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    Scandal’s Guillermo Díaz on Huck’s Big RevealPlus his thoughts on Monica and Chandler.
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    Lupe Fiasco on Lasers, Lame Rap, and His Battles With the Music Industry“I look at my bank account statements, and I haven’t made any money with my record label.”
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    Ciara on Her New Album, Basic Instinct, and Why She Steers Clear of Beefs“The last thing that we should be doing is tearing each other down.”
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    Michelle Rodriguez on Machete’s Gory PoliticsCheck and mate, Arizona!
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    Kelis on Her New Dance Album, Baby“I didn’t have any outside distractions, confusions, or opinions.”
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    Major-Label Rappers Stay ‘Independent’Wiz Khalifa and the Drake Phenomenon.