1. the industry
    Scott Rudin, As Told by His AssistantsA portrait of a toxic workplace.
  2. set visits
    There’s Never Been a Show Like RamyHow a weird, personal, sexually complicated, and yes, Muslim-American comedy, made it to TV.
  3. profile
    Stephan James Is a Face You Won’t Soon ForgetThe star of Homecoming and If Beale Street Could Talk is, quite literally, taking over screens this fall.
  4. Jesus Christ Superstar Live: The Highs and the LowsAnd the very deep Vs.
  5. Watch the Full-length Version of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s ‘First Penis I Saw’A song with a very self-explanatory name!
  6. the vulture tv podcast
    Listen to the Final Episode of the Vulture TV PodcastFarewell!
  7. a long talk
    A Conversation With Ann Dowd and Margo MartindaleTV’s biggest scene-stealers are honored to be compared to each other. Just don’t call them character actors.
  8. highs and lows
    The Highs and Lows of Dirty DancingIs there any harsher indictment than a passionless remake?
  9. the vulture tv podcast
    What Other Coen Brothers Movies Would Make for Good TV?We discuss on this week’s Vulture TV Podcast.
  10. the vulture tv podcast
    From The Handmaid’s Tale to 13 Reasons Why, Book Adaptations Are All Over TVAnd they’re more prestige-y than ever.
  11. Why The Leftovers Theme Song Is Different for Every Episode This Season“The pragmatic reality was that there was no money to do a new opening title sequence.”
  12. the vulture tv podcast
    Damon Lindelof on Why The Leftovers Is Ultimately a Love StoryAnd why it’s so hard to say no to a naked Theroux.
  13. the vulture tv podcast
    Our Lingering Questions After Girls’ Final SeasonWhere did Hannah’s writerly ambitions go?
  14. the vulture tv podcast
    The TV Theme Songs We Have to Sing Along to (and the Ones We Have to Skip)And the ones long enough you can get up to get a snack.
  15. backstories
    Lena Dunham Has Known Where Hannah Would End Up on Girls Since Season 2“Considering I spent the rest of my life working with Planned Parenthood, it was fun to not make it a political choice.”
  16. the vulture tv podcast
    The Silence of the Big Little Lies FinaleTune into our discussion of the show on the Vulture TV Podcast.
  17. listen
    The Vulture TV Podcast: This Is Us, Rupert Grint, and MortalityWhy watching Rupert Grint grow up is making Matt Zoller Seitz feel weird.
  18. the vulture tv podcast
    What Show Should Fill the Game of Thrones-Sized Hole in Your Life This Spring?May we suggest The Handmaid’s Tale?
  19. Rupert Grint Is Not Thrilled About Being a Hufflepuff“That’s just not the coolest one, is it?”
  20. the vulture tv podcast
    Ryan Murphy’s Ever-Expanding TV EmpireOn this week’s Vulture TV Podcast, we explore the Murphyverse.
  21. chat room
    Reza Aslan on Believer and Why Scientology Gets a Bad Rap“As a member of one religious community that is constantly demonized, I can’t help but feel a certain connection with them.”
  22. backstories
    Lena Dunham Explains Girls’ Big Episode on Sexual Assault“I have way less shame about my actual sexual assault than I do about some ambiguous encounters I had with some people.”
  23. TV Actors Who Have Reinvented Themselves in New RolesFrom Jon Hamm to Jennifer Aniston.
  24. Girls Changed Hannah’s Look After Judd Apatow Noted She Looked ‘Too Attractive’“Her outfit is too cute, her hair and makeup looks too good. We are making an underdog here!”
  25. vulture cover story
    The Girls Writers Room on Putting Words in the Mouths of Hannah and Her Friends“Lena’s the kind of person who doesn’t realize it would hurt someone’s feelings to say, ‘I’d like to mock your songs on the show.’”
  26. 100 jokes
    The Jokes That Get Told Over and Over Again on TV“There are certain classic situations that have been done a million-zillion times.”
  27. goodbyes
    A Final Vent Session With the Girls of Girls“I feel like I’m finally ready to blow it up a little bit and be like, ‘You know what, fuck all y’all.’”
  28. the vulture tv podcast
    Why Riverdale Makes for Such a Perfect Teen SoapMoody teenagers!
  29. close reads
    24 Is Back to Make You Fear Muslim Terrorists AgainIts arrival at this moment in American history highlights an awkward tension inherent to TV reboots.
  30. the vulture tv podcast
    The TV Shows and Characters We’ve Changed Our Minds On“I now realize that Emily Gilmore is always right and the real heroine of the show.”
  31. chat room
    Patrick Warburton on Lemony, The Tick Remake“Supermans get replaced. Batmans get replaced. Even the Tick.”
  32. the vulture tv podcast
    How Funny Does The Young Pope Want to Be?A conversation about this odd duck of a show.
  33. Why Rita Moreno’s ODAAT Character Is Sexual“Once people turn a certain age, [sexuality] gets completely ignored by writers, and it’s a shame.”
  34. the vulture tv podcast
    Why Was The OA So Divisive?Plus, Rita Moreno on her eight-year affair with Marlon Brando.
  35. chat room
    Rachel Bloom on Getting to Say Curses on CXG“Literally, they gave two shits.”
  36. The Vulture TV Podcast: TV to Watch for in 2017, Plus Issa RaeFrom HBO’s The Young Pope to FX’s Legion.
  37. the vulture tv podcast
    How TV Shows Recycle the Same Romantic NarrativesPlus, the shows that subvert them.
  38. the vulture tv podcast
    Matt and Jen Discuss Their Picks for the Best TV Shows of 2016Plus, a Vulture Podcast conversation with Rectify creator Ray McKinnon.
  39. anniversaries
    How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas Was MadeIt cost ten times more than similar animated films at the time.
  40. chat room
    Westworld Creators on Fan Theories and Season 2At least one host will get a look at the outside world next season.
  41. highs and lows
    The Highs and Lows of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeRevisiting Stars Hollow was a real roller coaster of emotions.
  42. gilmore girls
    The Gilmore Girls Cast on Rory Hate, Ed Herrmann“I’m always trying to understand Rory’s romantic life. It’s an interesting part of her character, but one I’ve always struggled to understand.” 
  43. gilmore girls
    Watch the Gilmore Girls Cast Discuss the RevivalFrom their SAG-AFTRA panel.
  44. listen
    The Vulture TV Podcast: Gilmore Girls EditionA lively debate.
  45. chat room
    GG’s Luke on the Scene That Made Him EmotionalPlus, why he’s only ever watched the pilot of the series.
  46. the vulture tv podcast
    The Cast of Search Party on Art Post-Election“When I was living in Tennessee, I needed art like this. I needed art about people who are young and living in cities and had friends.”
  47. the vulture tv podcast
    Search Party Is the Perfect Thanksgiving BingeIt feels pretty spiritually tuned in to our turbulent times.
  48. the vulture tv podcast
    Alia Shawkat on How Trump’s Win Connects to Our Culture of Self-Obsession“Why do we feel better when we’re in nature? Why do we feel better when we’re helping other people? It’s a natural, human urge to want to do that.”
  49. the vulture tv podcast
    How Will the 2016 Election Affect Scripted TV?Will political TV shows take on different tones than they used to? And will writers generally lean into more progressive ideas?
  50. Pamela Adlon on the Surprising Ending of the Better Things Finale“I’m like, Shit. I’m the savviest mom in the world and I didn’t even catch this.”
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