Genevieve Smith

Features Director, New York Magazine

Genevieve Smith is New York Magazine’s feature's director. She's written about Justin Peck’s artistic signature, Diablo Cody’s turn to musical theater, and how LEGO’s are designed.

  1. dance
    What Makes a Justin Peck a Justin PeckAccording to the New York City Ballet’s principal dancers, soloists, pianist, his wife — and Justin Peck.
  2. in conversation
    Diablo Cody on the Rise of the Fempire and Writing an Alanis Morissette Musical“I now regret not having been a theater kid my entire life,” she jokes.
  3. vulture lists
    The 13 Best Parts of the New Joan Didion Biography, The Last Love SongNever go to a party with Warren Beatty, among other things.
  4. books
    Heidi Julavits on Her New Book, The Folded Clock“If no men read it, I just don’t care.”