1. disney+
    The 100 Best Simpsons Episodes to StreamThe only guide you’ll ever need.
  2. The Best (and Worst and Weirdest) Horror Movies on Netflix Right NowIt’s always Halloween in our hearts.
  3. farewells
    A Vulture Says FarewellTusk!
  4. oscars 2014
    Which Oscar Nominations Did Meryl Streep Actually Deserve?She received her 19th this morning.
  5. movies
    Obama Announces North Korea Sanctions in Response to Sony HackThe White House still thinks North Korea is behind the Interview debacle.
  6. season finales
    Let’s Talk About the End of ‘Serial’We’ll have a proper recap later today.
  7. the recap recap
    The Newsroom Had a Campus-Rape Subplot. It Was Not Well ReceivedThe show finally had a plot that dovetailed with current events. Great, right?
  8. movies
    The Jurassic World Trailer’s 5 Callbacks to Jurassic ParkLife finds a way.
  9. books
    Conservative Mag Accuses Dunham of Child AbuseAnd Dunham is pissed.
  10. simpsons week
    The 100 Best Simpsons Episodes to StreamThe only guide you’ll ever need.
  11. vulture scavenger
    30 Things You Didn’t Know About the 5 Exorcist MoviesYes, there were five of them.
  12. Listen to the New Song From a Reunited Sleater-KinneyThe band’s getting back together!
  13. vulture originals
    Snowpiercer’s Most Memorable Scenes, IllustratedIt’s practically fall, but we’re still taking the Kronole.
  14. exclusive
    Rick Remains Dirty in New Photo From Walking Dead Season 5So dirty.
  15. taking stock
    The Highs and Lows of the 2014 Summer Movie SeasonIt’s time to put another summer movie season behind us.
  16. spotted
    New Pictures of Nikki Finke EmergeThe latest in a never-ending saga.
  17. emmys 2014
    Watch Weird Al’s Emmys TV Theme-Song MedleyThis guy’s everywhere.
  18. emmys 2014
    See Billy Eichner’s Incredible Emmys On the Street SegmentIt’s an extended version. So much screaming!
  19. vmas 2014
    Beyoncé Performed for 16 Minutes Last Night Because She Does What She WantsFeminist.
  20. so you don’t have to
    We Watched the Selena Gomez Movie That Has a 0 Percent Rotten Tomatoes RatingIt was not good.
  21. tributes
    Guillermo del Toro on Movie Makeup Artist Dick Smith, His Friend and Mentor“Without Dick Smith, I would not be making movies.”
  22. obits
    Dick Smith, Noted Film Makeup Artist, Dead at 92He was one of the greats in his field.
  23. trailer park
    See Christopher Nolan’s Outer Space in the New Interstellar TrailerIce planet.
  24. mix-ups
    Zoe Saldana Understands Why You Would Mistake Her for Other Black ActressesLike Thandie Newton.
  25. awards
    Booker Prize Longlist Announced; No GoldfinchSeveral other Americans, though.
  26. across the streaming-verse
    20 Movies to Watch on Netflix Before They Expire at Midnight TonightChinatown, The Terminator, and more.
  27. gifcap
    Last Night’s True Blood Was Good, But This Sex Scene Was GreatIt’s hard to be surprised by a sex scene on True Blood, but here we are.
  28. shia labeouf
    Shia LaBeouf Also Chased a Man Through Times Square YesterdayFor a hat.
  29. candy
    Rian Johnson’s Star Wars/Breaking Bad JokeHe knew, he knew.
  30. carcosa
    People Had Many Game of Thrones/Carcosa JokesThe three-eyed raven is the Yellow King.
  31. vulture lists
    17 Great Game of Thrones Fight ScenesSwords aplenty.
  32. she’s back
    The Best Sentences From Nikki Finke’s First Post” I don’t give a shit who comes here or if the site gets traffic or if TPTB ever advertise.”
  33. obits
    Actress Ruby Dee Dead at 91Film actress, stage actress, activist.
  34. chat room
    Josh Boone on Shailene Woodley’s Endless Tears“Every time we did that scene, she was emotionally there and crying.”
  35. behind the scenes
    Star Wars VII: See Pictures of an Under-Construction Millennium FalconIn its current state, it probably couldn’t make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.
  36. spoilers
    Lena Headey Spoiled Last Night’s Game of Thrones 2 Months AgoShe knew, she knew.
  37. r.i.p.
    Watch Maya Angelou Sing ‘My Name’ on Sesame StreetAnd play patty-cake with Elmo.
  38. r.i.p.
    Watch Maya Angelou Read Her Poem at Bill Clinton’s 1993 Inauguration“On the Pulse of Morning.”
  39. gif-cap
    This Is How the Mad Men Season Finale EndedTo be clear, this is a top-to-bottom spoiler.
  40. talking points
    ‘It’s A Lot of Money.’ Let’s Talk About That Mad Men Season FinaleAnd then we bid Mad Men adieu until next year.
  41. vulture lists
    The Stars Belong to Everyone: Mad Men’s Best Song and Dance MomentsThe best things in life are free, everyone.
  42. season finales
    What Was That Song From the Final Minutes of the Mad Men Season Finale?“The Best Things in Life Are Free.” And not the Janet Jackson version.
  43. movies
    Godzilla’s Gareth Edwards to Direct Star Wars Spin-offFingers crossed for Boba Fett movie!
  44. across the streaming-verse
    HBO Shows Are Now Available on Amazon PrimeAlso, Deadwood, True Blood, and more.
  45. deep reads
    5 Moments Godzilla Takes Straight From SpielbergPeople staring up in awe, and more!
  46. r.i.p.
    Gordon Willis Shot One of the Great Film Moments“Boy, this is really a great city, I don’t care what anybody says.”
  47. tv
    Read Louie’s Memorable Speech About ‘Fat Girls’As delivered by actress Sarah Baker.
  48. photos
    See Broad City, OITNB Casts at Vulture FestivalSorry you weren’t there. Come next year!
  49. gifcap
    See Yet Another Mad Men Homage to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001We get it. It’s a really good movie!
  50. news
    New York’s Approval Matrix Will Be a TV ShowThis news is highbrow, lowbrow, and brilliant.
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