1. WATCH: This New Graphic-Novel Adaptation May Be Coming Out at the Perfect TimeSometimes, the truth hurts.
  2. WATCH: Diplo Wants Everyone to See Cuba for What It Really IsIt’s all about the kids.
  3. This Artist Creates Colorfully Detailed Embroidered PortraitsShe’s also made a few pop-culture designs.
  4. OK Go’s Latest Video Is a 4-Second Explosion Everything in their new music video happens in the span of four seconds. 
  5. behind the movies
    Se7en’s Disturbing, Memorable Ending Nearly Never HappenedWe almost had to live in a world without “What’s in the box?”
  6. We Played Entertainment Trivia With Logan Paul and Peyton ListA clear winner emerged.
  7. original video
    Everyone in This Band Dresses Like Ned FlandersJarring? Yes. But so good.
  8. Here’s What It Would Look Like If Edward Hopper’s Paintings Were a MovieThe paintings were given the cinematic treatment for the film Shirley: Visions of Reality.
  9. This Artist Uses Thousands of Jelly Beans to Create Detailed MosaicsToo bad we can’t eat them.
  10. These Elaborate Comic Con Cosplays All Cost More Than $1,000 to MakeThis is ambitious, very ambitious.
  11. The Best Cosplay From New York Comic ConNew York Comic Con boasts some of the best cosplay in the country — and we captured most of it.
  12. vulture video
    Alyssa Edwards Remember Her First Time in DragNo duct tape? No problem!
  13. This Artist Makes Album Covers With Star Wars May the force be with your record player.
  14. Watch This Artist Do Hundreds of Hours of Detailed Drawing Work in MinutesThis artist makes insanely detailed drawings that he turns into time-lapses.
  15. This Gym Trains You for American Ninja WarriorStarted by a former contestant on the show.
  16. Here Are 7 of the Most Awful CGI Moments in Movie HistoryOh, that Scorpion King.
  17. This Artist Uses Projectors As Paintbrushes to Create Eye-popping Body ArtDefinitely a much easier cleanup than body paint.
  18. Justin Trudeau Has Officially Entered the Marvel UniverseWhat a guy.
  19. This Artist Makes Creepy Pop-Cultural References With an Unusual Technique Starring Kim Kardashian, Charles Manson, and Michael Jackson.
  20. This Makeup Artist Draws Cartoon Characters on Her ChinThat’s certainly one way to use your Sephora haul.
  21. Harry Potter Fans Generally Don’t Like TrumpA lot of it may come down to Lord Voldemort.
  22. Kids Perform Star Wars Theme for John WilliamsLuckily, this ended well for them.
  23. These Two Machines Are Actually Brand-New Musical InstrumentsThey look weird but they sound wonderful.
  24. This Homemade Iron Man Suit Is Great CosplayIt even has thruster jets.
  25. This VFX Artist Makes Awesome Videos of His SonThose are some dangerous-looking monkey bars.
  26. This Guy Turned Himself Into a DIY X-Men IcemanHe can freeze stuff with his hands. Kind of.
  27. supercuts
    Here’s a Video of Blink-182 Blinking 182 Times for YouWhat’s in a name? If the name is Blink-182, it’s 182 blinks.
  28. This Artist Uses Water As a Canvas to Paint a Rendition of Starry NightThe technique is called ebru.
  29. This Artist Creates Hypnotizing Paintings With Ink and WatercolorShe turns a simple dinosaur doodle into a cinematic experience. 
  30. Taylor Swift Surprises Couple With Unannounced Wedding PerformanceTaylor Swift surprised a couple with an unannounced wedding performance.
  31. This Artist Makes Mesmerizing Sculptures Using MathJust call it math in motion.
  32. Real Location From Star Wars: The Force AwakensLuke Skywalker’s hideout is a real place you can visit.
  33. This Artist Makes the Trippiest Dripping Paint VideosWho knew watching paint dry could be so exciting?
  34. This Captain America Actor Looks Startlingly Like Young Luke SkywalkerThis is really freaky. 
  35. Making Game of Thrones Dragons Isn’t EasyTotally worth it. 
  36. Ryan Reynolds’s Touching Tribute to a 13-Year-Old Fan Will Probably Make You CryWe recommend you have Kleenex on hand for this one. 
  37. Tyrion Lannister for President?Tyrion Lannister, a fictional character from Game of Thrones, is favored over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. 
  38. 7 Things You Didn’t Know About PrinceHere are seven thing you didn’t know about pop legend Prince. 
  39. This Fun New X-Men Trailer Is Crafted to Look Like Old-School TVIt’s called “In the Footsteps of … En Sabah Nur.”