franco
    James Franco Announces His New Gallery Show, Done General Hospital Style!Even after his ‘GH’ stint ends, Franco the artist will live on!
  3. artsy
    Urs Fischer Skips Own New Museum Opening; Interactive Sculpture DisappointsThe work, a motion-activated replica of a human tongue called ‘Noisette,’ is intended to result in a “mischievous slapstick routine.”
  4. dissonance
    New York Philharmonic Postpones Havana Concert After Patrons Are Shut OutOops: The company has been granted travel licenses, but the folks financing the excursion aren’t allowed in.
  5. news reel
    Is Met Opera GM Peter Gelb Spending When He Should Be Cutting?Yes, claim his critics.
  6. kumar goes to washington
    Will Kal Penn’s New Job Mean a Kumar-less Harold & Kumar Movie?“I’ve decided to take a step away from acting, so I hope that the folks who make the ‘Harold & Kumar’ films will respect my decision to work in public service.”
  7. michael jackson
    First Posthumous Michael Jackson–Memorabilia Auction Scheduled for TodayActually, it was randomly scheduled before yesterday’s events. But still: creepy.
  8. zombies
    Zombies Invade Governors IslandYesterday, volunteers hopped the ferry to film the final scene of a movie called ‘Isle of the Dead.’
  9. poster boy
    MoMA Denies Being Complicit With Poster BoyCBS Outdoor, the firm that installed MoMA’s ads in the Atlantic-Pacific subway station, believes MoMA approved of Poster Boy’s remix.
  10. poster boy
    Poster Boy Remixes MoMA Subway AdsOn February 10, the Museum of Modern Art launched one of its most extensive and expensive advertising campaigns in history. Then Poster Boy showed up.
  11. news reel
    UPDATE: Senator Charles Schumer in Hot Water With Local Arts OrganizationsNo one seems happy that the stimulus package all but ignored the arts.
  12. news reel
    Elizabeth Peyton’s (Not So) Welcome HomeThe art collective Ridykeulous toasts (or is it roasts?) Elizabeth Peyton.
  13. money
    How Do You Stop an Art Collector From Charging?Until recently, Sotheby’s accepted Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for auction purchases — but not anymore!
  14. news reel
    George Steel Already Here, General Managing at City OperaSteel’s official start date may be February 1, but he’s not wasting any time in Dallas.
  15. news reel
    Exclusive: George Steel to Be Named General Manager of New York City OperaThe announcement could come as early as this evening, two sources with insider knowledge of the situation told Vulture today.
  16. news reel
    Has New York City Opera Found Its New Director?A former executive director of NYCO says the embattled company will appoint George Steel, the former director of Columbia University’s Miller Theater, to the position.
  17. major screw jobs
    Madoff’s Other Victim: CultureArts institutions could be the next victims of Bernard Madoff’s malpractice.
  18. news reel
    Is New York City Opera Headed for Bankruptcy?A former high-ranking staff member says declaring bankruptcy is ‘a real possibility and perhaps a good option.’
  19. the economy
    Rich Lady Opens 14,000-Square-Foot Gallery to Sell Her Own Art’It never occurred to me to market through an existing gallery,’ says Tzarev.